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  1. Back to some KBF discussion.... In regards to Xcel, it is now back to a 2 train op. Honestly, it does better with only one on the circuit though.
  2. I think of all the projects going into DCA these next few years, the most I'm looking forward to is The Little Mermaid. If budget holds true, this could be DCA's version of The Haunted Mansion over in Disneyland. The showroom itself is supposed to be bigger as well. I am also interested in Cars Land, but only because the of similarities to Test Track. Man, that was a fun ride...
  3. ^Actually, I believe those sold at a cheaper price and sent to Mickey's Fun Wheel.
  4. For those interested in the latest photos, check this link: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?page=2&aid=95990&id=67502107124 It's their SFMM Facebook account and this should clear up the confusion. Opening day can't come soon enough. I'm ready to ride this thing right now.
  5. I'm sorry, but I have to say it. Please Knott's, PLEASE get rid of PP. That plot of land has so much potential to be of greater use. It's just a waste of space, IMO. On a side note, I do agree that Xcel is in need of a fresh paint job. Badly.
  6. I'm honestly going to try to be at the park the first day this thing opens. It just screams fun or what the British guests at knotts said today, "Brilliant!" (In regards to Xcel) At least to my knowledge, that was their country of origin. Ah, whatever
  7. This is great news for the park. If you haven't been there you should definitely try it while its still around because its actually a nice place to visit. Some might say its small but I think we say that only because Raging Waters is not so far away. Anyway, go there. It'll be worth the visit and your time.
  8. ^^First, thank you for that comment on the Xcel crew. We try our best to send the trains out as quickly as possible. ^^^Janet is awesome. A very nice person to talk to. There is one person who I miss though and not sure if he'll come back, and that would be Martin. Man, that guy was simply funny.
  9. ^You have no idea. Solace needs a complete "re-do" to be honest. The event costs too much without a CF Pass (I believe $55), and not enough is offered as far as things to do. At least this year the backstage tour was brought back but I don't think having the entire park open like the WCB Night ERT will ever happen at Knotts unless like I said more is offered, prices reduced, the option of getting tickets at the event or close to the event, and a bigger turnout of people to go to Solace. WCB simply makes more sense to go to when you look at what is offered.
  10. Very nice official update you posted. I also think its safe to say that this event surpassed everyones expectations, as it did for me. Simply put, the event was just pure awesome and it was good hanging out with people I have a lot in common with. I'm sure next year will be just as good if not better than this one. Funny, I had no idea I was in so many photos...
  11. WCB was simply amazing. This was my first attendance to this event and will not be my last. The organization, activities, and just the overall feel to the event seemed to go without a hitch. Everything went so smoothly and of course I would also like to put out my thanks to the Six Flags staff, TPR, RW, and everyone else who helped put this event together. This is without a doubt the best coaster event on the West Coast, by far. Also, ERT at night was my favorite part of the whole day, despite the cold and all of us looking like we got major sunburns on our face if you know what I mean. Lastly, to our group, it was awesome and I had a lot of fun with you guys. Oh yeah, Team 16 for the win!
  12. ^There will always be room and ways to build things if enough thought and money is involved. I could easily see a hyper being built at Knotts in the future.
  13. I'm sure the fire effects would be working with the exception of maybe some windy or rainy conditions associated with this "storm" that's supposed to be coming. Either way, just riding X2 after so long will be a great feeling. The event is only a couple of days away and it'll be nice to meet some of you all.
  14. Interesting read. Looks like Premier has made the right choices to stay on top of the competition without overwhelming itself. No debt, cash on hand, and the ability to simply go on vacation if things are slow. Now that sounds like my kind of company.
  15. This ride is of great interest to me and looks amazing. If this ride proves to be as good as it looks, we could possibly see more installations of this type from Mack in the future elsewhere around the world.
  16. ^As far as I can see, what I said was visually available to the public. Anyone can go into the park and see exactly what I said, and I don't believe that "secret" information was given by any means. I know what I can and can not say, but thank you for your concern.
  17. Also on a side note, if it does go up, it'll only have one train operation for a while as red train is down for rehab.
  18. I can't say exactly, but quite simply the ride needed a break. A lot of things did get touched up though during the downtime however. Including some painting, lights replaced, and some new landscaping. So, it being down this long wasn't a complete lost. ^Yes, I do like my job.
  19. In regards to Xcel, we almost got it up and running today, did some test shots, and we were even on stand by if it was to go up. Eventually the decision was made to not open it today although the chances of it opening this week, maybe even tomorrow, are good if all goes well. So, I can say that there is a chance Xcel could be open for Solace.
  20. WCB is less than a week away and I shall see you all there as well. It should be a lot of fun considering I haven't been to MM in a while and that it'll be my first WCB. Oh yea
  21. Great update. Will look forward to seeing Terminator in person next week.
  22. Xcel is down for "unknown" reasons. Ghostrider is down for a short rehab into March and I believe Silver Bullet was down briefly for a commercial shoot but its back up and running again.
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