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  1. Yeah, schools in our city get out I think l the 22-24 of June. Around there. Go early in June, and you should be good, if you have to go in June. Probably the earlier the better....but after spring break! -Mike
  2. Yeah, I went to the one in Canada during our stay in BUFFALO. It smelled a lot like chlorine, but other than that, they seemed to have a very nice, clean environment. -Mike
  3. Ok, today, we went to our youth group, "The Underground". They had a sign on the front door saying "this way to The Underground." We follow all of the signs, which leads us many ways through the church, and eventually, we're led outside of the church, and part of the way down the street. We get a sign that says "This way", so we go up to the house that it says to go to, it says "knock on the front door!" So we go up and knock, and in a minute, we turn around, and a sign says "You fools! Ignore all signs, and go to the normal meeting place!" So then we get there, and we're the first people there to our surprise. I must admit, they did a great job. -Mike
  4. The fact that there's a DragonForce shirt in this TR makes it automatically awesome. Great band. Oh yeah, and nice photo TR. Is Cyclone rough? I know if can't be as bad as SFMM's was, and Ghostrider, though. -Mike
  5. I haven't really been tricked by anybody, but here goes the best one I can think of... Tatsu finally slid down the mountain... -Mike
  6. Wow! I would NOT ride that. I'd be more scared on that than Wes was on the Paratrooper at the ghettofair. -Mike
  7. ^I agree. That's my favorite one, personally, I think it's better than mine. Great job! -Mike
  8. Sorry if this would offend you guys....I don't think it will, though. Official Entry #1 Yay!
  9. ^Ok, you just need to chill out. When testing comes around, I'm sure that it'll show up in this thread, and/or make the front page. Be patient. -Mike
  10. Hmm...interesting! I thought it was a mistake, since you'd think that it would be a sort of entrance sign for the area. Oh well! -Mike
  11. Jeeze...can't Jackson realize that he isn't really liked anymore!? It'd be more of an eyesore than a statue, IMHO. -Mike
  12. ^That would be good, actually. "Make an Ad for a "TPR" version of a ghetto parking lot fair! -Mike
  13. Yeah, we got on back seat Goliath. Our friend and I kept saying Goliath like it was all epic, and scary. It's really not bad... -Mike
  14. Ok....so yeah, we went to SFMM yesterday. It was a friend's birthday...so yeah. It was a lot of fun. Anyway, here are the photos, since nobody reads this anyway! We're going to SFMM, yay! We took the truck route part of the way. Thank God, because there was traffic build up on the regular route. There was a highway patrol officer leading traffic, as we saw from across the separate. Here we are! Hey X! We got there just after opening, so we weren't the first people in the park. We had to get our friend's season pass processed, anyway. We couldn't have gone to X, or Tatsu anyway. In true SFMM leaving gates open spirit, I had to take this picture. Gate keeping guests from getting into Flashback (Which we could have just jumped over) was open and unlocked. We didn't go in, though. So while our friend was getting his pass processed, we went over to Scream! ...but on the way there, I had some business to take care of... Guess who won.... Yeah...I won. Finally, we get to Scream! That was a long walk. Rode Colossus after that. Those are the long lines I like to see! OMG GEEKY COASTER SHOT! Rode Goliath, then Revolution. I don't get this sign...I can't ride, according to this sign. "Height Limit? or Height Requirement" Yep...it's a loop. But it's not a vertical loop! (Derek) Finally got to ride Ninja again...I love it, and it looks great, now! We rode The Ridder next! Still a fun ride... We did not get to ride Freefall today, even though it was open. Friend didn't want to ride it. After Riddler, we ate lunch. I had Papa John's cheese bread, and a liter of water. Hey look! It's another picture of me. Next up? Batman! Danananananana....ok whatever. Dark tunnel! I just noticed this...do you notice anything? We walked up the hill of Doom, Death, and Destruction to Superman, next. It broke down twice, and the line was out to the end. Another thing about Superman...the fact that the queue is so