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  1. ^I had thought the same thing of it, as it really had a Knoebel's kind of feel to it! I thought it was really cool to find out that the spring water stays the same temperature all throughout the season no matter how hot it is during the day. If it wasn't for the crowds, I think I could have done the old chutes the whole time. ^Zach - Wasn't that just awesome to be able to go at Boogie Bahn over and over again without waiting too long? I know around July upon making a return visit to Hersheypark, they had their own wave rider, but the line was horrendous, so it never happend while we were there. -Gary
  2. And thus, I have been reminded of why it was important for me to have begun a more active lifestyle about two months before the Texas Trip happend. God that was awful to look back at some of those pictures, but then again, if I hadn't lost the weight I had up to that point, I imagine I would have been kicked out as they would have accused me of impersonating a man as there was no way I could be a guy with the rack I had back in May before this trip. I do remember Robb going for an ass shot with the video camera at one point when I went down the chute for Boogiebahn, so I think he was estatic to see my ass later on Overall, it was a fun day at the park. I finally got to check the place out and the Resturant afterward on the way back to Dallas was awesome! -Gary
  3. sounds like a good excuse to by a lottery ticket, ha ha! Although, it seems like it would be fitting that on the NE Tour next year I should buy you two beers or something......especially if I won a chunk of money from the lottery -Gary
  4. So after getting home from a day of giving students quizzes and making some phone calls to parents (the 'fun' part of teaching), I got home and opened my mailbox to find I had recieved yet another TPR Bag o' Crap!!!!! Unfortunately, my camera was dead, so I had to charge it, but I had a trip to the gym to make, so the timing worked well, and once I was done this evening, I went ahead a found out what was in my Bag o' Crap! -Gary Yeay!!!! BAGS O' CRAP ARE AWESOME!!! So let us find out what is inside! After pouring out the crap in this bag, I came to find.... 7 cents!!!! Robb, did you start a cash-back reward program for trips that you havn't told many people about? A USB Cord!!!! Everyone needs a USB cord!!!! Discovery Kingdom stuff and a pin from Efteling! Awesome random Japanese thingy!!! I love getting Asian Items in my bags o crap since Asia is one of the main areas that I teach about, so I can take this and other things to share with my students. I would love to see what kinds of things will appear in the Bags O' Crap from Australia as that is another area I teach about. While it is in Florida, the map has Asian writing (I have to admit I am not positive if it is Chinese or Japanese) Something tells me these would have been helpful for after the 3 kegs at Kings Dominion for many people More Japanese stuff to share with my students when we get to Japan ......Something about this CD looks really familiar....... ....Oh yeah, there was one in my last Bag o' Crap! Maybe someday I will be the owner of the last two Lankanniemi Stara Collection cds in the world!!!! An extra TPR pen is always a good thing! And the Sprint pen can be handy for the classroom as I tend to leave some laying around the school somewhere every so ofton. One last look at all the awesome Asian items I can take to share with the students I have when we talk about them in class!! Thanks again to Robb and Elissa for a wicked awesome collection! And if you guys happen to get some good stuff from the Australia tour next year.....I will happily accept anything to share with my classes!
