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  1. Sure hope not. The ride doesn't need that...not at all. I saw a report on Screamscape today about VR testing on a swinging ship and personally laughed at how dumb this all seems. I understand tech changes and things change but this is something I do not think parks should be doing. Again, this is just my opinion and until I experience it I cannot fully judge, but just think there's so much more left to do than this. WMG could benefit from a screen/projector upgrade and I am sure that would be something we'd see sooner than VR. With the amount of seats or guns that break down on that ride do you really think a VR headset would be a good option? They can't even keep the glasses clean, scares me to think of what the cleanliness of these would be after some hot and sweaty person wore them in front of me.
  2. So basically nothing that wasn't expected outside of the overly horrible idea of mixing rides with VR. i "get" where they are coming from as a business level but that is such a lame gimmick in my eyes. So CW can expect Wifi as we are definitely in the top 5 parks, so I am excited for that as I am also excited for Brews and BBQ, though again I am not shocked as it's successful elsewhere so why not bring it up. The dollar situation is not shocking as well, but even if we don't have a lot of travelers coming to our park this year it has been consistently busy over the summer and we had the PanAm games that helped bring a lot of guests up as well.
  3. Oh and don't forget that Leviathan was really meant for Knotts
  4. Well the rumor is Cedar Point took our coaster year this year and we took theirs next year. So essentially a coaster year swap. This might explain the no teasers and signs like there was at the beginning of the season for Leviathan. They aren't even teasing us via twitter or facebook like Leviathan. That makes no sense whatsoever. "CP's was planned for this year and CW's was planned for the year following" is much more logical. One doesen't "steal" one's year for a coaster. That's enthusiasts' nonsense. Couldn't agree more. Parks have 4-5 year plans typically. A park just doesn't swap like that and CP had been rumored to get something this year anyways for quite some time now. Fact is, if CW gets something we get something, if we don't we don't.
  5. ^Yup, very good point. So, has anyone had a chance to see this years Dimensions show? I saw it last week and it was good, but not as good as last years iteration. Some of the bullet points i have from it are: - The two clowns that start the show off by getting crowd pumped are not as funny/energetic as last years. - There really seems to be a lack of any overall story. Last year was the clowns adventures through different dimensions as they searched for "Marcel". This year, "Marcel" isn't introduced until midway or later - There is one scene, that without spoiling it, reminds me of Peter Pan or any Kung Fu movie ever and just felt a little disjointed. It was more on the line of the laser guy where it looks cool, but doesn't "shock and awe" like some of the other performers. Overall I still enjoyed myself watching the show but it, to me, was below last years show and definitely below what Cirque Ambiente (now Cirque Imagine at KI) ever did.
  6. None of us know whats actually happening, or not happening, until it's announced. Although I agree things can change, most parks are set in a certain 3/4/5 year like plan. With money saved this year by buying and installing used waterslides to the low budget for WMG, there is a chance money has been saved up before any of this for things like a 2016 coaster/attraction. I get we all like to talk about the rumors and stuff like that, but none of us on here are paid Cedar Fair or Wonderland employees therefore we do not know what's actually happening. Telling people to not be optimistic for next year is like telling a kid that Santa isn't real (spoiler alert ). With parks starting to tease recently, I am sure it'll be made public one way or the other if we can expect a large investment or a small next year, until then, why don't we talk about some of the amazing stuff happening this year like the Lumberjack show, the Rubber Duck fundraiser for Sick Kids Hospital or the new version of Dimensions?
  7. Just a quick update on Slingshot. Due to the quality of the on ride video, they are no longer selling the video to riders. This is really unfortunate and I am sure it'll get resolved as all other Slingshot's seem to have had any audio/video issues resolved shortly after opening as well. While they may not be selling the video, they are allowing you to film the footage using your cellphone or camera off of the computer monitor there. Clearly there is going to be a loss in quality there but it's still better than nothing and the price is definitely right.
  8. The best view for the fireworks has always been the hill by Vortex, however if you want the full experience, and an easy exit, I would suggest by the front gate. They do launch fireworks off the top of the mountain. Here's a video I shot in 2012 of the Victoria Day fireworks from the area I am talking about. Forgive the shakiness as it was on my old camera.
  9. Love that HHN house announcements has already started. Freddy Vs Jason should be a pretty awesome and very popular house. Will allow for good scares, humor and of course gore. I wonder what other Easter eggs may show up in there. Perhaps a tease to the whole Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash that was supposed to happen by having Ash's iconic chainsaw something in the house.
