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  1. I know in my case that my parental unit has said yes and money is not a problem for me. My fall/spring job will pay 75+ dollars a week, and I already have enough for the low end deposit that was quoted. ($150) Which brings me back to my earlier question with the Alvey's.
  2. I have the "go" for the Midwest trip. I'll be 16 in less then a month if you were all wondering... Sorry if this is kinda too early to ask this, but if we are under the age of 18, I understand that we need to get the Alvey's to get in contact with my legal guardian. Will I be able to do this before deposits are accepted so I wont be "put out" of the running?
  3. For all of you flying into Cincinatti for the Midwest trip, here are a few tips that I've found: 1) Try flying into Kentucky or Indianapolis, I have found flights that are VERY VERY CHEAP. You may actually save money flying into one of these smaller airports then flying directly to Cincinatti. If you rent a cheap far for the hour drive from Kentucky (or 2 hours 30 mins Aprox. from Indianapolis) you may save upwards of 50 bucks. 2) For you Greyhound riders, Try to get a student discount. If you are enrolled in any type of school you can get this discount (High School, College, ETC.) Even if you arent, You can probably say you are.
  4. Addition to PKI: Green boxes that the ride-ops stand in during dispatch replacing the regular yellow boxes.
  5. http://hoys.extremepki.com/gallery/displayimage.php?pos=-122 Thats what used to be there. I dont see how it would affect the operation of Xcel since it isnt in the lockout zone... ...First post on TPR.
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