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  1. After riding Speed just before it closed, I thought I'd never get the chance to ride it again. However, it looks like I may have that opportunity again, but it being just slightly modified. I thought it was a good coaster with two good launches, but lets hope the OTSR's are changed to a softer material or eliminated altogether.
  2. I have to agree with Robb. Whirlpool was a very unique ride and I throughly remember riding it when I was a kid. It was neat because it was basically an indoor scrambler which had an underwater theme, a cool lighting package with strobes, and fishtanks along the inside walls of the ride. While waiting to board and waiting for the ride to start, they played this song : Art of Noise - Moments in Love. Then during the ride they played a type of rock music which I believe has been posted somewhere here before but I forgot what the song was named. Anyway, I miss it and thought it was a cool ride. Aside from that, back on topic. I'm glad the park is doing what its doing by all this upkeep and beautification. It really shows that there is some level of care and I can respect that.
  3. Please, be happy this thing is being built you guys. Especially at such a great place such as Hersheypark. I (and I'm sure many others here on the West Coast) would gladly take your SkyRush from you. We are deprived of Intamin goodness and airtime here. Here's to hoping our parks will get something as beautiful as this coaster is.
  4. Just a quick note here because a lot of people were asking what they we going to do to the backside of Cadillac Range of Carsland in previous months. Passed by it today and they have put up what seems like a steel mesh on a couple of the sections so far. I didn't see just plain stucco as I recall, however what is there is painted brown so it blends. I have to say, it doesn't look bad at all. Anyway, other than that, lots of mini projects also taking place in the resort such as repaving of the bus drop off area and refreshments of new paint along planter fences just to name a few things.
  5. Dear Knotts: You should really consider announcing something VERY SOON because you are going to get left behind in the dust. That's it. Very simple and to the point. K? Thanks, bye.
  6. I like the colors thats for sure. Also, it looks like they are moving right along with construction and track placement.
  7. You know, this really hasn't been brought up yet but that tower sways pretty good. It'll be interesting to see yourself move side to side a bit going up the tower when Superman is being launched at the same time, even if its minimal . Other than that, a 400 foot drop ride is an awesome addition that I would have never expected to see installed onto the side of Superman. The drop itself will not be for the faint of heart thats for sure.
  8. Looks like all the major coaster activity is currently being focused on the East side of the US and Canada. I'm calling it now.... something big will be coming to the West Coast either next year or after. Not to mention if we are going to give away Deja Vu, we would like something awesome in return. On a side note, we are seriously dying here to have an Intamin giga/hyper, even a B&M hyper, airtime machine with a nice huge layout. Canada's Wonderland, (jokingly) I'll speak on behalf of the West Coast that we will gladly trade our Goliath for your Behemoth. You get our hyper that doesnt look like Leviathan and we get something that we could really use here. Deal?
  9. Snazzy. Looking forward to seeing this thing in person and in full operation very soon.
  10. No need for the disclaimer, as I've been around long enough to know the humor side of things here. I'm just trying to be a little respectful to the deceased, no matter if he read or did not read the posted warning signs. In regards to who is to blame, that's for the state to figure out.
  11. Anyone who tries to poke fun of someone losing their life is not only childish, but its unacceptable. Obviously what happened here was a tragic mistake most likely the fault of the ride ops, either due to not being trained properly or simple negligence on the part of the ops knowing about the condition and letting the man ride regardless. Either way, still a sad event that shouldn't have happened nor something any park wishes to be involved in.
  12. An announcement of a Guinness world record is suppose to take place very soon according to their facebook page, so lets hope this is it.
  13. I too found it a bit strange that they would use an old Hammerhead photo and put that description in. So, an upcoming world record.........and they use an old photo to boot. I am clueless but intrigued.
  14. Could Knotts be hinting about another possible new attraction? Let the speculation begin...... http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=10150203692005876&set=a.104124665875.103406.10286130875&type=1&theater
  15. I believe that picture is upside down. The upstops are typically smaller on the bottoms of tracks. Anyway, the pictures and everything all point to Intamin....
  16. They added the last couple pieces to Windseeker last night and only needs the UFO-type piece now. To say the least, the thing is huge when seen in person, and I'm sure photo's dont do justice for it's size.
  17. Well, at this rate the one here at KBF will be ready before the rest of them.
  18. Windseeker is either one section close to being topped off or is awaiting that funky looking UFO-type thing for the top of the tower. Its just about the height of Supreme Scream now. Also, they have been assembling the "catch car" that takes everyone up the tower over near the fire station. Not too much longer now and everything will be complete.
  19. Yeah you guys beat me to it. They sure did put those sections of the tower up pretty quickly. Also, I can already tell this will be massive because even from far away you can already see it. Yep, this will make the Knotts skyline forever changed now...
  20. Yup, vertical construction has finally started. Knott's skyline is about to be changed.
  21. ^That's what she said But in all seriousness, I wouldn't be surprised once the pieces start showing up on property that they'll get the structure installed in no time. There's really only a couple of sections to be placed, but more than likely most of the work will be to complete the landscaping, ride buildings, and queue....
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