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  1. In regards to that, they are required by law to show that video since its a safety video that opened with the ride. If any of the TVs aren't displaying the video or the DVD player breaks, then the ride cannot run until it is fixed.
  2. Windseeker deconstruction update: The top two sections of the tower have been removed.
  3. There could be some track up but I was driving by the park so its possible I didn't see everything. Regardless, I'm glad there is some movement finally to get things up
  4. Vertical construction has begun on Coast Rider. No pictures but some of the taller supports have been put up as of this afternoon. No track in place yet.
  5. That turn from the pullout of the loop looks like its going to have some fantastic forces to it.
  6. Supports for Coast Rider are now being unloaded into the holding field across the street. There were quite a few trucks and a crane taking them out of the shipping containers, but I didn't see any track yet. That said, vertical construction will start soon.
  7. No pictures, but the paint job looks to be complete on Boomerang after driving by the park; The station is still uncovered however. No vertical construction yet for Coast Rider, just ground prep still.
  8. I drove by the park yesterday, and yes, Boomerang sure is bright. I kind of had to do a double take after seeing it
  9. I too saw Windseeker doing some testing earlier today while driving by the park. This is good news because it means they may very well be getting closer to re-opening. On a side note, in the field across the street by the park, north of Xcelerator, there was plenty of cement they were smashing and sending away on trucks. Also, I saw purple railings too in a trash pile from Boomerang's perimeter fence. Lots of work and progress going on in the park it seems.
  10. ^I remember getting the chance to ride the one at Kings Island back in 2010, and I think I only paid around $15 for a special "ride it now" deal or the price goes up offer. The one at MM is a lot smaller and seems really expensive to me if its $30 for only one rider. I guess if you've never done one I'd pay to ride it too since there really isn't many here in SoCal that I can think of. In regards to Full Throttle, I'm very glad to see some track finally but I'm really looking forward to the vertical construction....sometime next year.
  11. I'm finding all this talk about credits amusing but personally if I had to give my opinion on the matter I would go by the stance of if the layout has been changed, then it would be a new credit. If its the same layout but with new trains and track etc., then its still the same credit and doesn't count as an additional one. As far as noting that you got the chance to ride the old version then the new version (what Slushie stated), I agree with that.
  12. They should consider re-programming the tower to lower after instances like this if there is a way to do so. All the Windseekers are having similiar problems it seems.
  13. Yep, Xcelerator was running today and it was just as great as ever. Gotta love that insane backseat airtime.
  14. Alright.....just got back from the park and Perilous Plunge is slowly fading from Knott's Skyline. Also, a general update on things as well. Enjoy. Welcome back to Knotts. Let's take a look around... Ghostrider is still down. Not sure when this will reopen. Haunt is just around the corner and their famous Hanging stage is now being set up. Screamin' Swing is also getting some work done. Perilous Plunge is slowly being brought down to make way for a new, unannounced attraction which according to the park, should be announced shortly. These next few shots will be from various places within the Boardwalk. The drop has been cut in half. Some views of the site from Sky Cabin. The support columns remain for now The clown maze is being set up once again near Xcelerator. In regards to overall Haunt progress through out the park, it seems they have their work cut out for them to have everything ready by opening day. Speaking of Xcelerator, it has some new signage out front of the entrance just before you enter the queue. And we will end this update with a shot from outside the park looking towards PP.
  15. Drove by the park tonight after work. They are getting ready to take down the top of the lift and the top of the drop as sparks were flying from both sides. Wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the top is gone by tommorow. Let the cutting of steel commence...
  16. That's quite a bit of work done in just two short days. Now that's what I call wasting no time indeed.
  17. ^No, your right. It was a mistake on my part as it is for SFOT Anyway, still looking forward to what comes tommorow after the parks announce their stuff.
  18. The SFMM Facbook page is now reporting "Gosoaring2013" with a flock of birds in a "V" formation. No idea if this is to throw people off but they say to be ready tommorow morning.
  19. Xcelerator alone is worth a visit to the park. Everything else is just extra...
  20. I guess Knotts finally got the memo that every park around them in So Cal is getting something new. Now that PP is being removed, the question is "What is the replacement?"
  21. Looks like a great addition to Cedar Point. I look forward to riding this beast the next time I get back to the Midwest.
  22. I really like what Wild Bill has going on for him and his team. They seem to be doing a great job on that Haunted House!
  23. Flight of Fear at Kings Island is my top choice. Next, I'd have to say Rockin' Roller Coaster at DHS. Lastly, Space Mountain at DL coming in at number three.
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