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  1. Ummmm...I just posted that they are indeed advertising it that way not 4 or 5 posts up. I live in Bowling Green and get the local advertising in the newspapers and what-not. Don't know about a paint job, it's pictured on their website now as well.
  2. Beech Bend is now releasing advertising in the local papers here that their newest attraction is the Sea Dragon and it says in the ad "Comes directly from Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch". I don't know if that's such a good selling point really.
  3. That's funny. My roommates saw him getting on The Barnstormer at the Magic Kingdom a couple weeks ago.
  4. Nice pictures so far. But, that's Oscar the Grouch not Grover
  5. Nope, Hurler at King's Dominion. That ride is going to eventually cause someone to have a serious injury.
  6. Great trip report so far Jason. Although the whole last day of Q-bots and Rye Playland you posted I'd rather forget. A day that ends in tears is not a good day at all.
  7. Chupacabra Although Gwyneth Paltrow's Head would be a good name for a coaster
  8. When me and my group rode it on the midwest trip we bottomed out the boat and had to push ourselves along through the water. We got in the boat and waited for it to go. The ride op looked at us and said "You have to push."
  9. ^I noticed that too. I was like is that her boobs on the wrong side or is it backfat? I love the Deal or No Deal game they have at the Gatti-Town I used to go to.
  10. I thought they had banned "public displays of affection."
  11. On the Midwest Trip at Six Flags Great America, we saw a girl's boobs flop out of her shirt when she was running to the rides. She didn't stop either, tucked 'em back in while she was running. Of course it happened in front of the gay guys of the group. Maybe I should "sew" Six Flags for mental anguish or sexual harassment.
  12. I start my new job soon. I will be working as an ICU nurse.
  13. I'm also glad I'm not the only one who feels that way about Maverick and I'm very glad to hear that you feel the elements flow better.
  14. Splash Mountain is the best ever. That being said, I used to love Kenton's Cove Keelboat Canal at Kings Island although we always called it the "big water logs" because the drop seemed huge when I was little. I also love the Wild Thornberry's ride at Kings Island because it goes back into the woods a bit. I've never really been on one that was horrible either, although Dive to Atlantis was pretty mediocre because we bottomed the boat out on it and basically had to push ourselves through the course because it went SO slow. Garfield's Nightmare (which I know is not a log flume ride but it is a kind of boat ride) scared me half to death because our boat almost flipped and we bottomed it out a couple times too.
  15. I'm moving to Bowling Green in a couple of weeks
  16. Here's the girl speaking on the news... http://cosmos.bcst.yahoo.com/up/player/popup/?cl=7831868
  17. Classic! I'm going to adopt this as my new mantra.
  18. ^^For what it's worth I really liked it and thought the slower pace of the video went well with the park. As for the music, I love Dolly Parton and her music So, that was a plus for me.
  19. "Bad ride ideas." "Odd things to do while waiting in line." "What statue will Terrance molest next?" "Jahan on a first date."
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