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  1. I could care less if our new attraction is named "Super Duper Fun Time Awesome Riding Machine". A name can add to a ride's appeal but will not alter the experience, which is the whole point after all right?
  2. Why wouldn't you think Wonderland could be the first? We were the first B&M Giga, first Triotech dark ride, first Windseeker. Wonderland kind of has a history of being the guinea pig per-say. Both Wonderland and CP are begging for a new wood or hybrid for sure so it could go either way. Here's hoping *fingers crossed*
  3. What makes it obvious? Look recently at the whole Fury325/Centurian stuff. Even as far as logos being "leaked". I'll say this, no one is sure of anything unless you're involved in the attractions creation. Could be B&M's first dark ride, or Intamin making a comeback with a inverted woodie like RMC. We will find out sometime in 2015 I am sure, either way it should be awesome.
  4. At one point we never thought we'd get a B&M in our park, now we have two. We could be getting a brand new kids area for all we know. Only people who know are staff at Cedar Fair/Wonderland/those that have signed an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) and the ones designing the attraction. Let's just be happy Wonderland is finally been put way up there on the map in North America!
  5. There are also rumblings that the Action Theater may not be around after next year as well.
  6. They are additional rooms that are only open to Fright Lane holders that get more into the back story of the maze. Youtube has a bunch from Knott's last year if you want to see what they are like. Usually they are better production and more intmate, perhaps only 5-10 people in there at a time. More information here https://www.canadaswonderland.com/halloween-haunt/fright-lane-with-skeleton-key
  7. Yup, same like last year as far as i Know. Ruins and Louisiana Scream I would imagine like last year.
  8. So some good news, Wonderland is getting a Haunt season pass aka Knotts as well we are getting Skeleton Key rooms on 5 out of 10 houses. Here are pics of the Haunt Shack at the front of the park. Love the mailboxes.
  9. Behemoth's dispatch times, from my times on it, have improved greatly over the course of the season. This will only get better with practice like anything new and at the end of the day what is a couple extra seconds in the station going to really hurt if it means safety or piece of mind?
  10. ^They'll just pop it on their back and carry it to another park. Both rides are there for the long haul and offer two very similar rides. Have you been on Behemoth and Leviathan? They are two very different rides in my opinion, and many others as well.
  11. Bleak? With the worlds tallest giga coaster the return on investment will be just fine I am sure. There's more GP than enthusiasts so I am sure they will be okay.
  12. Trust me, Behemoth and Leviathan are two different rides. I get the visual similarities but they both offer different ride types. Mainly its an airtime vs speed battle.
  13. Ride looks amazing. Who cares about the brake run or the seatbelt issues. The ride looks like a mature Leviathan, which is nothing but good. Congrats Carowinds, you've got what looks like a definite winner on your hands. And people thought Cedar Fair would never build a traditional style coaster taller then MF.
  14. WOW!!! I love that dip under and pop over the bridge there. Very awesome.
  15. "over a Century On" Clever, I see what you did there.
  16. They are probably swapping over to the indoor feed for the announcement
  17. It is included with Howl-O-Scream admission and no reservation required. Translation, prepare to wait in a long and slow potentially.
  18. I recommend the Marketplace Buffet. In terms of bang for your buck and quality you truly cannot beat an all you can eat buffet. Outside of that, the Backlot Cafe is another good choice. Their pizza and burrito's are real good. They've introduced burgers themed to rides this year with some great topping choices, but admittedly have not tried based off the price.
  19. I can't speak about the hours of operations but last year when I was there, DM was indeed 1 train. I don't know if a Marineland thread exists but it should just to keep the conversations focused.
  20. I would be on board for that if it's anything like the Justice League ride at Warner Bros. Movie World.
  21. Just noticed this as well and not sure if it was pointed out yet but, looks like we are getting the Meal Season Pass as well.
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