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  1. Who is planning on going to Passholder day this year? I wouldn't mind catching up with a few folks from TPR at somepoint during the day.
  2. Big Mike, I would like to enter the contest because my favorite part of The Big Mike Road Show is the detailed trip reports you share with us all.....although the hott babes are a nice touch too -Gary
  3. I love the look of these trains all around. I think they are some of the best looking trains around! I might have to try and sneak down there sometime in the not too distent future to give them a spin.
  4. Even if Flying Turns weren't to be completed anytime soon, I would go back this year if I had the ability to. I loved Phoenix and Twister, and I wold like to check out Black Diamond, and get the Kosmo's Kurves credit. -Gary
  5. Orton probably won't be in the Rumble since he has a world title match already. I don't think anyone who had a world title match has been in the rumble match the same night. Then again, they are going with 40 guys this year, so who knows
  6. There is a site that has some artwork showing some of the projects for Ocean Park, including this Floorless, which I believe is being called "Hair Raiser". When I saw the name on Screamscape, I thought it was a bit odd, but then I saw the artwork for the entrance, and it has this cool "Old Coney Island" look to it, and makes the name seem more fitting. Here is the link: Ocean Park Artwork Looks cool to me
  7. Has there been anything about the progress on Mach Tower? From what I have gathered, there hasn't been much of anything said about it. Interesting too considering that it is a fairly big ride to be adding to the park -Gary
  8. So does this mean that the Toontown Fair is being integrated into Fantasy land? I guess I didn't quite catch where it may have mentioned it, just that the Toontown Fair was being closed off. Also, judging the pictures, it looks as though they are going to alter Barnstormer a bit, no? -Gary Edit - Finally spotted it, Forget what I just said.
  9. Half the time it doesn't matter what we teach them, as it goes in one ear and out the other. But that is another story.
  10. ^ - When you are in Atlanta, if you like Pizza, I highly recommend you try Fellini's Pizza....it is, as the Miz would say....AWESOME!! I used to be a huge fan of it when I was a kid. I got into it around 1993 or so. I was a big fan of Razor Ramon, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold, The Rock, The Dudley Boys, DX. I think my interest in it kind of tailed off around Wrestlemania 17 or so, although I still would watch it every so ofton. I did get back into it a little more when my ex-wife and I started to watch it together, with the last event I went to was an edition of RAW in July 2008 at the RBC Center in Raleigh with her. My biggest thing about it is that other than the fact that it is fake, it seems kind of campy to me. They are kind of doing this odd "Family-Friendly" thing right now since Linda McMahon was running for Senate, and I think that it has kind of taken away from it a bit. Although they don't need to be blatently raunch or anything like that, I think they could push the envelope back a little bit To me, the most annoying thing that they are doing in their programming right now is the whole Michael Cole having a huge hard-on for the Miz, but it is what it is. I am actually going to see a house show with my brother Kellen tomorrow night at the Verison Center in Washington, DC. This will be the fifth different venue that I have seen a WWF/E show in, the others being the Tacoma Dome (Tacoma, WA/2 House Shows), Key Arena (Seattle, WA/2 House Shows), RBC Center (Raleigh, NC/2 House Shows, 2 Episodes of Raw, Summer Slam 2000) and Minges Colisieum (Greenville, NC/1 House Show). The best show I have seen was Summer Slam 2000, when it was at the RBC Center where you had the first ever TLC Match with Edge and Christian, the Dudleys, and the Hardys. Easily my favorite match I have seen in person. The one thing that is cool about being up to date on what is going on with pro wrestling is that I have students who love it, and they like to talk to me about it, which finding something to connect with your students on is a benefit to have. -Gary
  11. That would probably depend on the property they are trying to sell. I am sure that one larger park could be much more attractive than another could be. While I don't know this for sure, I would almost guess that SFOG could get a better asking price than SFMM since it is more well rounded of a park, and from what I saw in my visit to SFOG (havn't been to SFMM yet), it seems to be a better park in general. SFOG also does not have the competition that SFMM has, as it can pretty much hold its own on the Atlanta market, while SFMM competes with Disney, Sea World, Knott's and Legoland for the Southern CA market. -Gary
