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  1. This is starting to sound like the steel/giga version of Boardwalk Bullet........who has a stopwatch?
  2. It was a matter of time it seems. Oh well, was a neat idea, just had its share of flaws. Hopefully most of the rides will find new homes since they are all in relatively new condition. -Gary
  3. Hey Everyone, As the summer gets closer, and the time for my trip to the Pacific Northwest comes near, I had a chance to look back at my adventures so far, and decided to look at some of the highlights so far! thus I present........ Highlights of Gary's 2010 Adventures! The highlights so far include...... ...Multiple visits to Busch Gardens Williamsburg.... ...Opening Day At Carowinds for the opening of Intimidator... ...A new personal consecutive rides record of 24 on Afterburn... ...First-time visit to Hersheypark with my brother Kellen... ...which included being lured into a secluded room with the promise of candy... ...Kings Dominon and rediculous airtime courtesy of Intimidator 305!... ...Side trips to the likes of Willmington and Raleigh, North Carolina... ...and Various Sports Venues... It has been a great year so far, and I look forward to what may soon come! Hope you all have enjoyed so far! -Gary
  4. Big Mike, I believe that many others would agree that we are all still here for you, and hope that you are doing well. Many of us look forward to the continued entertainment of the Big Mike Roadshow when the time is right! -Gary
  5. It looks really well done! I am hoping to visit at one point this summer, and I am looking forward to getting a chance to see it for myself. -Gary
  6. It seems like it has been forever since they had three trains going on Volcano. -Gary
  7. For anyone who has been to the KY State fair, did the operation of Kentucky Kingdom change a whole lot besides the fact that they would charge per ride? (Would someone with a SF Pass be able to ride the rides there without paying individually, or was it a case where it was best to wait until the next week?) I was just kind of curious as the two state fairs I have been to were both more traditional.
  8. Excellent pictures as always Zach! Thank you for sharing! I especially love the reaction pictures of everyone over the airtime hills -Gary
  9. I gotta agree, Larry, that is one of he best analogies I have heard in a good bit! Although if we are getting really into it, I suppose you could say that I-305 is like Talladega, and the Carowinds Intimidator is like Lowes Motor Speedway -Gary T.
  10. Love the pictures Zach! I can't wait to get a chance to come and check the place out. We definately need to hang out if the opportunity arises! -Gary T.
  11. I have to agree with you Wes on liking the Carowinds Intimidator better. That is a shame that you had the issues with the rides at SFA. Thanks for the pictures, as they are well done! -Gary "Wish I could have joined you guys at Kings Dominion, but alas getting moved was a bit necessary" T.
  12. Hey everyone, A week ago from this past Sunday, I spent a day with my younger sister, Alysa, at Busch Gardens as the next weekend (this past saturday) she left North Carolina to head to Southern California for a summer internship. The day was a great day, even if there was not as much riding as other times, about two laps on each of the four big coasters, as well as a spin on DarKastle and we also checked out Europe in Air, which was a pretty fun replacement for Corkscrew Hill, although I would have rather they kept it. The way they rethemed it seemed a bit.........minimal? Not really sure how to put it, but the line itself I think would have been better themed as a security line We also got to see the new Celtic Fyre show, and while not as good as Emerald Beat, it still proved to be a good show. Also caught the last part of a Ramp Jam session, this time was featuring Bucky Lasek. Cool event that certainly drew a crowd. Overall, I really enjoyed the chance to hang out with my little sis, and hope that she is enjoying SoCal so far. But I am sure you would all rather just see the pictures from the day, so alas....here they are! -Gary T. On the way there, you can definatly see some interesting things........ Like a miniture circus! There was another van behind it with a similar sign, so I guess it was a fairly small operation While I would like to say we were both estatic about going to Busch Gardens, I am not exactly sure what the hell I was looking at Apparently I can pull off the state trooper look! A nice decoration that they had for Mother's Day on the fountain The next few pictures will show some of the changes made to Corkscrew Hill making it Europe in Air So this is supposed to be an airport now? Can't say I have seen one like this. Ooooooh!!!!! It's obviously an Airport Now! Since they swapped torches for triangular lights!! Well, since this is an airport now, I might as well get ready for security They changed some of the signage inside And for what it is worth, I thought it was a pretty cool video More signage Just incase you forgot what we were seeing here The screen after the video that tells you about the adventure you are about to go on Yeay! Time to fly through Europe in a couple minutes! With her aviator sunglasses on, Alysa could easily pull off being on the crew!sses, she is a part of the crew!! One thing that is neat about the new sheep exhibit is that you can see them hearding through the walkways. Little one gets left behind. A great thing for the day would be the lack of lines in the morning, although they did grow thanks to two train op on most every coaster Such a photogenic coaster......I don't think many people can disagree! Although the skyride would help to get some new angles I had not yet gotten of rides here SKLOOOSH!!!! (From the skyride) A view of Alpengeist I had not taken before the carosuel "Hope you enjoyed the skyride pictures.....now time for some good old shenanigans!" A proper lady rides side-saddle......so why am I doing so............? Is this a proper riding technique as well? So the people who work here are all fudge packers? "In Soviet Russia......Pikachu Chooses You!!!!!!" So I had a chance to gander over at the Ramp Jam for a bit Bucky Lasek was the featured skater of the day As you can see, they had a good crowd The things that they can do on a ramp......... Is much better than anything I could do on one! These guys were like Wendy's......serving up a triple stack!! While I understand that there is such a thing as progress in the world, it does make me sad when it happens to awesome rides. Nothing makes me feel more like a man than carrying a sheep!! Although this little guy is just too cute! Too cute for just one picture! One of the neater touches to Ireland I feel is the live performers on the outside. Not very often that you can have a LIVE OWL on your arm! I thought it was pretty cool! So I have this amazing ability to pick good seats......especially for Pet Shenanigans! How! And we wrap up this update of Gary's 2010 Adventures with my sister, who I hope is still doing well in California! Hope you all enjoyed the update!
  13. Just out of curiousity, but do you have some kind of deep dark childhood secret that you need to share that involved you being trapped in a box or something? To be fair, I have not read all of your posts on TPR, but I do seem to remember many of your posts on the SFA thread being focused on this idea that Six Flags is going to enclose their premier coasters because Kings Dominon and Kings Island has. Not trying to be mean, but to be realistic, I think that the chances they do that are very slim. -Gary "But what do I know, one of my home parks has their's enclosed" T.
  14. I think SFA's operations could also do without the "high-fiving" everyone too, that seems to take up time when they could just check the bars and get it going. I will say that it is a neat way to get them to interact, but it doesn't help the capacity -Gary T.
  15. Sometimes, I begin to think that legally forced sterilization may not be such a bad idea........Oh well! -Gary T
  16. ^ That is neat to know, I actually passed by it when I went to Carowinds the day after as I took a quick driving tour around 277, and accidently took the exit for the highway that goes towards the Bojangles Coliseum. So I have another random update from life for everyone, this being from May 1st as one of my fellow beginning-teachers, Kim, had gotten married that afternoon, and I was invited along with many others to attend the reception that took place at the Greenville Hilton in one of the ballrooms. Not as many pictures as other updates, but another small update of things that I have done thus far in 2010! Hope you all enjoy! -Gary T. That's right! Gary is trying to look slick for the occasion! Here we are at the Carolina Ballroom at the Greenville Hilton for the reception! As you can see, they had a very nice set up! They even had live guitar players that played very well. I really enjoyed their version of "Crash Into Me" And here we have the happy couple during their first dance! Certainly would like to wish Don and Kim the best! And at this table we have mostly fellow teachers of A.G. Cox, whom I sat with for the meal Here we have some of the lady teachers of A.G. Cox Middle School, including the lovely bride! And one last picture of the two coolest beginning teachers of Pitt County! Hope you all enjoyed the update!
