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  1. Could be pretty cool! I wasn't really intending on getting a platnum pass, but since both Carowinds and Kings Dominion appear to be adding something significant, it might be worth the cash to do so. Add a visit to another CF park and a few re-visits to KD or Carowinds, and I may feel happy with the purchase. -Gary T.
  2. Does making a TR in honor of Big Mike count towards one of those moments? Big Mike Tribute TR -Gary T.
  3. Is it just me, or is this thread starting to become the next SFA thread from a short while back? -Gary T.
  4. ^But that is the thing, not everyone enjoys the same qualities (or inqualities from some viewpoints) as you. Some people may not have a pain tolerance that allows them to enjoy it either. While I would be willing to give SOB another try since they changed trains and removed the loop since the last time I rode it, I don't know that I am prepared to believe that my opinion of it will change in a drastic manner, as I was not a very huge fan the last time I rode it. -Gary T.
  5. Sounds like they are either spreading theirselves thin already, or this may be a case of localized problems, kind of like we see today with SFA vs the rest of the Six Flags chain. -Gary T.
  6. Whatever Carowinds is adding, I think it will put an end to all of the coverage the Carolina Cobra has been getting. I think they advirtised it as the end all-be all of roller coasters, but perhaps next years addition will be something else too. Either way, I am looking forward to it! -Gary T.
  7. Seems as though there may have been a good deal of changings of underpants after that ride. I am jelous of the awesomness of the trip so far, but I still have Texas to look forward to!
  8. The looked good before in the NJ series, but the Boston series showed that they could not close the deal early, and this series is showing that they are just outmatched by the Pens. If nothing else, at least they made a good run for a team who changed coaches early-mid season. -Gary T,
  9. That is crazy!!!! I can only imagine what it must have looked like to actually see it in person. I was happy to see Tony win the All-Star challenge last weekend, but the 600 seemed to be a disapointment from what I could tell (didn't see the race though, I just saw that it was dramatically shortened). -Gary T.
  10. ^^^^^^^That is EXACTLY the way they had it at the Bulls game. Certainly is a great idea though, seeing how many balls there are on the ground. That seems like a pretty cool ball park, interesting how the old section doesn't even completely wrap around the infield like most minor league parks do, but rather kind of stops behind home plate, then one of the new sections start. This PTR makes me look forward to tonight's ECU ballgame against Memphis that Melissa and I are going to (Last free game as a student, since my ID will be useless next year thanks to graduating last weekend!). -Gary T.
  11. All I can say is that I really wish I called in sick to watch the Canes/Bruins game last night, It seems like Carolina has this trend of either going to the cup finals or not making the playoffs at all (at least since 2002). I just hope they get their crap together, cause the Pens will be tough! I am also pulling for Chicago in the west. -Gary T.
  12. Smash your foot with a hammer and you may not think about your stuffy nose Does anyone have a better solution? -Gary T.
  13. There are ways to have a great day, even in the hottest of weather days. It might mean taking it easy during the day, then picking it up at night when it gets cooler, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun. I think most of my riding multiple times will be with ERT anyway, while the daytime will be to get the other credits, rides, and maybe even take in a show or two (another way to beat the heat in many cases!!). -Gary T.
  14. Can't wait to hear about the ERT slate when it comes out! Only about two months now!!!!! -Gary T.
  15. Melissa and I went with a couple friends to see a Dave Matthews cover band in downtown Greenville that was called Crowded Streets. It was a great show! They played a good selections of songs like "What You Are", "What Would You Say", "Crash Into Me", and some other great DMB songs. I was surprised how close the lead singer sounded to Dave Matthews. -Gary T.
  16. Carolina had an awesome series against the Devils!!!!!! Too bad that they have to face Boston now, after going winless against them during the regular season, and last night I think showed how outmatched they may be, but hey, I can still hope for another good run! -Gary T.
  17. Somebody made the comment about the park becoming "watered down", and I have to say that I may agree. I guess I will wait and see what else they announce before openning, and maybe see what is said about the place on the first few TRs posted here before deciding if I wanna make the trip back down there for myself. -Gary T.
  18. Gotta love the random things that you can find, such as that packet of gravy mix. I can't say I have ever seen anything like that in the many times that I have been to SeaTac. So all of those pictures were taken with a DS? That's pretty cool, I had no idea that they had cameras on them. The resolution isn't too bad! Looking forward to Part 2! -Gary T.
  19. Never heard of an arena being compared to an airport before, what makes it seem that way to you? -Gary T.
  20. I have once, when we were there last August and I went to pick up some Felini's (spelling?) Pizza, traffic was nuts that day. Other times, it may have been crowded, but not necessarily bumper-to-bumper. -Gary T.
  21. Scott, I had seen a similar contest at a Durham Bulls (Triple A for Tampa Bay) game once. I think they had planned to do it later in the game, but they had an hour rain delay, so they had the contest then, but they used hula-hoops, and I believe the prize was something like a free meal at a resturant if your ball stopped inside one of the hoops. On another note, Minor Leauge teams do have the best promotions. I went to see the Kinston Indians (Single A for Cleveland) once and they had a deal where if the Indians caught an opposing player stealing, you could buy small soft-drinks for a quarter each for the rest of the half of the inning. How far is the Gwinnett team from Turner Field? I don't know if it would hurt that much unless the location is really close. The Mariners have their Short Season A team (Everett Aquasox) and Triple A team (Tacoma Rainers) within half an hour to 45 minutes of Safeco Field. -Gary T.
  22. ^Perhaps that could be an unintended secondary use -Gary T.
  23. GIVE IT TO HIM (CLAP....CLAP....... CLAP CLAP CLAP) GIVE IT TO HIM! (CLAP......CLAP........CLAP CLAP CLAP) Had to toss in that chant since you mentioned going to the Yankees game, but I agree with those who say give it to him. Especially since there hasn't been anyone else to claim it. -Gary T.
  24. It certainly looks good. I figured that it would be a big draw for the kids. It will be interesting to check out in the near future. -Gary T.
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