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  1. ^ haha that would be one hell of an interesting setup to take a tripod on a ride lol Ya I just meant for general photography and such. Thanks for the quick reply.
  2. Anyone happen to know the park's policies on camera Tripods? I see on their site about GoPro's and such but nothing about tripods. Thanks in advance
  3. Love it or hate the ride, Guardian was well received in the industry and even won a couple awards last year at IAAPA. https://www.canadaswonderland.com/article/media-center/Wonder-Mountains-Guardian-Takes-Home-Coveted-IAAPA-Awards I think of all the rides they could test this on Thunder Run, or any other indoor coaster Cedar Fair may operate, would be the best idea as most the time there's not much going on inside the dark. I mean Thunder Run is 90sec (approx) and a good chunk of that is outside so why not try on that. Again, though I admitted I think the tech behind this was way better than I expected, I still am not sold on it for the masses. If they do this as an optional up-charge or something, great but I don't want it forced on me as a "you have to wear it" type of situation.
  4. I didn't have to look at it, it was more of a way of showing a fact. The fact that anyone cares what the name of the dragon is inside of Thunder Run is even more ridiculous in my eyes. There is no story build up to the ride and as far as anyone knows that is just a random dragon. Only the die hard super nerds (like most of us) would know or care about that fact. But this would probably be better discussed over at the actual Wonderland thread found here: http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=38407
  5. Giving my two cents on this would be repeating most of what was said already but I'll admit, the technology is way better than I thought it was gonna be. I've been hating on the idea since I've heard about it. You go to a park to escape the every day life as it is, why would you now need to escape the roller coaster you're going to there to ride? I ate my words for sure from a technical standpoint at least and I am intrigued with how it will develop over time. The odd thing I found about it was that you have to be 13+ to ride with the VR but the video playing is definitely aimed at an audience below 10 years old. I get that its just trying to test out the tech right now but as a 35 year old guy the content didn't appeal to me.
  6. The dragon in Guardian is not Herman, it's Lord Ormaar. "The quest will culminate as riders enter the dragon's lair for the ultimate battle with Lord Ormaar, and experience a heart stopping finale that will shock thrill seekers of all ages!" - https://www.canadaswonderland.com/rides/Thrill-Rides/Wonder-Mountains-Guardian
  7. Getting back on topic to Wonderland, curious for those that have gone to Haunt this year, what would be your point form best and worst of the event? Highs: Spirit Manor Ruins Skeleton Key in Streets of the Undead Mediums: Sink the Jerk Toxicity Lows: Club Blood
  8. I will agree to that. HOS was a very fun event and for my first time there I can easily say I will definitely be going back next year.
  9. Ya, Club Blood at Wonderland here has gone downhill to being horrible. I don't know, I mean I guess looking at Cut Throat as their "training wheels" house then I can understand but I don't feel it really allows it to be as bad as it is. I loved the amount of gore in there, so it wasn't ALL negative but when it came to pacing/scares/etc. it was just lacking greatly. When all your other mazes are so good it really makes the weaker ones stand out that much more.
  10. I remember hearing about the ISIS stuff causing problems for the severed heads. It's halloween people, lighten up! It's funny that happened and there is SO much headless figures in the maze as well as the amount of gore in a maze like Unearthed. I found the scareactors lacking any enthusiasm, the maze having any real flow, and just seemed to be a lot of areas where nothing happens. Very odd and lacking. Bitten had some very impressive sets and we actually really enjoyed that one. The one two punch at the end of Catacombs if you get both scares, which we did, was really well done and left us walking away with huge smiles on our faces. I would say the only thing they could MAYBE improve, and keep in mind this may really be nitpicking, would be to cover up some of the ceilings. To be able to see the building so clearly that its in kind of through off the feeling of being underground.
  11. The Quick Queue was VERY much needed as you mentioned. We were on Appolo around the time in the news post and saw the traffic coming into the park and it makes sense now. Place was rammed with people and right when the event kicked off Catacombs was already posted at 105min wait. The quick queue lines were on average 20-30min for the mazes but the ride quick queues weren't too bad. Highlights from the event would be Catacombs, Unearthed: Scarlett's Revenge and Deadline. The worst maze of the night, and potentially one of the worst mazes I've ever walked through would be Cut Throat Cove. Thanks again Chuck for your tips about Quick Queue as we were able to get all the houses done by about 10pm cause of it.
  12. Sounds good. Ya saw that its $60 for one time use, which I think will be enough. I'll be there during the day so the ride ones will be used as re-rides and the Haunt ones once.
  13. Awesome report Chuck! I am guessing that Saturday night crowds (this Saturday for example) will be pretty heavy right? Debating quick queue for when my girlfriend and I go. Thanks in advance for any tips.