  17. I think the most whorish thing I did was to hit almost every place in Central and South Florida that had a coaster.......yeah, that or the fiesta express at It'z in Houston with TPR Texas -Gary T.
  18. A part of me is glad to see a ride from the old Fun Forest find a new home, since it was a part of my childhood as the first flume ride I went on, and a part of my old hometown's park. Hope the folks in New York enjoy it! -Gary T.
  19. Update time!!!!! This is for another side adventure that I took a couple weekends ago before my last visit to Carowinds, as the North Carolina State Science Olympiad Competition took place in Raleigh on April 24th at the North Carolina State University Campus. I went as a chaperone for the night before with my mom's team from E.B. Aycock Middle School, and the day of the competition I split time between them and my school's team as they made it to state's too. At one point in the middle of the day, my school's baseball coach/fellow 7th grade teacher, Randy, told me about a softball game between N.C. State and Maryland that he was going to check out, and invited me to tag along with him. So we checked out the game at Dail Stadium, which was a really cool stadium that is kind of like an ampetheater as it is built into the hill to one side, and a road runs along it. I also took a few pictures of Reynolds Coliseum, which, for those who follow college basketball, is the current home N.C. State's women's basketball team, and former home of the men's team (who now play at the RBC Center). This is the same building that saw one of the best known coaches, Jim Valvano (a.k.a. Jimmy V) lead the team that would eventually win the 1983 NC State team (Not that they won it at the place, but it was where they had their home games). So another little side adventure to share with you all. Hope you enjoy it! -Gary T The night before the competition, we got to stay here.....a nice joint if I may say! On par with what you could expect for a TPR Trip hotel! A nice room to stay at for those competing the next morning.....or those who taught that afternoon! Even a couch to chillax on And here we have the E.B. Aycock team, the one my mom was the coach of, getting ready for the big day at NC State Pretty cool that the parents showed support for their kids in the competition this way, like many student athlete parents do About halfway through the day, Mr. Stuckey and I went ahead and had an A.G. Cox teacher mini trip to see the NC State/Maryland fastpitch game. The stadium was pretty neat The stadium shows who this place belongs to A look from beside the press box A look from one side, the side that is built into the hill While the concession stand looks like it is from the 70's or 80's, much of the campus looks like it too. A better view of the stands The scoreboard of Dail Stadium......this game didn't have a lot of scoring involved And one last look at the field So by this time, everyone is heading to Reynolds Coliseum as it was where the awards ceremony was being held. State's campus has a couple of these tunnels around, one of which permits students to place grafitti on it. Didn't grab a picture this time though Just outside of Reynolds Home of the Wolfpack Women's Basketball and Volleyball Inside of one of the lower level doors, you can find the offices of the women's team On one side of the curtain they had is the volleyball court. for basketball games, this would be covered with portable seats, and the curtain would be up On the other side was where the ceremony was being held For the 35 North Carolina Science Olypiad State Competition. Another view of the crowd Here we have my mom's team from E.B. Aycock.... ...and a candid family photo of me and mom! (She didn't even know I took it until I showed her about a half hour or so later) Deciding it would be neat to check out the upper deck until things got started, I found that they have a running track on the upper concourse for track runners and athletes on rainy days. A sideview of the Coliseum An end view.....I was surprised by how long the coliseum was from one end to the other. Makes for some funky sightlines when you sit in the corners Especially if you have this seat......I kid you not, I was sitting in a seat of the upper deck, and this is what I saw! Good old obstructed view seats!! Another view of the volleyball court that is behind the curtain And in the navy blue shirts with the faces looking at the camera, that would be the kids from A.G. Cox!! (They did us proud as one pair got a sixth place medal, and a group of four got a fourth place medal......both a first for A.G. Cox) A full view of all the teams as the ceremony was about to start They also have a tribute to Kay Yow, one of the winningest coaches in women's basketball, who passed away last year to cancer. They had a nice tribute for her at a Hurricanes game I went to last year shortly after she passed Gotta love old school scoreboards!!!! Now, this looks like it could be a display case for all things that our good pal Big Mike has won in his lifetime......... ....but I have a hunch it looks more like this! And that does it for this update from my little sidetrip to the NC Science Olympiad Competition. I hope you all enjoyed, and I look forward to making more updates soon!
