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  1. I did. I was able to get footage of the entire show as well. It was good. Some of the acts from Dimensions came back for example the Lazer Man, The swinging Bar guys, and I believe some of the tumblers. The bike act came back from Ambiente with a modified routine that included audience participation well. It was a pretty good show.
  2. 100% of all Windseekers is the one I've completed. Including the one at Knotts before it was relocated.
  3. I know sarcasm doesn't convey well on forums but I truly hope you were kidding about Disney being a boring park lol Anyways, back on topic, wing riders do have great capacity as well as visual impact that I feel the GP would love. I've been on the three in the US (Gatekeeper, Wild Eagle and X-Flight) and of those three X-Flight was my favorite but not cause of the ride experience but cause of the theme and the close calls. If that is what we end up getting, cause clearly none of here actually know so it's all speculation based off trends and such at this point, I will be happy as I know it would be a great fit for the park.
  4. For what it's worth, the splashdown never worked at Canada's Wonderland. Well, it sort of did in the first year. I believe one side did but never to the full potential. Still a fun ride regardless of the effects, just not at it's full themed potential sadly.
  5. That sound about right to me. The line was always low, capacity was always horrible and the idea of something new in there just makes sense for the park. I was always floored that load times took, on average 3-4min. I understand that standup coasters are a different breed but always thought load times could be a little faster than what they have been for a while now. I am excited for whatever the park has up its sleeve.
  6. Awesome trip report from what looks like a great event. Thanks for the report!
  7. ^Perfect way to put it. Europa looks like the perfect blend of Amusement Park and Theme Park and I am glad people are embracing that idea a little more. Though not the greatest in the world, something like Wonder Mountain's Guardian is a great way to get a Universal style type of attraction in a park that for years has been just your "average amusement park".
  8. Reading some comments on here I just started thinking of a random question, does a park need a certain amount or quality of coaster to be a good park? I've been to many of the Cedar Fair parks and I still find Wonderland to be one of the best overall parks out of the chains. Landscaping, flats, coasters (not all I know), staff, etc. excel Wonderland into the upper tier for me. A concrete jungle filled with coasters and no charm is not something that makes a good park in my eyes. Anyways, whatever Wonderland is doing for their future projects I am sure they have the guests best interests in mind.
  9. I'll be happy with it cause of the capacity, and maybe we'll get one that offers up an exciting ride but so far none of the wing riders have registered over "meh" for me.
  10. I am not a huge wing rider fan but I do support B&M fully. I would love a crazy airtime machine from Intamin or something like Blue Fire but I am not sure, i still keep thinking we are going to end up with a Wing Rider potentially going over parts of White Water Canyon and/or where the Action(less) Theater is.
  11. Some pics from Skyrider and one of the projection mapping on Wonder Mountain.
  12. Some of the quick service stands are not able to provide water. Not sure what the reason is but usually they would/should direct you to a local stand/sit down location that is able to provide this. In addition, any freestyle machine has a water option as well. Just let the attendant know you are only getting water and you should be good to go as well.
  13. I don't see how anyone could count this as a new credit. If this is a new credit any wood coaster that ever got a new train would have to be considered multiple credits. I was waiting for this debate. I wouldn't count it as a new credit. Sure the trains have changed but it is still the same track layout/etc. I think at the end of the day, if you're a credit whore then ya, but I personally don't feel a new train means a new credit.
  14. This right here encapsulates everything I was thinking. I think that though the announcement today wasn't about what their 2015 plans are it was still a great PR announcement. It's not their fault that so many people assumed it was going to be a ride announcement. They never once said in their tease that the announcement today would be of a new ride, so why expect it? I can almost guarantee once the actual attraction announcement happens there's going to be 5-10 pages of people complaining and and moaning then too for not being what they want.
  15. ^That has been standard. When I was on last time we wrote in the back car and got a reride as all four guns were not working at that time. They had to block off all 4 seats on the back car.
  16. Give me a larger version of something like White Lightning, hell, give me White Lightning and I'll be a happy rider!
  17. Here are pics I took from the weekend at the park. No dismantling yet All that's been removed is the sign and the Fast Lane queue.
  18. From what I have heard, they ran out of the fluid to make the fog in the finale. I would suspect this is just a quick fix of ordering more and perhaps they are waiting till Haunt to get that effect back up and running. Only time will tell I guess.
  19. ^Couldn't agree more. I've only ridden Verbolten so that's the only thing I can compare it to, however I found WMG to be much more intense and kind of fitting to the ride. I will agree that the ride is not perfect, but for what it is it's a fun way to start a day. It will be neat to see what they do with the Zombie overlay. I know a lot of posts and finds seem to point to it being the same Triotech zombie movie used elsewhere but I am not quite sold on that. I believe we may see something similar but with some added modifications. Just not sure how they would be able to play that movie in the same style as WMG in relation to the movement of the cars and such.
  20. This is a stupid conversation. WMG has a lift followed by a five foot-ish drop. That's the only "coaster" part of the ride. It actually isn't though. Park management has gone record to call this a coaster based off the fact that everything inside the mountain is gravity driven. I agree, it is a very grey area in regards whether it's a coaster/credit or not, but the park and other sites are referring to WMG as a coaster. The one thing the ending does have over other rides as well, it's the tallest of it's type of finale. It is about 30ft. Though that may not sound like a lot on paper it is definitely a great thrill.
  21. That name is terrible, please no. It translates to a werewolf like creature. Could it be that the Mantis gets squashed by this creature? I don't mind the name too much as it's not part of the cookie cutter names like SF does. At the end of the day though the name does not make the ride.
  22. ^^it wasn't so much the butts that it kicked The airtime was shockingly good sometimes and I decided to ride hands up once yesterday and found a new way to injure my shoulders
  23. I know, I was just adding my two cents. But now I will campaign for the next ride to me named "Super Duper Fun Time Awesome Riding Machine". Long live SDFTARM
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