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  1. Thanks for all the coverage and reviews today. I am looking forward to riding it this weekend and seeing how it stacks up to Leviathan.
  2. Enjoy what you think is good, not what some awards tells you is good. Like i305 or Fury? Awesome. Don't like i305 or Fury? Awesome. I'll be at Carowinds opening weekend and I am excited to ride Leviathan 2.0
  3. In addition, check out Startlight Spectacular if you can. Great show!
  4. Even though Canada's Day is on the Wednesday that week you potentially could get a large crowd from that as well. It's typically a very busy time of year anyways around those dates regardless of holidays. Three words for you: Fast Lane Plus. You are very right that it will be a requirement to fully enjoy the park if you only have one day there. Any other questions, feel free to ask or PM me and I'll try and help you out.
  5. I ate said bugs but never got the cup cause my teammate threw up on my shoe. It's 22min and 35sec into the video
  6. Just got this reply on their Facebook. Still seems like such a short run and an issue that could've been resolved, but like I've said before, I am not the expert and when it comes to safety I will not challenge it.
  7. That's definitively a surprising reason for sure. I know it rains a lot in Orlando and what not it's not like none of these rides are located outside, such as at Luna Park. I am not expert or anything but just seems like a problem that would've been resolved rather than removed.
  8. Is the Air Race being relocated or fully removed? Thought they just installed this.
  9. It was conformed that Leviathan would be getting seat belts for 2015 a few months ago. Correct. My two cents as well is that, like others have said, the seatbelts more affect the capacity rather than the experience. I think with the right crew and what not, it will all get ironed out.
  10. Speaking from experience with the trims on Leviathan, it's hit and miss how hard they kick in but usually it's not enough to notice they are really even there.
  11. How is anyone calling this ride "force-less" without riding it? I can all but guarantee that first turn will be very forceful if it's anything like the first turn of Leviathan.
  12. I was enjoying people on my FB sharing the stories with notes of "Why is this news?" "I am not sure why people even report on this stuff" "You've got to be kidding me". All of those contained links to news stories and videos. Guess what that does people? That makes people click it, increase viewership on said stories and makes those news outlets think those are big stories so they will post it again and again. If we see these stories going forward, don't share the links to the story. That way it won't spread like wildfire on the internet. *End rant
  13. I will say, I love Leviathan for everything up to and including the turn around. After that the ride kind of loses a lot of it's luster. It is still a very good ride and I don't think it deserves a lot of the negative press it gets, but that's just my opinion. As for Fury, I will say this is what I'll refer to as Leviathan 2.0. Fury does look much more of a "complete" ride so to speak. I am excited indeed to get back to Carowinds for this.
  14. Pleasant Surprise for me would be, wait for it, Hades 360. I know a lot of the ride is essentially trying to kill you, and although I am not a huge fan of rough rides or rides you need to "learn how to ride", I found Hades 360 to be a coaster that pushed my limits of pain but oddly I would jump at the chance to ride it again.
  15. I think it's safe to say that not everyone will share the same views on coasters/rides with others. I for one think Vortex is in the top three coasters at the park and one of the only one I could probably marathon. During Coasting for Kids one year I think I got about 12-14 laps on it in an hour and was ready for more. I will say, our wooden coasters could definitely use a little attention with re-tracking or something.
  16. Iron Reef will still have working laser guns and effects come August. Don't be so sure on that. Sadly a lot of guns would break on a regular basis on Guardian.
  17. After riding WMG many times I will say that it is not on the level of Disney / Universal but it definitely nice to see that style of attraction in a non Universal or Disney park. WMG is fun for all ages which is something that's needed. I am curious to see the capacity issues on this ride as compared to WMG. WMG had picked its stride up by the end of the season, especially once they started the no loose items rule. Unlike those on Twitter complaining on how they are not going to go to Knott's for this, I am happily going to work Knott's in to a West Coast trip next year in order to ride this. Admittedly though, I am a huge dark ride fan.
  18. Remember, they will easily be able to convert this for Knott's Scary Farm much like Wonderland did with Zombies 4D during Halloween Haunt. I would think a full time haunted version of this may suffer a little versus the idea of being able to change it up for appropriate times of year. I totally missed that "ascend to the second floor" part in the press release. Perhaps this could indeed include the (SPOILER) drop track feature like WMG did. I look forward to a trip to the west coast next year to try this out as I am a huge fan of WMG.
  19. Done. ^You just won yourself a cookie! Epic! And yes, Boomerang would be first to go clearly.
  20. From the information it does not seem like this will contain any coaster elements like Wonder Mountain's Guardian did due it's 600ft track length. In addition to that the building may not be setup for anything like the finale on WMG. Really excited for this though as Guardian was a great ride and the story for this does seem quite interesting. Am I the only one that freaking loves the logo?
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