  20. Sounds like there may be some hope for the place after all. I hope it works out as it sounds like a really neat park. If they get it opened up this year with Cliffhanger running, I may have to swing over that way to check it out and support another one of my state's parks. -Gary T.
  21. Hey everyone, As I was surfing the internet today, I saw a deal for a rental car that I couldn't pass up on, as it would cover the same amount of time as I had planned for the weekend before to cover the parks listed, but would save around 50 dollars! So I have updated the schedule as shown here, and on the front page! - June 15th: Arrive in Seattle, time with the family - June 16th: OPEN - June 17th: OPEN - June 18th: OPEN - June 19th: Kitsap Destruction Derby at Thunderbird Stadium, Bremerton, WA - June 20th: OPEN - June 21st: Wild Waves Theme Park - June 22nd: Mariners Game vs. the Chicago Cubs at Safeco Field - June 23rd: Enchanted Forest and Oaks Amusement Park - June 24th: Pick-up the rental, Drive to Spokane - June 25th: Silverwood, Riverfront Park - June 26th: Playland (First International Park and Credits!!!!) - June 27th: Remlinger Farms, drop off the rental - June 28th: Back to North Carolina I am really looking forward to it as it is now about 46 days away!! -Gary T
  22. I enjoyed the look at the festival! I kind of wish I had been in Seattle a little later, since that took place about a week or so after I was there last summer. Thanks for sharing it! -Gary T.
  23. When you can find a day where everyone knows what to do......then there will be world peace......the weather will always be in the mid to high 70's with no clouds.....and all world hunger will end. I will say though that you guys do very well considering. so keep it up! -Gary T.
  24. Hey everyone, I didn't take the camera in with me to Carowinds yesterday, as I was really going just to do some riding, but it was a great day with little to no waiting for anything! While I was at the park, I went for a spin on each of the coasters, and when I saw that there was hardly anyone for Afterburn, I decided to do another "One-Hour Challenge", which resulted in 15 rides in an hour. I decided to continue one for a personal streak on consecutive rides on one coaster, which was previously Griffon last year at 20....Afterburn now holds the record at 24. The other note of significance is that this was non-stop (no leaving the station to get back in line). It was a blast! I also got another 13 laps on Intimidator, and also met a couple of other TPR members: -Saw Andrew (Pufferfish) a couple times throughout the day at Intimidator, and had a chat with him while he worked the entrance. Glad to chat with you again Andrew! -Met Colin (nc_coasterlover) and Steve (Skycoastin Steve) for the first time while they worked at Nighthawk. One thing that is for sure is that for a problematic ride, they know who to help keep the crew loose, so I wish you guys well this season, also enjoyed the chat! -Ran into Sean (Dark Stitch) for the first time since my visit to Carowinds in 2007 when he worked Top Gun, and took a lap on Intimidator in the front with him. Enjoyed the ride! I did take some pictures from the time while on N.C. State University's campus for the Science Olympiad state competition that prompted the visit to Carowinds yesterday. When I have a chance, I will add them to my set of adventures here! I should have some more updates to my schedule here before too long, as I may be scraping my visit to SFGAdv and Dorney for now, since it is around the time our school gives End-of-Grade tests, and getting subs for that time is nearly impossible from what I have been told, so it will have to wait another day for now. Thank you again to all who have checked out my thread so far. It has been a blast thus far, and there is much more to come! -Gary T.
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