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  1. Never Let Me Down Again - Depeche Mode, One Night In Paris (Live) DVD.
  2. Who said that? Who dosnt like new inversions that look like interlocking corkscrews? Inverse Bank...Whoo.
  3. at PKI, Don, an extremepki staff member, gets his hat blown off while we are walking towards the International Street resturant at the Nick Universe construction tour... Yeah.
  4. I know the announcement is today www.coasterworldnews.com is going to be there.
  5. This template is really...un inspiring.... Maybe add some rings to pass through for extra points?
  6. Thats one tall support! Is it just me or does it look like there are little metal caps over the tops of those two "Y" shaped supports?
  7. With how the supports are looking, I'm really doubting the notion that there will be a lift hill. The tallest supports that are up right now are the ones that go over a row of supports. Many have speculated that these will be used for a lift hill: http://www.pointbuzz.com/Gallery.aspx?i=4759 Sounds good, but I'm not so sure. those beams are weird, some are taller then the others so its hard to say if they will actually be used as a base or another tube ontop or just be capped off with a track supporting...support. I did realize that these: http://www.pointbuzz.com/Gallery.aspx?i=4405 supports will go on top of those beams, wether or not they get "extender" beams. I ruled out a lift hill because: 1: Look at the placement of the track connectors on those supports, some are on the left, some the right, some the middle, and then there is that funky one with the tube sticking out with a track connector. I think it will be some kind of S-Curve turning section (think Italian Job's police scene) with a high leadin with that one support with the tube sticking out the top. Edit: Look at the webcam, 2 new peices of track have just been delivered to the construction site! More progress for today!
  8. I was on Cedarpoint.com and it seems that it was down for about 2 minutes, 9:18 to 9:20...Yeah... I saw this on the pointbuzz forums, This track here: http://www.pointbuzz.com/Gallery.aspx?i=4920 with the weird crossties is the same as this: http://www.rcdb.com/ig1571.htm?picture=10 The LIM launch sections on Wicked Twister. Those holes are mounts for LIM's.
  9. I found that about 80% of the staff was from Bulgaria, it even said so on their name tags. I talked to the waiter about this at the IHOP there in the Dells. He lives in the area and has worked the Dells' seasons for all of his life. He said that they bring in people from foreign countries to work because the real operating season of that area is only about 3 months. There arent enough people around the area to fill all the positions, so they just bring in people from outher countrys...who cant speak english.
  10. I really like them. Every song. 1. They arent emo one bit. They dont talk about killing yourself, being sad, or emo stuff like that. Its upbeat stuff. 2. Its sinds not sins. I Write Sinds Not Tradgedies isnt my favorite song, right now its "Honey there is a reason these tables are numbered, you just havent thought of it yet" Yeah, thats the title of the song, its pretty good too! Panic may *sound* like Fall Out Boy, but if you must know, the singer from Fall Out Boy (I hate that band...) signed Panic! to a record label.
  11. I really think they dont have much in common besides huge helix's and the name. They are both good at somthing different. Beast gives you that good old feeling of being on a wooden coaster. Son of Beast seems like it could be a steel coaster with all of the turns and drops, so its a more "modern" woodie. I do like the Beast better, I dont get racked when I ride and there is some left in it!
  12. There are LOTS more tools then just Tia's. For the elementary there are all of Redundelizer's formula's (11 I belive) HSAK 1 and 1.1, AHG, Support Cleaner...the list goes on and on. If you want some links, look around www.coastersims.com and www.nolimitsdevcenter.com If you cant find what you want there, PM me.
  13. I really dont like when people say things like that. I have about that many post counts here, but I've been active in the coaster community for almost 3 years now. Dont judge people by post counts?
  14. Being a member of NL communitys, I'll give you a real rate! Building Tecnique- Awful. Your lift was bent in more then one way...the station was bent...there was very obvious pumping everywhere... Score: 2 Adreanline- It was fun, but a rerecreation Score: 7.5 Accuracy- From the pictures, you did a pretty good job. With the loop supports, remember that if you connect straight node-to-node, that the supports appear "broken".
  15. I had the same experience with the crews at Mt.Oly....the love to walk all over the track! I really didnt like Avalanche...I only rode it once...I didnt have enough money in my pocket for the all day pass... I saw the door to Hade's motor room open...with the breaker box right inside the door on the left with its pannel...open... Lovely Hades crew walking on the track...
  16. Heck, I wouldnt minde a 45 minute bus trip from Dayton, Ohio to Cincinatti, Ohio!
  17. Try to reset the iPod first. Does it work outside of iTunes, can you listen to music on it? If you can, first press the center button and the menu button at the same time and hold them for about 3 seconds. The ipod will turn off completely, then turn back on. If this dosnt fix the problem, there is another thing you can do. I dont recomend this if you havent handled computer parts or the like before...Open up the iPod (I use a guitar pick to take the face plate off...fingernails work too) Find the battery (Its mounted to the metal backing) Follow the cable that comes from it and remove it from the main board on the faceplate section of the iPod. This resets EVERYTHING but the hard drive contents, so you will have to reset your clock also. I've done this a few times and it works very well. Good luck!
  18. It does seem that you didnt think about the compact-ness of the layout. There isnt much here that isnt somthing new or exciting. You could of increased the angles on some of those turns so they would of kept the layout more realistc and laping over itself...just my two buzz bars there...
  19. Mine probably has to be X-Flight at Geauga Lake. It hurts even more because you are laying down...
  20. I actually belive that it was released by Funcoast in their latest update about it saying "We will know in two days!" (pointing to tommorow) This was later edited out...I'de say that its pretty credible. Pointbuzz and Funcoast must be working with Cedar Point because Funcoast knew when the first track was going up and when they put new track up today....unless they sit there all day.
  21. From what I've seen with Patriot, and the Happy Vally B&M track, they usually build all the standard track first (no wheel mounts) then build the special peices.
  22. This is really convient for me since I live 45 minutes north of Cincinatti, so I dont have to fly. I pass PKI on the way down too
  23. When I went to the Dells, I just drove on by...I guess I should of stopped? (an Instant Ramen Lunch from the gas station is so much better then dinner out! )
  24. I went last thursday, if CF would of allowed rerides, I could of just sat there on Dominator the whole day. Even the water park wasnt packed. You always have some sort of wait for slides (Since they are 1 rider per train )
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