  14. Random question but, whatever happened to the Oktoberfest Wonderland was supposed to have? The event page for it is blank and I never heard anything about it. https://www.canadaswonderland.com/rides/Events-and-Promotions/Oktoberfest I went on today to check the dates to see if I had missed it or something but ended up with no information at all.
  15. Skeleton Crew must be doing something right as it has been ported to other Cedar Far parks. The only part of the show that has remained the same over the years is the Skeleton trampoline section at the end. Pretty much every year the acts prior to that have changed. For something that is designed to grab people's attention, pull some crowds out of the midway and do some entertaining, I feel that both Skeleton Crew and Toxicity (while not for everyone I agree) are doing a great job.
  16. I think a lot of it may have to do with value for the passes but I do agree, the hardcore Disney fanatics are a little over the top with their complaining. Increases like this happen every single year, its not the first time this has happened. Ben Franklin's quote needs to read "In This world, nothing can be said to be certain except Death and Taxes....and theme park ticket in creases!".
  17. ^^I am going to assume it will be optional should this be implemented full time. ^Not sure but my guess is nothing major and all just routine work. I would say a small chance its prep for 2017 but highly unlikely.
  18. I'd feel that stuff is better on a Marineland thread rather than a Wonderland one. Back to Wonderland topics, what's everyone's thoughts on Haunt this year? For an event that pulls in such a large crowd it's weird that its running only 13 nights. I'd feel next year Cedar Fair should look at extending Haunt a little earlier. It pulls in so many people that cost wise it would be totally worth it.
  19. I personally love the name and the logo for the ride, but I can totally understand someone's view if they don't like it. No one person is right or wrong when it comes to something so subjective of whether a name of a coaster is good or not. A lot of the opinions posted on here about Valravn, or any other coaster announcement for that matter, are all subjective and not facts. That aside, I am sure the public will eat this ride up but it is not getting me to rush out to the park anytime soon. Congrats to CP regardless on what will probably be a very successful coaster. These are just my views and that's the great things about forums like this and other outlets in social media, we all have a place to voice our views and opinions.
  20. I do agree, a lot of the reason I love HHN, and many other haunts, is the sets and creativity that's shown. With HHN it can sometimes be so amazingly done that you forget there's a giant conga line of people behind or in front of you. I am a horror movie nut and a fan of everything Halloween, so I am really the pure target audience for something like HHN. I am not saying I don't understand why people wouldn't like the event. It's expensive, crowded and I do agree, the "noise buttons" do tend to lead to a lot less scares, but getting together with a group of friends and having a fun night at the park seems to always be the case when it comes to HHN. This will be my third event that I've been to and going forward, regardless of the lineup, I do not intend to miss a single year.
  21. I don't think there will ever be a year where 100% of the people are happy though. Will I like every haunt there this year? Probably not. Does that mean it'll be a bad event? Of course not as it hasn't even begun. I think they had to do a lot of the throw backs to previous years this year as that's what the hardcore fans are craving. More icons, more sequels to original ideas, etc. Guess we'll all find out for sure soon enough. I will say however, I would love to see Universal start making a big deal about the announcements. I know this year was plagued with some issues regarding Scream which threw off their announcements and everything but something like what Knotts did yesterday would be awesome for the HHN fans out there.
  22. As a 25th anniversary season I love the list. I think there's a good amount of new ideas mixed with old ideas that hardcore fans of HHN will love. I am super stoked to experience American Werewolf again as that house was simply amazing and to see new additions coming to it gets me that much more excited. I am thinking the Jack show would be at the Beetlejuice theater which makes perfect sense and that should be an amazing show for sure.
  23. I have never been one to get sick from the 3D rides or anything like that, however I would love to see Universal get back to physical sets/props/rides/etc rather then relying so heavily on the screens. They are amazing at what they do, there is no question about that, but I think the ability to actually be immersed in real life physical representation of a world rather than a video screen is more appealing to the masses. That being said, I am intrigued to see what they do differently with the USO version of F&F and I am also curious to see what is done to the area of the park. Would something like Richter's Burger Co have to be revamped as well?
  24. Personally I think this is a great addition to the park. Updating the water park is a great way to provide more for families to do and help improve an aging area of the park. This will allow more guests to come into the park and do something in case they aren't a big roller coaster or ride fan. Think of large families that can now come in and have something to do together rather than some sit out cause Fury is too tall for them. If I play fantasy theme park designer do I think there would've been a way to do this and keep Thunder Road? Sure, but that' why it's a fantasy and other people are paid money to do what's best for a park. Of course it will, typically at least, suck to see a coaster go but when you think business/park future, additions like this just make sense. I hope the slide complex has a couple of the drop box slides as those will add some added thrill in there as well.
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