  5. Hey everyone, It looks like I am one of the slowest ones to get my update from East Coast Bash. I have been in teacher mode for the past couple weeks as the school year officially began for us in Pitt County about three days after East Coast Bash, so I have been busy with that, but with the three-day weekend, I was finally able to go ahead and put these together. Before I get to some of the best pictures that you will ever find from East Coast Bash......that were taken by a North Carolinian named Gary, let me tell you about the event itself: One word to describe it.............. WOW!!!!! I had a ton of fun, and have to say that this was one of my favorite visits I have had to Kings Dominion! I have not been to many enthusiast events before, but I can honestly say that any other one I go to will have to be something else to match up to East Coast Bash for me. Robb, Elissa and the rest of the TPR Crew put on a top-noch event, and the Kings Dominion staff that helped us out, answered questions in the Q&A session were also great! It is not very ofton that you get early access to two major coasters in the morning, and three major coasters at night, especially when one of the rides goes beyond its scheduled to so that those who wanted to ride the front were able to. Kudos to the I305 crew and the KD Staff for that! The TPR Quest Game was all kinds of awesome! I think this needs to be a staple of all TPR events in the future. Another thing for me was that I feel like my riding Intimidator over and over helped me to love the ride for what it is. I was not a big fan of it when they had the harder harnesses, and I was one of those that was disappointed when I rode it after the trims with the new harness in July. But after the first ride in the morning of East Coast Bash, I just started to really like the ride the way I hadn't the first couple of times I had been this year. As the day went on and the night ERT came, I felt like I could just keep riding it over and over as long as they would let us. As for Robb's feelings about people booing at lunch about the park not taking off the trims, I have to agree that was a fairly lame thing to do. Believe me, I would love to know what it would have been like to ride this with the current straps and without the trim, but frankly it doesn't happen very ofton that a park will go and put in a ride like this, and even as it is, it is an awesome ride! The walk-back tour was really cool as well, as you get to see the park in a way that you normally wouldn't. It kind of reminded me of how I enjoyed getting to see rides like Mantis, Top Thrill Dragon, Raptor, Iron Dragon and others at Cedar Point from a different perspective when going to the employee break areas while working there. A very cool part of the day indeed. If there was only one downside to my day at East Coast Bash, it was that I had to head home that same night as I was exhausted from a great day. So those were my thoughts about the day, and I hope you all enjoy the pictures from my day at East Coast Bash! -Gary In order to get to East Coast Bash in time, I had to head out the door around this time! As you can see, when I arrived there was already a good line waiting to get in...... ....and it wasn't long for it to get bigger behind me. I think there are some nerds here. What do you think? Dominator is waiting to give us some morning ERT! As you can see, this looks like it is going to be a popular event! That guy working the ticket booth looks strangly familiar. Looks like somebody "accidently" put two beer tickets in Derek's packet. The line of folks waiting to get into the park. What could all of these people be waiting for? Or these people for that matter? Ahhhh.....I think Bryan's gaze shows us what we are all waiting in an organized line for......Dominator! Here you see all of these people waiting to be Dominated. Some are even brave enough to be Dominated in the rear! trainload of enthusiasts! As the day went on, the clouds would disappear......then return in a fury that would be the late afternoon storm about the time of the informal waterpark takeover. After so many were Dominated, it was time to head to Grizzly. Here Robb gives the first of many sermons to us, his TPR Cult followers. In his first sermon to us, Pastor Robb tells us of the difference of this foolish common man concept known as "rain", and the true nature of these fluids of the sky, known as Grizzly Juice! Some followers of the TPR Cult are convinced easily of the powers of Grizzly Juice...... .....while others appear more skeptical Did Grizzly Juice indeed heal the pain and suffering of these souls while seated upon this ride? One may never know, unless they share the message of Avleysm!!! Here Eric and the other wait for our walk to Intimidator 305 to be the first riders for the day. I was really glad to see that the tunnel was growing back in, and not just scrapped. In the same fashion that Moses had led the Jewish people across the Red Sea and the Deserts to find the promise land, Pastor Robb leads his cult followers to the Mecca on this holy day of Alveysm that came to be known as East Coast Bash......... ....Intimidator 305!!! "The Grizzly Juice that heals the pain and suffering of souls from that of