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  1. OMG.....that first picture looks so unreal and SCREAMS airtime. I'll be completely amazed if this thing doesn't get a huge re-profile job shortly after it opens. By the way, is it just me or does it look like that track isn't even connected to the ledgers? Maybe its just the way the picture was taken but it sure looks like it ain't touching.
  2. The best thing for the park right now would be to build something after 2012. The reason is that you already have 2011 being a huge year for the SoCal market with SFMM already putting capital into the Superman upgrade and the Green Lantern attraction. Building another coaster in 2012 for SFMM would be a huge mistake because they could easily market the 2011 stuff into the next year without being buried by the other parks. Let's face it, Disney is going to own SoCal with Carsland in 2012. Spending money that they dont have to compete during such a time would be stupid, IMO. Unless it was something that was so mindboggling people would have to go, they should instead focus on park-wide improvements to see if those new rides paid off. Thus, if the initial investment suceeded, building another huge coaster in 2013 or even 2014 would be the more logical way of doing it.
  3. They are doing the same thing over in DCA for Screamin'. It takes time to paint these things when the ride is still operational. Patience is key
  4. Well, that was totally unexpected. Great news for SFMM to be getting these new experiences! It will for sure be a good next few years living in SoCal because every park is getting something significant and pleasing.
  5. ^^Ha! Apparently they don't see a masterpiece taking shape like I do. Its truly a work of art.
  6. This is easy: Cedar Point. When I first saw the park driving up the causeway for the first time this year, I started jumping for joy and couldn't believe how beautiful the park looked. That is the only park that has honestly made my jaw drop in excitement and awe.
  7. Everyone who I've talked to believe this coaster will be a huge fail. I'm the exact opposite, and hoping for the best. Also, that train does indeed look awesome, however, not a fan of the "window" guards. Anyway, I'm loving this project take shape everyday and think this has the potential to be a Top 5 coaster for many. Now to book my flight to Texas for next year....
  8. ^Kong was horrible when I rode it, but to be honest of my recent coasters I have been on, Vortex at CGA was the worst. So much headbanging you would have thought you just got out of a boxing match.
  9. This coaster is starting to become the "frankenstein" of wooden coasters in my book. But my god, it looks like it will be incredible. I'm also very curious to see just how much that structure is going to sway with all this new extra weight added to it when the train is hauling a**. I'll surely be watching this thing until its complete.
  10. ^ Sorry but Screamin Swing is now down for a short little rehab until the 9th, as well as everything Haunt related, like the Stagecoach, Bumper Cars, etc.
  11. ^You shouldn't have a problem. You will be able to ride everything you'd want to ride.
  12. Repainting of Xcelerator has been in progress for a few weeks already. You can find pics from the last few weeks at Westcoaster and Screamscape. More like a few months. But, eventually it'll be finished
  13. Wow, they are really moving along with Carsland. That entire area should start looking finished in no time at all. I'm glad they are also refreshing Screamin' with a new coat of paint. It really does make a difference.
  14. This waterfall stuff is cracking me up. I'm officially calling it, "Year of the Waterfalls" and to find out why, just look around at some other fansites and you will understand. As for the track pieces, last time I went to the park (which was about a month ago now) there were plenty of Mr. Six track back behind Terminator. I thought they'd have all of it there by now....
  15. Ride Wildebeest at Holiday World. We all had so much fun on that thing when we rode it last month.
  16. To think, my first time to Holiday World was no less than a week and a half ago after wanting to go there for years and I finally got to witness and ride the wonderful creations he and the family had made basically in the middle of nowhere. I even rode the modified Raven train on Voyage and that was the first thought that came to my head when I heard this sad news, as I pictured him talking about the articulation that was needed for the train in that recent video he posted so that the Raven train could run on it. He wasnt even that old either and it just shows you how precious life really is. My thoughts and prayers to the Koch family during this very difficult time and it is indeed a very sad day for the amusement industry.
  17. I'm a bit surprised as I haven't seen this mentioned yet, but one of Xcel's supports have been painted to it's former original color (Seafoam Green). The best part is, it looks GREAT and you can clearly see just how much the colors have faded over the years. I think Xcel might finally be getting its long awaited paint job! I apologize but I don't have a picture of it but its a support near the bottom of the drop.
  18. Just something else to get you guys excited: http://ocresort.freedomblogging.com/2010/04/21/knotts-xcelerator-could-open-this-weekend/42019/
  19. If your into riding the back car, go for it. It does give a hell of a ride, but you got to be in good shape to withstand the beating. That's the only reason I suggest and prefer the front. Its a little more tolerable and it is in no way a let down either. In regards to that certain Xciting development, you may want to make time to get to the park this weekend.
  20. Silver train just came back online so ride that front seat, right side. Don't ride the back no matter what train your on. Trust me, its not worth the airtime.
  21. As I drove by the park today at around 11:45am, I saw two consecutive test shots, and that is always wonderful to see. As for the whole one train op issue, I mean yeah it may be slower dispatch times but at least the ride will be running once again. That I'm sure everyone would be happy about, myself included.
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