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  1. I think you're looking for this thread. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=247
  2. Thanks, man! Although I didn't get many presents, I did get losta good stuff. I enjoyed it. -Mike
  3. Is it me, or did a tree fall on Maverick? I wouldn't expect it to be testing today.... EDIT: Nevermind...that's just a branch from a tree, and another tree. LOL
  4. Yes, happy birthday! ... But I could still probably own you on Viper, unless I get a concussion! -Mike
  5. Agreed. By buying tickets, and going to a park, you've got to acknowledge a few things. Not everything will always be open. The park cannot control the world. Even if one ride isn't open, there are others. A deal is a deal! you can still have fun without the *OMGZ I NEED 2 RIDE NOW* Guys, it'll open eventually. Get over it, the ride isn't opening on May 12th. So what? It'll still open eventually. This message also has gotta go out to the pointbuzz people...I know you're reading. Remember, it's Quanity Quality Saftey In that order -Mike
  6. Hahaha, nice. I'll probably going in August if I go this year, anyway! Well...uhhh...it looks like Cedar Point MIGHT have some trouble getting the track in and out. I mean, the canyon theming is already set in there... Oh well!
  7. ^lol maybe its because they were just born and there crying Congrats, man! You must be so happy. Best of luck, and have fun raising your child! -Mike
  8. Dude! Great TR! You really brought the park to us. You covered so many rides and attractions in so much detail. Great job! -Mike
  9. Anyone know if Maverick will be on the ERT list for the summer? I might be going.
  10. That's really horrible...I couldn't imagine riding a coaster, then turning on your side, and slamming at 47 MPH into a guardrails off to the side. In other news, this has shown up on Digg...and I think I've heard a story of TPR crashing because of that site... Hopefully I won't get too popular...but it hopefully SHOULD be fine if it does. -Mike "Eh, maybe I'm being paranoid." J
  11. I love this camera so much...it's like a pro camera except without all the lenses, and stuff. And it doesn't have as many settings. It's still an amazing camera to me. You can't go wrong with Canon! -Mike
  12. I loved this movie. I personally liked Death Proof better, though. It seemed much more well made. I also loved the previews!
  13. That's really hard to pass up...I might just have to buy myself something for me birthday that's coming up in a while!
  14. There are three, actually, and they're Rides. When I rode Psyclone in the back seat four times in a row. When I rode Goliath in the back seat at night in freezing cold weather, and VERY stormy winds four times in a row. When I finally got over my fear of Tatsu. -Mike
  15. Wow, I really have to give credit to ride ops. They've got a lot going on at once. Anyway, I was browsing Digg today, and I found a link to a Disney Ride Op simulator! It really interesting (and hard!) They have simulators for four of the rides: ToT, Space Mountain (I think Mission 2), BTMR, and Phantom Manor! Enjoy! -Mike
  16. My homepage is GMail, so I can check my e-mail really fast. It's pretty cool. -Mike
  17. I don't have a link, just heard from a friend, and on CP's site. Something about guests of excessive height. And now I cant find it. Crud...sorry. It's most likely the same as Xcelerator, etc. in terms of height. All it says about height limits on Xcelerator, is that your head cannot exceed the head rest. Anyway, in terms of size...it might be like Xcelerator, but I kinda doubt it. Xcelerator has a little gauge on the lap bar. It's red, and when you put it down, it turns green. As long as it's green, then they'll let you ride. If it's red...suck it up, Sally. You can't ride! -Mike "Hope that Helped!" J
  18. Who? - Designers - Construction Crew - Cedar Fair Executives - Employees - People they get to fill the trains for commercial shoots There may be some sort of "mystique" that the ride has never been touched before it officially opens, but that's rarely (almost never) true. They aren't going to open a major ride to the public without extensive riding with humans. Isn't Cedar Fair also auctioningoff inaugural rides? Or will they be on opening day? -Mike
  19. For me, pointbuzz has the "can only be viewed from pointbuzz.com" thing. It's been like that every time I view it, even from point buzz. Does anybody know how to prevent or fix this? Thanks! -Mike
  21. Pretty sure it was Viper at SFMM...I think that's when I exploded in a few places inside from being beaten up!
  22. Geeze, I hope this doesn't get locked. Anyway, I was just browsing the net, and I saw an article on how to make brass guitar picks from an old drum cymbal. I'm thinking about making some for some of my friends who play the guitar. Maybe for the holidays, or a birthday. If you do have one, do you like it? I also hear it wears your strings really fast, is there any truth to that? I want to know if they would be worth it before I decide to buy a used cymbal, and make one. Thanks! -Mike
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