the Grizzly, is detrimental to the Joy and Salvation that is experienced upon Intimidator 305!!!" Book of Robb, Chapter 2, Verse 4 Here we are waiting to catch our first rides of the day for I305. And as you can see, people in our group like to take pictures of tall coasters...... ......as can bee seen here as well A trainload of enthusiasts head out on I305 in a bit of a Grizzly-Drizzle..... ...well, it was more of a Grizzly-Down Pour. "....and thus the young man said to Pastor Robb 'The Grizzly Juice brought me pain, and Intimidator 305 brought me joy...I understand now...life is about balance!!!!" Book of TPDave, Chapter 1, Verse 8 Wet rides can be just as fun as dry ones! "weeeeeeeeee!!!!!" Train load of happy!!!! We interupt this update to bring you a sight of Diabetic Coma-Inducing Delight!!!!! This verse entry is brought to you by Coca-Cola, the official beverage of Theme Park Review!......"Should you baptize your tastebuds in a foul liquid known as Pepsi, you have sworn your soul to Satan!!!!!!" Book of Elissa, chapter 6, verse 2 Derek chooses to go with a large dose of potassium rather than load up on sugar....Renee may have never seen such a large banana before. Hanno and Dave look to be extreamly thrilled to ride the best TOGO coaster in Kings Dominion Robbie, Tyler, Renee, Derek and......John I believe? All ready for a ride from Drop Tower! A round of Bumper Cars is usually hard to do when it is closed off for Haunt Construction. "And thus the holy day of East Coast Bash shall be celebrated with a meal....... ......in a place named of a mighty tree........ .....where friends shall gather........ ....and beer shall be consumed!" Book of Derek, chapter 6, verse 9! Here Pastor Robb works with the technology of Podcasts to spread the word that the TPR Cult is what all the cool people are following these days.....except for Tom Cruise, as we don't want our image to be ruined. Future walk-back picture taker! I think we may know where she gets it from I forget their names, but these two with Kings Dominion were very cool to give some of their time to answer questions for us! Action shot of the TPR Quest Game. More Quest Game! And the winner! Time for one of the cooler parts of the day, the photo walk-back In his next sermon, Pastor Robb tells us, his followers, of the virtues of being decent, intelligent people and being in the areas we are permitted by the Kings Dominion staff, otherwise facing the consequences of exile from the group for being a dumb@$$. Heading back to the world normally not entered by mere mortals known as "The General Public" And the main reason for coming to this normally unadmittable area. If you want to see what this scene was like from Robb's perspective, copy and past this address ->http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/files/58_18.jpg While I305 was the star of the walk-back, you were also able to get some neat views of other coasters as well..... ...such as Anaconda. One of the most photographed portions, from a different angle! Lift-Hill!!!!! And the turn into the brakes. Different views of Rebel Yell can also be seen Off in the distance. A different side of Volcano can also be seen! Weeeee!!!!!!!! You can even see into KD Past with footers from King Cobra that sits somwhere under......... ....this thing! But alas, most of these good followers of the TPR Cult came to this walk back for one thing....... ......Intimidator 305!! So now I give to you my collection of Intimidator 305 pictures! "Gentlemen......START YOUR ENGINES!!!!" Geeky shot! Purty!!!! And just as this is the end of the ride, that is the end of my Intimidator 305 pictures, however....... ....you can't forget about those who were there with you to take pictures too!!! I approve of this coaster, this event and this day in general! More nerdy people taking nerdy pictures! Now parents, before you allow your children to choose their own religion, allow me to ask you if you really want them to follow a guy like this? Derek trying for the "comparison" pictures to help advertise the phone or the camera, which ever one comes out better. "And the followers did as asked of them, and thus much joy and fun was had by all!" Book of Chuck, Chapter 4, Verse 3 And here we show that we are a friendly cult by moving over for oncoming traffic! Now if there is one thing to be said about Robb, he is a very cool, extreamly friendly guy! For the many people who wanted to say hi to him, he was very approachable. He, and the rest of the Theme Park Review crew put on a great event! Thank you for being the awesome guy you are Robb! "When guided by women to things that your enjoy, you should always find a way to show them your appreciation that they will remember!" Book of Big Mike, Chapter 1, Verse 1........as no other number matters for Big Mike! Shortly after our walk back, it started to look like armageddon was upon us..... And my camera would soon die after, so it seems fitting that the last picture I would have is...... ....a mass exidous of people from the park before the storm hits. East Coast Bash was awesome! I can't wait to do another TPR Trip, Event, whatever! It is always a good time! Thanks for checking out my version of the East Coast Bash update, hope you all enjoyed!!
