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  1. For as much as I love bacon, I won't buy one of these. I think I'm making the right choice here to start avoiding these types of items on the menu in hopes they go away because clearly its not in the best interest of the public to have these around, health-wise. The worst part is I eat out a lot, and this is making me not want to anymore.
  2. Fess Parker, also known for his roles in Walt Disney's Davy Crockett series, has died. He was 85 Read more here: http://www.cnn.com/2010/SHOWBIZ/03/18/fess.parker.obit/index.html?hpt=T2 RIP Mr. Parker.
  3. ^Your right. The rides at KBF are alright as the park is open and the rides are all in operation. On a side note, I sure felt it this morning. Woke me up right in the middle of a dream and couldn't go back to sleep
  4. ^If parks want something to brag about and get people through their gates, I wouldn't mind seeing something like that installed. It would turn heads, for sure.
  5. That train is haulin' major a**. Well, for anyone who thought there might not be airtime it looks like you'll get it, OTSR's or not.
  6. ^I would like to add something as well. Testing occurs only in the morning hours before park opening as of right now. That could however change when everything is about ready to go. Edit: I forgot to mention. Anyone who has been reading the forums lately maybe have seen or heard about long lines to get an annual pass at Knott's Information building. Well, if the information I received is true, a new computer system has been installed/upgraded recently and has dramatically reduced wait times or there is hardly no line at all. Again, this is what I heard and may not be true but if it is a fact, good news for those wanting to get a pass.
  7. Today's news: There is no news at all. I promised some news in some type of news-form, right? Seriously though, nothing has changed with Xcel. Also, there is a reason I quoted you Mechanic. You might not be far off...
  8. Something Xciting could possibly happen this next week. What however, I cannot tell.
  9. Ok guys, I took a quick run into the park today to get you all some photos of what's going on with Xcelerator with even a surprise I found as well. Anyway, here we go. Welcome back to Knotts. As you can see, just a few rides down for rehab. Still closed. What is that in the distance? Yes, Purple train has finally received it's shell. Interesting to note, maybe its just me but it seemed that the front car has darker colors. In particular, the yellow flames. Again, maybe just the lighting. Now a look from the back of the station. Things have been cleaned up and progress is near completion. Also, the catwalk has been put up. It is very strange to see a catwalk after all these years without one and will surely take time to get used to. I believe the catwalk rails will be painted a different color as well. Access to the catwalk will be mid-way on the launch track by way of ladder. Another view down the launch near the photo booth/exit. The catwalk ends right there. Close up. The construction area on the other side of the launch remains for now. At the end of the launch, you can see this. A closer view. Ok, now for something new which kind of caught me a little off guard. Seems to me like the park has invested in a new full body dryer near Perilous Plunge. I have heard of these things in the past but never seen one in person nor installed in another park. Nice addition, but brings down my hopes of PP leaving anytime soon. Oh well. The company who makes it. The price you pay to be dry. Is it worth it? You be the judge. Finally, a larger shot of the new addition. That's it for now everyone. Hope you enjoyed the short little update. Comments?
  10. Good to know the catwalks are up finally. They weren't up Sunday so it must have not taken too long to install. That and the testing of the launch are all signs that things are moving ahead, and that hopefully within these next couple of weeks fully scale testing can begin.
  11. Xcelerator is now listed as being down until March 26th, according to the Knott's website. So, in reality that time frame could change again. It could be open before or after that date, so we shall see.
  12. The plot thickens ever more. Very interested to see how this all turns out.
  13. I'm amazed how quickly they're getting those tracks in on Hollywood Blvd as they recently just dug up the area. As far as RSR goes, I knew about the track pieces being installed but it looks like they are moving right along now. However, in all honesty the park is a complete mess right now. Most of the time I don't even bother going in, except the few times me wanting to see the progress of the construction. I agree the park will be a lot better once phase 1 is done, but the park really is barely getting by right now. I too am very interested in seeing some of those guest comments for those that paid a day's admission into DCA. Probably bad and funny at the same time reading them. I mean, half the park is closed as it is so why not focus all the efforts in getting the place back to Disney quality. Shut the park down
  14. I'm dead serious. Anyway, I guess at this point I feel relieved and hope to see you all next month
  15. Viper has the best first drop in the park, IMO. It is underrated, and believe that ride has plenty of life left. To this day, that ride is still in my top 10, and for good reason. I still like the El Toro idea....
  16. Maybe this has been asked, but when will a confirmation be sent if you made a payment by mail? I was just curious because I sent mine last Friday and still haven't seen or heard anything. Should this be something to be worried about or is it just being held onto for the time being? Thanks
  17. Now that I think about it, forget about Superman being brought down. It may be far from its glory days, however, the ride is still fun, pulls in crowds, and is still fairly new when compared to other rides. How about instead focus on Colossus. The ride has seen better days, and was way better before all the modifications from what I have heard. Now I know many people would hate to hear this, but what about removing it for something way better and thrilling, like an El Toro. I'm surprised we haven't seen anymore of these types of coasters in the US parks, and it would be a huge draw for the park. Colossus takes up a huge amount of space, so imagine the possibilities. Of course, some might say that is out of the question, as it is a MM classic and I agree completely. Anyway, just a thought I'd throw out there because I would definetly take that over a B&M Hyper any day. Now, if the park ever decides in the future to go all out on some crazy steel coaster, I say go the Giga route if they plan to go big again. An Intamin Giga would be the only one on the West Coast if they went though with it. Also, I still believe Knott's will still somehow squeeze in a hyper, thus making it more sense to go bigger because there is more space. Thoughts?
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