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  1. ^Nah, Boomerang is too smooth to have a second train. One is all it needs (Thanks Matt) lol
  2. Alright, its time to breathe some life back into this thread...... As of today, the painting on Xcelerator has FINALLY begun once again. Gezz, it only took them almost a year to start again...Anyway, they have worked all the way up on the backside and maybe a bit on the front of the North tower of Xcel. Hmmm, anyone want to take bets on when it'll be finished?
  3. ^Problem is they say those last few words so quickly that the average guest watching it will not even realize what was just said. "So, this ride actually DOES go backwards? I'm not riding it now......" Can't tell ya how many times I heard that one, but I think it is without question agreed universally that the faces and emotions of the returning guests from a short shot are nothing short but priceless. "So hey........welcome back! Did you have fun? "
  4. Sounds like you have an off day. Sorry to hear that, but I'm also curious about what was going on with Xcel. Hmmm....
  5. I was at the park today, and vertical construction has begun on the main entrance to DCA. From looking at the height of the steel, I could almost believe even without it being finished yet, that the entrance will indeed resemble the one like at WDW's Hollywood Studios. Sorry, I didn't take any pictures guys but it seems like the are really speeding forward on this thing already.
  6. So it only took them a day to replace the support.......thats good news. However, that new leg looks a bit awkward now to say the least. Now they can start to focus on the actual foundation work then BAM! The tower itself should be up in about 2 months from now if I was to estimate.
  7. ^Indeed. However, something must have come up in order for it to be down for so long. It just got out of a short rehab not too long ago... Anyway, aside from that, Bullet's supports are still hanging around over near Claim Jumper. Within the next two weeks those should be up and then the real foundation work can begin for Windseeker itself.
  8. Just by looking at the pictures, I can already tell this ride will be a major hit for SWSD. Small coasters have surprised me in the past, and this looks nothing short of exceptional family fun.
  9. Wow, I'm surprised by that move. Having a whole land down and essentially closed off to the public is unheard of. Oh well, the only thing that really makes that area is Splash. I personally could care less about Pooh, canoes, and the vending locations...
  10. Maverick was awesome, but this looks even better. At first I wasn't too impressed with the ride until I saw the most recent photos posted, however, Cheetah Hunt will be my number one reason I'll want to visit Florida again. Can't wait to see some test runs in the coming months.
  11. Thanks to whoever posted that video. Everything is looking great, and can't wait for WCB.
  12. ^Technically it is not a coaster, but rather more like a thrill ride. And no, it won't even be close to being the same layout as Test Track. Same type of system, but upgraded with car vs. car dueling.
  13. I'm still baffled that they would go ahead and shoehorn Windseeker into that mess over in Fiesta Village if this video proves true. Not only is it going to completely look out of place with the other rides there, but the heavy traffic of people and flow into this area will be much undesired. I'm kind of curious now what kind of thing they have in mind for the Boardwalk since all that survey work was done. I guess time will only tell. In regards to Ghostrider, its definitely a sad sight to see it almost completely stop before the drop.
  14. If these are the same colorful-looking waterslides I have pasted by on the I-15 to Salt Lake City, then I'll say first hand its location is perfect. The colors are what really make this place stand out and I have always been intrigued about it. Now that you posted this, I now have some more information on a place that is something I'd for sure want to get a closer look at. Now, to actually go to these wonderful places for once than to past them up. I mean, I still need to visit Lagoon too for crying out loud, and I'm always SO close to that park. I think next time I head up there I'll actually plan a day to stay in the area for once to hit up the local attractions. Sucks being the passenger always picking up someone at the airport there and not getting the opportunity to visit when your actually there...
  15. Just a FYI.....Today was Xcelerator's first day with two train operation.
  16. In regards to Xcel, Red Train is indeed back in operation. By the way, if you want a butter smooth ride then now is the time to do it before it gets worn in again. She is riding like a champ right now and even silent enough to notice the difference. One more thing, that's what she said. I dunno...
  17. Ok then, how about "Patriot 2 : The Revenge"? That has Cedar Fair marketing potential written all over it In regards to the painting.... I don't know why, but it seems all the supports have been simply painted only halfway up then everything on the project just stopped, and it has been a while since I last saw them painting it. No idea when it'll be finished, but I am hoping sooner rather than later because the paint does make the ride look MUCH better.
  18. I can tell you first hand after already seeing the front shell mounted and with the back shell installed today, that it just doesn't fit. Don't get me wrong its very nice looking, but I think they over did it with the whole flag thing, as the flames alongside the train are now also the flag as well. I think if Purple Train was to receive a similar treatment in the future, it would work better. Also, once the new paint job on the coaster is complete, all should look nicer regardless. I really want to start calling this ride "The Patriot"......
  19. I have another updated piece of news today....the front shell for Red Train on Xcel has been installed today. Side panels remained uninstalled, however, I'm sure within a short amount of time it'll finally be complete.
  20. If this project turns out to be a huge success, then I can easily see a bright future for Rocky Mountain Coasters. I won't call it a gamble, but I think they might be trying to push the extremes a bit early with this new technology and insane layout. Either way, I guess we all shall find out soon enough.
  21. ....................And in other news, Red Train on Xcelerator is being put back on the track. Three cars were loaded onto the transfer track today (Cars 1,2,3), but it's shell and side panels remain uninstalled. It shouldn't be too much longer until two train operations begin once again.
  22. Glad to see Superman getting the attention it deserves. I'm really hoping this whole thing isn't just a grand paint job with a side of flipped cars, but in all fairness, here's to Superman finally obtaining that "must ride" classification again after so long.
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