  12. Anyone remember the video "America's Greatest Roller Coaster Thrills in 3-D"? The only park shown on that video that I had been to before watching it was Cedar Point. A couple years after I saw it, I made my first visit to Busch Gardens, and I remember thinking about how cool it was going to be to finally be able to ride the Big Bad Wolf, as I had seen it on that video. So it was the first coaster that I rode that was on the video (besides the CP coasters) For the sake of it as a ride, I do miss it. It was a fun ride, and the night rides were great. Will I see it as a tragic loss that would make me think twice about returning to BGW? No. Thing is, there were spots where you could tell it was aging, especially in the lower part right after the drop to the river. Sure I would love to be able to get a few more rides in, but if the new coaster appears to be anything like Cheetah Hunt at BGT, then it will certainly be a welcomed addition to me! Also, with regards to the whole "popularity" thing...I could see how it might have been more widely popular when you look at the ages of those who would say it was their favorite, but even with the idea of the whole pulsing thing, I personally doubt it had more riders than the others, especially Apollo's Chariot. When the Apollo crew is cranking them out, they could have the train in the station awaiting to be dispatched before the train ahead of it is over the top of the lift. I tend to think the the dispatches were quicker for it than BBW, and they carried 8 more passengers on each train. Granted, actual numbers would help, but just on observations, I tend to think it would be unlikely, unless Apollo just had so significant down time. -Gary
  13. Again, this is NOT a disability. Comparing it to deafness, or the inability to walk is an insult to those who suffer with such afflictions. Truth is, yes, it is a legitimate disorder for some. We all understand that, and realize that medication is certainly needed in many cases. However, in my opinion, ADHD has become the chic crutch for lazy a$$ parents who don't possess the parenting skills to properly discipline their children. Period. I agree, especially having seen how parents just cave into their kids demands when I worked at different grocery stores. Some kids would lay down on the floor throwing huge fits, and rather than taking their kids out of there and disciplining them for their behavior, the next thing you hear is "If you stop, I'll buy you the candy you want". This is one reason why I tend to feel like ADHD is made to sound much worse than it really is. From my understanding, ADHD is to imply you have difficlty maintaining attention to one thing for an extended period of time. I honestly feel like ADHD tends to be the result of what one's interests are, habits that were not corrected and how they were raised. A kid could be unable to read a book for more than 15 minutes, but yet that same kid can play that same pokemon game for over 3 hours without stopping. When I was taking an art appreciation class back in ECU, I really wasn't all that interested in it, therefor I did not give the best attention to it, yet when I took American Military History a couple semesters later, even though the guy only sat in a chair and lectured the whole time with no real visuals to go along with it or anything different than his lectures, I was essentially at full attention the whole time (perhaps a little off a time or two due to a lack of sleep the night before, but that would be my own fault). Now if you have someone who can not focus on one thing for an extended time regardless of what it is, then I can see that, but I think a lot of the cases tend to be based on a) a lack of interest in what it is that one has a hard time focusing on, or b) poor habits that have not been broken due to a parent not helping their child to correct them. I hope that anyone here who has been diagnosed with ADHD does not take this as an insult, or a "what you claim to have is BS" statement, because I do not know the severity of its effects on each person that has said they have been diagnosed, I am simply refering to what I see as many cases where an adjustment to how a kid was raised, or recognizing that they just don't care about certain things seems to be the biggest reason for what may cause certain issues. -Gary
  14. Something tells me though that even if the widening of the turn means no trims, and making an awesome ride even better, the new complaint is going to be "The turn is too wide!" I certainly do look forward to seeing how this ride will be next year though after they make the adjustments to it though. Might be willing to go opening day even. -Gary
  15. This really gives you an appreciation of just how much work goes into an offseason for these rides...imagine just how much time it took to dismantle those trains, let alone the fact that you had more than half of the coasters represented there... very cool pictures! Thanks for sharing them. -Gary
  16. As 'cool' as that would be, I have a feeling that the parks here in our sue-happy nation would be spending a lot of time meeting attornies about lawsuits over people slipping on icy paths, platforms, ect... -Gary
  17. The possibility of HEC getting involved sounds good to me, even if it were just for Frontier City. They certainly do a great job in running Dollywood, and I believe I had seen that overall, Wild Adventures is getting better too since they bought it. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out -Gary
  18. ^But wouldn't the ride technically be owned by PARC since Darian Lake is under their company? I guess it might be possible that the ride is still owned by Six Flags, but I would tend to guess it is PARC property now.
