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  1. ^If that is the case, your better off going with Intamin for the airtime. I can totally see an Expedition GeForce-type ride at MM. Now THAT would be something to actually go out of the way for.
  2. I like this news. I believe Disney is becoming way too big for itself to realize it. All they see is profits and numbers, while I see over expansion in an already saturated market. Hey Disney, here is a word of advice: focus more on your parks you have now and improve on the quality of the Disney experience. In the long run, the benefits of quality far out weights quantity.
  3. Flashback at MM. I'm not a 100% sure on this because it was so long ago, and the fact that I was only 7 or 8 years old. Funny thing though, it was the year S:TE opened and was too afraid to go on it. I also remember watching Viper and asked if I wanted to ride it, yet again I said no. As you can see, back then I wouldn't ride anything.
  4. You could look at it this way: They are actually painting and improving basic infrastructure around the park. I'd be SO happy if Knotts finally repainted Xcelerator, or did some improvements at the park, but that isn't happening. Kudos to MM for their effort. By the way, Batman's new color scheme looks great and is really growing on me.
  5. Just another quick update on Xcelerator. Today marked the return of purple train, and it is looking great. Not completely put back together however, but those trains still look good even without its cosmetic features. It is sitting on the transfer track, with red train still on the brake run. Also, lots of activity going on recently. Which is good news since the area hasn't seen too many people these past months. One can only hope that sooner rather than later, this beast finally gets back up and running.
  6. ^There were mist effects as you entered the station while on the ride. Not positive about any mist outside near the bottoms of the corkscrews and loops. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. ^That was nice. Stuff like that should be done more occassionally at the parks. I mean yeah it's a little weird but hey, its something fun to do. Now I want one done for all the different departments, like a battle which they have done in the past, for example at KBF.
  8. ^Heck, I'll take a new hyper if that's the case. It should be very interesting to see how much change comes to the parks, especially my home park as well.
  9. I thought I read somewhere on Screamscape that the unique element of this ride will be a section of track that actually freefalls. Whether that's true or not, this ride looks to be turning out pretty cool anyways.
  10. In other news.... An update on the Knotts website now lists Xcelerator closed until at least January 31, 2010. I only hope something can be done quicker and they can finally get it back up and running again. That area of the park seems so ghostly quiet now. Anyway, the sooner the better, for the park and it's guests.
  11. Actually, Knotts is more of an amusement park than a theme park nowadays. If you want a real theme park, you got Disneyland right down the street obviously. As for the next ride coming to Knotts, I could possibly see something big in the future; Probably will be a coaster too since these are pretty much the only draw to the park now. Sadly, this place really is turning into Cedar Point West. However, I wouldn't mind just one more big coaster even though I am slightly against it, but its something the park really lacks; one with a nice layout, airtime hills, and a ride time that is on par with Ghostrider, maybe longer...
  12. There is plenty of workable space left for a hyper, just that they have to be creative. If anything, I could see KBF doing something like Hades by going underground, but I'm not too sure about the city allowing a coaster to go over Beach Blvd or Western....
  13. I have said it once, and I'll say it until we get one....the west coast needs one of these behemoths, badly. Any 300' plus coaster, just one. Until then, I can't wait until I finally get a taste of what I have been missing out on all these years when I go this upcoming May to Ohio. By the way, this coaster looks beautiful.
  14. Looking at the newest additions at the other parks in the CF chain, I'd gladly scrap the idea to get Demon Drop and wait for something better. Also, take in consideration of what all the other parks in the SoCal area will be doing in these upcoming years. There is going to be a huge competition among the parks for market share, so I believe that 2011 or 2012 will be a huge year for KBF. That's just my thought on the matter, and it would make sense if the addition would be a coaster. Basically, this is the main focus of the park nowadays but also because we need another solid coaster for the thrillseeker's category, not those more recent and somewhat mediocre family coaster additions as of late.
  15. You are 100% correct on this. Even though we sometimes know what a certain problem may be with the ride, even then we don't know half of it until maintenance shows up and does whatever needs to be done before they hand us over the downslip. Also, I hate it when the guests tell us to fix the ride yet my simple response is "I just push the buttons. I don't fix it, maintenance does." I get the 'bad look' after that remark but I tell it like it is.
  16. Oh, but I do understand. I am simply pointing out it will be good for the park because the money right now really helps due to the lack of attendance I have been seeing lately. I do agree that it sucks for the guests and the kids in need however, because if you are really doing the donation for a good cause, then being forced to buy whatever is on the shelves in the marketplace isn't going to seem very fair and like a smack in the face to the one's doing the donation. Of course, it makes it look like Knotts is the one doing the donation. At least the program is still around helping kids...
  17. This new version of the TFT program can only help the park and trust me, they should have done this a long time ago. Not only are you proving that you want to make a donation, but your not being cheap about it either. Come on, $15 bucks is nothing and I can see the reasons behind the new restrictions.
  18. The only way to save GR now sadly is to tear it down and start over. I mean, Knott's doesn't even need to build and market a new coaster. They should be looking at what Six Flags is doing for the Texas Giant with using what you already have and making it better.. Just imagine if GR was smooth again, maybe even put some flyers on there or those new Timberliners. Bring back GR to its glory days and you'll have something that people would actually travel to the park to go on again.
  19. You have a talent like myself to be able to look at something and replicate it. These types of things take great deals of time to complete and for that I applaude your effort to do this, even though your art was just for fun. The amount of detail is top notch. Great job man.
  20. Having Hanna Montana and High School Musical in a sentence alone is bad enough, but to make a land based on those, that would be utter horror.
  21. Wow. This brings back some good memories riding this thing. Thanks for posting the video!
  22. ^I second that. The cable has nothing to do with the restraints of the ride. In my opinion, if anything does get modified, I believe it may have to do with how the cable itself is inspected. As far as a complete design change, you can probably just throw that out the window right now.
  23. Honestly, those videos really don't do justice. After seeing it in person, not only is it creepy but indeed something awesome to just sit around and watch. After waiting in line for Ghost Galaxy,(which by the way is something that everyone should try to get the chance to do) after exiting the ride you just can't help but look back to stare and listen to the audio. Disney has a real winner here, inside and out.
  24. The coaster looks great, and I'll even give Cedar Fair the thumbs up on these latest investments. -Ryan "Why can't we have more of these types of rides here on the West Coast!?"
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