  6. Something tells me that this ride will stickout at Knott's or Canada's Wonderland more than the other two parks. Kings Island with the seemingly more varied topography than the others, and Cedar Point with an already impressive skyline. Either way though, all four will be really cool to check out for the different views they will provide. -Gary
  7. East Coast Bash was by far one of the best times I have ever had at a theme park! Thank you to everyone who helped put it together, and to the awesome staff of Kings Dominion for their time and efforts! -Gary
  8. ^Believe me, the teachers of the region are getting ready for the new school year too. I was at the school I teach at twice last week to move stuff into my new classroom, and also to organize the room. I am planning on getting back in there this afternoon to finish up so that when we start our workdays tomorrow, I can focus on lesson plans......but the 22nd will be a different story -Gary
  9. Hey, at least something was done about it. From what I have gathered, there are very many cases where nothing happens to those who skip the line at this park. -Gary
  10. So this is going to be a smaller Boardwalk Bullet of Europe in a way. It looks like an interesting ride, hopfully the timberliner trains handle the layout better than the PTCs on BB. It is really cool how it interacts with the other rides of the park. -Gary
  11. ^Wes, I think it was in the mountain that is currently occupied by Volcano, if you look in the pond in front of the turn to the launch you can still see a trough where the boats may have run at one point. -Gary
  12. You can find coupons for anywhere between 5-10 bucks off at many different places (Resturants, grocery stores, ect...) within a 3-4 hour radius of the park. The only specific discount I know of is through the North Carolina State Employees Credit Union, but you have to be a member. -Gary
  13. Here are my milestone coasters: 1) Matterhorn, Disneyland 8) Coaster Thrill Ride, Puyallup Fair -> First wooden coaster 11) Raptor, Cedar Point -> First coaster that goes upside-down 25) Rebel Yell, Kings Dominion 50) Top Gun (now Flight Deck), Kings Island 69) Big Dipper, Geauga Lake 75) Thunderhawk, Geauga Lake 100) Roar, Six Flags America 125) Wacky Worm (from Wade Shows), North Carolina State Fair 150) Wildcat, Adventure Park USA 175) Runaway Mountain, Six Flags Over Texas 200) Cobra (a Dragon Wagon wannabe from Playworld Amusements), Pitt County Fair 225) Great Bear, Hersheypark 247) Mini Coaster, Tuscora Park -> Last new coaster -Gary
  14. If they were really brave, they could do it on the stand-upish drop tower at Drayton Manor.......can you say extream cameltoe?!
  15. I personally thought that Great Bear was a great Invert. I will agree that there are better, but considering the location, and the layout in relation to the terrain and other rides, it is one of the more unique inverts out there. Besides, I think most people would agree that it is better than an SLC, but maybe there are some who would rank an SLC better. To each their own -Gary
  16. <- DONE!! I really enjoyed the place. I wouldn't say that it is one that I would make a point of going to Cincinnati for, but I would make a point to get there if I happend to be going to the area for something else (Kings Island, a Reds game, some kind of teaching seminar, ect....) -Gary
  17. You can't beat getting to see "Bow Down to Texas, You Worthless Beings!" at SFFT though! That and I don't recall there being any Talking Dallas Cowyboys BBQ Forks at SFOT. In all honesty though, both parks were pretty cool! -Gary
  18. Hey Everyone! Time for another update to Gary's 2010 Adventures, this time from Coney Island in Cincinnati, with Zach (a.k.a. PKI Jizzman). Also spent a short time with Reon (sorry, but I forgot your real name, but it was cool to meet up with you). I caught up with Zach and his younger brother as I was on my way to see some old friends in Michigan, and had my camera along with me for the afternoon visit. Before the pictures, here are some of my thoughts about the place. From what I had gathered before going to the place, I took it to be a less than average place to visit, but it turned out that this is a really neat place for the locals. A few rides with some decent landscaping, and the pool area is definatly the draw of the place, and it did not disapoint, with a playground style slide in the middle that you practically launch off of! This place seemed kind of like a Knoebel's-lite so to speak. Maybe not there on quality, but in the general feel of the place. Now for the pictures, thanks for checking it out, hope you all enjoy! -Gary Driving up through a small part of Virginia, I-77 has always been one of my favorite highways to drive on. One of two under-mountain tunnels you pass through in Virginia on 77 Woo-hoo!! Made it to West Virginia! Again, one of my favorite highways, simply because of the scenery The state capital building in Charleston Another view of Charleston (I seem to have a thing about state capital cities, as this is about the fourth or fifth one on this thread). I wonder what is in this said Mystery Hole? And now, we have made it to Ohio! There are a good couple of these colorful bridges that cross the Ohio River between Ohio and Kentucky. Almost there....... .....Closer........ ...and we are there! And look who is here to join us....Jizzman!!!!!! Everybody's favorite innappropriatly named photographer! Now, with there being a credit, we definatly need to check it out!!! Python was entertaining, even as unnatural as it felt through certain drops and turns. Wee!!!!! Lifthill enthusiasts......REJOICE!!!!!! Weee!!!!!! Flying Bobs Now, I have only seen a few of these, and never actually tried one......so let us see what this is all about! This ride is going to be intense....like RV Camping! And here we are, stuck upside-down. Zach's brother (his name is eluding me right now) in another car just below us. Scrambler A Moser drop tower, that unfortunatly was down for the time being, maybe next time. We will just have to make it up with some action slide shots!!! Zach's brother approves of the hornet-repellent covered slide...this thing had some giddy-up to it, but not nearly as awesome as the pool slide a little later. Time to try this thing out for myself It's intense.......like horseshoes!!! Zach's brother flying by. Zach heads down. Side-by-side........intense like Martha Stewart! And one last ride shot before the Super Roundup got going. Now a look at the park atmosphere and random antics... Of course you have Zach taking pictures like some guy who is a part of the Paparazzi......but really though, this guy takes some of the best pictures there are to be found on this site! Good thing there isn't a flood right now! Hey now! It isn't time for me to go back to work yet!! I suppose it doesn't hurt for me to do my own version of training camp before the next school year starts. Now that I have had a seat on the Pony Express....I don't know what the big deal is? Some of the buildings here are very well done! Only a guy from Cincinnati would take a picture of a chili stand. OMG!!! LIKE.....HANSON IS TOTALLY COMING TO CONEY ISLAND!!! Now it is time for the pool area and slides. An inside view of the main draw to Coney Island And here we have the playground slide of awesome!!!! You practically can skim over the water comming off of it! This innertube slide was a surprise too, with a little bit of airtime down the last drop. And here we have the slide complex that replaced the old wood-structure slide complex that was once at the park. And that wraps up the afternoon at Coney Island. Definatly enjoyed hanging out with Zach and his brother. Although I still have a bit of driving to do. Quick little drive into Kentucky to get to I-75 to head north. This is the first time I have ever driven in this state!! And here you can see Cincinnati before getting back across the Ohio River Hey Elissa!!! And thus I have arrived to my destination state. Hope you all enjoyed this update to Gary's 2010 Adventures!!
  19. It would take longer if they were trying t do it so as to relocate the ride, but since it is being taken down for scraps, they aren't having to use such care, although it is interesting that it looks like there are some whole sections that weren't torn to smaller pieces. I wonder if there is a reason for that? -Gary
  20. ^Agreed, and in a location that would be a little less likely to be flooded (if there is an area in the New Orleans region that is less prone to flooding). -Gary
  21. I'd love to get back too, but I think I am going to hang tight until Black Diamond is finished. I would say wait until Flying Turns, but anyone who does that may be waiting for a longer time than the length of Llya Kovalchuck's rejected contract with the New Jersey Devils (17 Years for those who don't follow hockey). -Gary
  22. I would guess that if this ride had the comparatve popularity to it's more popular counterparts such as Cedar Point in the case of Magnum compared to Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster, ect..... This ride would still be operating. But that just didn't seem to be the case. My first visit to the park in 2006, this was a walk-on while every other coaster that day had at least a 15 minute wait. -Gary
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