  19. Is it just me, or does it seem that because Wes came on here and made a genuine offer for a truce, and gave a better explaination of what went on, that he has already helped CCF raise more money than the folks who keep bashing on Rob(b) at a more personal level have for the Big Dipper? To me, that seems to be another example of how the additional attention is not being taken advantage, since someone else has come in, and with the attention to this thread, been able to get other people to donate towards a cause he supports! Just a casual observation! -Gary
  20. Hey everyone, Last weekend I had a chance to go and check out this year's Howl-O-Scream up at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and it was a lot of fun to check out! This was actually a very random trip for me, as I woke up in the morning of October 2nd, and thought to myself "You know what? I am going to Busch Gardens today!" So I packed my camera, video camera, and made my way up! The traffic sucked as there was an accident on the stretch of I-64 leading up to the park, and when I arrived, I had come to find out how crowded the place was going to be since I had to park in the Scotland lot over by the brewery. It still turned out to be a good day, thanks to my first experience with Quick Queue which helped to ensure that I got to check out all of the mazes and get a few spins on each of the coasters that day. I have to admit that I didn't really put much thought into the mazes themselves, but if I had to pick which I thought was the best, I would go with Catacombs, as I was ducking and jumping all over the place. Other, it seemed like I was in the wrong spot to get spooked, but sometimes it was as much fun to see others screaming bloody murder over what was going to happen. I will say that the characters in the front of the park with the black face covers was creepy as hell, especially the ones dressed as birds on stilts. In any case, I have a bunch of pictures to share, and a video as well. I hope you all enjoy the show! Here we are at Busch Gardens, just before getting to the front gate This is the bridge that leads to the England parking lot for buses, pet kennels, ect.. While these statues would stay in place the whole time, there would be some people dressed the same way that would hold very still and scare the crap out of people. When Alfred Hitchcock meets Tyler Perry? The fake crows were all over the British part of the park Right as you walk into Scotland, they have a ton of these ghosts hanging above you Even more of them Kind of reminds me of that park in Wisconsin, where you can see a graveyard from a ride The Sesame Street friendlier Halloween decor Looks like he might have had a little too much sun..... You can check out the maze for Pompeii in the daytime without the "scare" factor, which it was kind of neat to see how some of it was put together. Better at night though Bwaba-waba-waba-waba!!!!! Near Italy, all of these witches are just chillin' out. Rawr!!!! That is one hott witch!!!! "That stupid witch, making herself look like such a skank!!!" Another maze, over by Roman Rapids, it was pretty cool. You know, there sure are a lot of hott witches, makes me think I am at some Halloween-esque gentleman's club ...See! Just like a true gentleman's club, they even have some ugly witches! The giftshop of Oktoberfest This guy is just hanging out with his pet head. Festhaus, where Franken Rock was held. And this it would look like if Frankenstien became a sex symbol! At the end of the show Rock on demon guys! Rock on! Over where Draken Fire once laid, you have the largest maze group of the park. The Harvest Hollow might have been better if I had waited until it was even darker, but the other two were cool! Dead The area between Oktoberfest and where Alpengeist is. They really changed it up for the occasion, have they done this before? Watch out....he bites! The bridge across Alpengeist What's up dog! Hmmm......something smells awesome!!!! This poor guy looks angry, what could be making him so mad? Ahh.....I would be mad too if I had to stare at that awesome ride all day without getting to ride it. Catacombs, the first actual maze I checked out as it was open in the day time. I enjoyed it! It had one of the best decorated queues for the mazes Rats!!! "Hey, uhh Bob, we got a problem here!" A bunch of rodents and they are near his rear.......I am gonna guess.....Richard Gere? Over to the Wolves and animals area, they have a big problem with spiders in the fall it seems Well, it beats yellow jackets on the lift hills of SFA's coasters! Over in the Ireland area, they have the Jack-O-Lanterns, which I thought was cool to have found out a couple years ago that jack-o-lanterns were an Irish tradition. Where Jack Is Back takes place. A familiar sight that is altered And this completed the loop, so it was time to go and check out some specific stuff. First was Art Attack, which for those of you who have never heard of it... Features a guy on stilts painting. Working at a hectic pace... his was his final product.....pretty awesome work in a span of about 10-15 minutes! But now as the lights get darker, the night time fun begins! First, there is a huge crowd for "Jack is Back" I was kind of "Uhhhhhh?" about this show. I guess it was because I didn't expect it to be so family-friendly, as I thought it would be more tied to the story of the origins of the Jack-O-Lantern. Still good for the family though That and the talking pumpkin head was pretty cool! At this time, the midways started to get kind of spooky! Spoooky! Back in New France, I think they had the most effective way to scare people on the walkways..... These guys had chainsaws! Oktoberfest as it gets dark! .........getting kind of nervous walking through this scary field! The bridge that connects Italy and Germany Here we have the guys in the British area that were just creepy as hell! Right after I took this picture, he leaned right over me to stare-me down. A great way to scare people! Dressed the same as the statues up front And that wraps up the photo portion of my Trip Report. Hope you all enjoyed it, and I hope you all enjoy the video I put together as well! Enjoy the Video!!!! [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=Howl-O-Scream_2010_43tk[/coastertube] -Gary
  21. Or imagine being at a rest stop, and there is a pick-up with a single car from the NAD train sitting in the back, half way out the back........something tells me it would take a bit more than some pick-up trucks, unless this is going to be an over-decade project. By all means I wish them luck since I enjoyed riding Big Dipper, but uh....yeah. -Gary
  22. CLP had a guaranteed future? I havn't seen anything from Robb or others who share disapproval that suggests that they don't care about personal attachment to the ride. What they are simply saying is that without a decent plan, they are going to struggle mightily to get any decent support for it. I don't want to sound mean or uncaring, but honestly, there are much more important things in life to loose sleep over than a roller coaster. But if that is the case, melatonin is a sleep support suppliment that might be worth a try.
  23. There also is the regular sit-down, which I have heard that one may be up for sale soon in Myrtle Beach This is going to certainly change up the skyline of the park. I am very interested to see how it turns out next year for the Great Adventure day of the NE Tour/Road to Cedar Point trips -Gary
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