dark, really hides a lot of problems that need to be fixed with it. That's probably a missing grate. Broken emergency exit sign. Open ducts. Hole in the ceiling. It was probably about this picture, when the guy in front of me started almost yelling at me, saying "Knock it off...stop taking pictures! It's dark." All while I'm thinking "Yeah, that's what a flash is for, genius!" ...that didn't stop me. Another broken duct. In conclusion, Superman needs a lot of work... TPR, yo! We finally got go on the Sky Tower! Haha, when we got in the elevator, just as the doors closed, and we were starting to move up, some guys started yelling "Hey! Hey!" they got owned. Yes...a nice picture, indeed. I could have sworn, I put it RIGHT there! We rode Viper... That thing tried to kill me...twice. It was the worst ride on Viper I've ever had on it. Sorry, Jahan! Our next, and final ride was X. it was broken down when we got there, so we waited, since it had a short line, and it was our only opportunity. When it opened again... ...it was time for the second running of the bulls! We waited about 15-20 minutes. X was rough for me today...however, my brother said it was much smoother than before...he's crazy. Yup...it's X ...hey Robb! Time to go! Seeya next time! I leave you all with a nice picture driving down the highway with the sunset. Thanks for reading! -Mike
  15. ^ http://itc.ua/img/dpk/2004/3/bantron.gif Anyway, I kind of like the Where is Yeti Ball one, but I don't know... Maybe...what park name will Cedar Fair ruin next? Or add "Knott's" to certain theme parks. Then again...it's probably too similar to the Six Flags one.... -Mike
  16. How could you say that? It's not even light enough for you to see it. Look at it during the day, and then talk about it. -Mike
  17. Actually, I think that I saw a train go down the drop, earlier. -Mike
  18. Actually, it's pretty much confirmed. I was browsing Engadget, and I found some photos of the 360 Elites in production. I don't know if it's against the rules to say so, but I won't put in a link, but you can look for yourself. They'll be black, have a 120 GB HDD, etc. I, however will keep my white, Premium 360, thanks! -Mike
  19. I can relate... I hate braces, and am still wearing a retainer. Got all of my permanent teeth removed due to an error, where a tooth that was supposed to be removed got the roots caught with the roots of a permanent tooth. They had to take the rest of the permanent teeth out...but I think it looks good, though. Anyway, yes Elissa does have pretty good teeth! Braces do pay off...
  20. I happen to like it. It looks a lot more organized. I was actually contemplating making a thread about it when I noticed it, but I decided not too. I didn't see this thread, if it was made before I saw it... -Mike
  21. ^Hey, you can't forget about the Zero-G roll! That looks insane. Curious to see that! They'll probably put up a mounted video eventually. That's when we'll really see how good it is. -Mike
  22. ^I understand that. What I mean, is that even if they did start testing, I doubt that they would start full-circuit test, yet. -Mike
  23. It is very possible that they have started testing. Look at the webcam. The train is now gone. However, I doubt that they have started full-circut testing yet. Quote from the Construction Diary: That means that they are probably starting the testing as in "moving the train forward and backward to make sure the LSM's work properly. I hope that they start full soon circuit, if they haven't yet. -Mike
  24. Hey. No, you cannot order them yet. If it's like last year, you have to pre order them (I think it'd probably be around mid summer...). Once you pre-ordered them, you don't have to do anything, except pay for it when it comes. You pay for it by putting the money in an envelope that came with the order, and putting it in the mailbox! Easy as that. There's already a stamp, and address on the envelope! It's really easy. If you pre-order one when the time comes, they'll send it out when they get all of their shipments. As an owner of a TPR shirt, I can say that they are high quality products. I enjoy wearing mine. My brother has a hoodie, and apparently it's really warm, and he loves it! (I haven't worn it.) -Mike EDIT: They're also creating a new design for thier shirts.
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