  10. This ride op at Carowinds was highly entertaining and very friendly.
  11. ^^Also it is a really good park. Though it may not have a world class coaster collection as of yet it has just enough for everyone to offer an amazing day. Amazing collection of flats, great kiddie areas, two awesome B&M coasters, a real decent water park which is included with admission, stellar shows and probably the best landscaping in any Cedar Fair park. I am not a Wonderland fanboy cause it's my home park, I am a Wonderland fanboy cause it's just an all around awesome place. I've been to a bunch of Cedar Fair parks to compare and still put Wonderland on top as an overall experience.
  12. ^All very good and thoughtful points indeed. Could be removal...would explain the pipe sticking up perhaps that I filmed in my video. Either way, always exciting times to be a Wonderland fan.
  13. Never say never to any type of coaster or ride is how I feel. At one point we never thought we'd see one, let alone 2, B&M coasters at our park and now we have that. Wonderland has always been seen as a great place to test different ride types and whatnot as well, so could be something we've never even seen before. The one thing I would say has to be a feature is that it has to be a people eater. With the attendance we get it would be silly to see 2 low capacity rides in a row.
  14. I won't get too much into it but Guardian is totally a coaster. Lift, drop, gravity based inside and entirely on coaster track. It's more of a coaster as Journey to Atlantis, Gingots and many other "grey area" coaster credits are. Even the park and manufacturer call it a coaster as well.
  15. I won't get too much into it but Guardian is totally a coaster. Lift, drop, gravity based inside and entirely on coaster track. It's more of a coaster as Journey to Atlantis, Gingots and many other "grey area" coaster credits are. Even the park and manufacturer call it a coaster as well.
  16. Until the park confirms what we are getting and when, I will be optimistic still. Regardless, the 2015 season still hasn't officially started so lets concentrate on that for a while and some of the amazing entertainment offerings coming this year. Something that Wonderland has been picking their game up with for sure. I am intrigued to see what changes have been made to Dimensions as well how their first Octoerberfest goes over.
  17. May wanna be careful, even with screen grabs, of that drone footage being posted on here. It's unauthorized footage and borderline trespassing. Just a heads up. Aside from that, I would love to see an RMC coaster, makeover or not, at Wonderland but I am not sure what contract (if any) RMC has with Six Flags at the moment.
  18. I think the $25.99 price point is perfect and also guess this will change next year and go into the same structure as Kings Island does.
  19. I was there today and here are a few of my pics. Skyrider area. Nothing really going on in there yet. Slingshot sign Ticket booth Slingshot Typhoon is about 50% up New track on Wild Beast is a huge help! As I've stated before, Leviathan did end up with seatbelts and it has ZERO impact on ride experience but a little on dispatch times.
  20. Wonderland has released first official footage and announcement of Slingshot! I'll be in the park this weekend to try it out!
  21. They are indeed adding VIP Cabana's inside of Splash Works this year. Source: https://www.canadaswonderland.com/rides/Splash-Works/VIP-Cabanas
  22. Being at the park all of opening weekend I had a chance to ride Fury 325 19 times in a variety of seats so I could garner a better idea of the coaster and my thoughts. The first drop is stunning, long and takes your breath away (especially in the front). The first turn was great and offered decent forces but not as tight or forceful as the first turn of Leviathan as a comparison. The next 2 banked turns offered up an airtime sensation that I did not expect at all and greatly welcomed. If you are riding in the back row you may notice it a little more but I personally compare the transitions to something like Maverick or i305. They are very quick and because of the style of restraints give you this awesome pop of air. Once you hit the turn around and the 91 degree banked turn into the drop you experience another pop of air (floater or not its still awesome) into the tunnel which is such an amazing sensation. Back left seat gives you the best feeling of this airtime for sure. Seeing the faces of everyone looking through the glass is an awesome touch as well. The next turn comes fast and then, for me is the only "weak" part of the ride. There's this odd straightaway that leads into the trimmed hill that just seems off from the rest of the pace of the ride. It's nothing major but feel like I should mention it as part of my review. As for the trim hill, there are moments you can feel them on and moments you can't. Does it affect the ride? Not even slightly! If a little bit of pull is all we have to put up with to not have a mid course brake, it'll take it! The helix is up next and is taken at a decent pace, though in most the videos it doesn't seem like it, and offers once hell of a head chopper. Every time we went by it, rides would lower their hands or in some extreme cases duck. Probably my favorite head chopper on any ride I've been on. The last two pops of airtime almost come as a surprise because you feel as if the ride is over and then you hit them. From start to finish Fury 325 is a winner. I don't know where I would rank it on my list nor do I really care. The ride is fun, fast, full of airtime and just awesome. Conngrats to Carowinds, B&M and everyone involved with the making of this awesome coaster. *Please keep in mind, this was my personal review of the ride and everyone is entitled to their own thoughts.
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