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  1. Hey everyone, Time to bring the 2010 Adventures thread from the dead! I happend to take some time to throw together one last update from my Pacific Northwest adventure, this time from Safeco Field in Seattle as the Mariners took on the Chicago Cubs. This is the final update of the Pacific Northwest Tour, and would like to thank everyone for checking it out! -Gary [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=PacificNWTour6_m6kp[/coastertube]
  2. They were, to some travelling exhibit of some kind. There is a part of me that is still disappointed that the coaster never did get relocated to Roanoke Rapids to the Carolina Crossroads as originally planned back in 2006, although seeing the place in its present state, and knowing that it failed to become anything more than a theater and a huge lot of.......nothing, I believe this is the best case senario for the Zippin Pippin. -Gary
  3. Loved the Kennywood Pictures! But then again, I love Kennywood period! I have a couple friends who live in the Pittsburgh area, and havn't gone up to visit them yet. That may be something I will have to do next summer, or even later this fall. -Gary
  4. I definatly agree the place seemed much cooler as Hard Rock (never did go when it was Freestyle, but it just didn't seem to compare). So when are the folks involved in the one going to finally give up? it just seems like a proverbial family member in a vegitative state with no hopes of a cure comming along for the many ailments
  5. Even though the article was very poorly written, I think it at least got the point across that there was no fire when crews arrived. Unless I read it wrong, which wouldn't be to unlikely since the article is that bad. -Gary
  6. Amen to motorway services in the UK. If you don't care for Burger King, Pizza Hut, or Wimpy's, there's usually a great market/deli where you can score a good sandwich. They need to adopt this concept in the states (other than in Maryland and on the Jersey Turnpike). Maybe this observation isn't quite right, but it seems like that only places where you see decent rest stops like the Maryland Houses and NJTP are off of Turnpikes. While the Maryland Houses are not on a turnpike per say, they are between sets of tolls. The stops off of the Ohio Turnpike are better as well over what you would normally see at other areas.
  7. I'm in! Sounds like a great last hoorah for me before I start my second year as a teacher on the 25th. Can't wait! -Gary T
  8. The straps are a huge improvement! Got about 3 rides on it over two days when I went with a friend and while the overall speed is down quite a bit from before, the overall experience is better now that I don't find myself anticipating getting neck chopped. -Gary
  9. It actually wasn't rough, just a lot of sudden turns, and I was more focused on keeping the camera still than anything. While it would probably never do at a major amusement park, it is a perfect ride for Enchanted Forest. I thought it was a fun ride.
  10. I just had a chance to check out the magazine myself, and it was top notch! -Gary
  11. Hey everyone, I was finally able to make what may possibly be the last video update of my Pacific Northwest Tour completed this morning. It is actually two videos so they are updates 5.1 and 5.2 which focus on the parks of Oregon. I also have pictures from the two eateries that my dad and I stopped at during the day, which included a place in Toledo, WA as well as Apizza Scholls in Portland, OR. Now some thoughts on the two parks...... Enchanted Forest: This place is a great stop for families! The walk-through storybook trail is very well done, and there were all kinds of neat little things to discover along the way such as different tunnels and slides. The four rides/attractions I checked out as well (Challenge of Mondor, Haunted House, Ice Mountain Bobsleds, and Big Timber Log Ride) were great rides for the park! The pricing at first had me puzzled since they charged you to get into the place around 9 dollars or so, but having seen the trail it makes more sence. Oaks Amusement Park: This was a neat traditional park, granted coaster-wise, it was nothing to really write home about (a Pinifari death machine that my dad said he could see me wince on the hills and hear me yell in pain), the overall atmosphere was pretty cool. I enjoyed the Lewis and Clark Adventure dark ride, but didn't understand the last part as it went to something having to do with science. A little back story about the reason for including Apizza Scholls, at one point about a year and a half ago, I saw it on the Northwest episode of Anthony Bordain's No Reservations, and I have become a bit of a fan of local pizza joints, so I knew I wanted to check it out! So we finally had the opportunity after going to Oaks, with Dad and I both giving it thumbs up! Loved it! Hope you all enjoy the videos for my Pacific Northwest Tour: Update 5! Gary Here is the official Washington roadsign for the collection Country Home Resturant in Toledo, WA......breakfast time!!!! A form of symbolic exhibitionism....... They are very strict on their restroom use. This place is rather nice! And...... ...the food was awesome!!! Time to head to Oregon! Oregon roadsign for the collection! Update 5.1 [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=Pacific_Northwest_Tour_5-1_vsf0[/coastertube] An addition to the TPR Index per Larry, always glad to help out! Update 5.2 [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=Pacific_Northwest_Tour_5-2_qbss[/coastertube] *All onride/inside attraction footage was taken with permission from park employees Here we now are at Apizza Scholls in Portland A shirt you can buy from the place Oh man......THIS LOOKS AWESOME!!!! And it was delicious!!!!! Happiness in my mouth!!!! Definately approve of this resturant! And thus ends our visit to Oregon. Thanks for checking it out!
  12. July 3rd- It has been a while since I have updated everyone on my trip in the Pacific Northwest, and for the I apologize. I have had a video in the making for update 5 which was the two Oregon parks, but Movie Maker has been very problematic for me since I worked on update 4, so that has been a hold up for me. Also, I had to change plans at the last minute due to issues that came up with getting a rental car so I was unable to get to Silverwood and Playland. While I was disappointed that I couldn't get to these two parks, it was still a very enjoyable trip, and the opportunity to go will come again! Now, on a happier note, I have also finalized some plans within the next week to take a trip to hit many East Coast parks with a friend, Phillip, who is also a member of this site. The itnerary is listed below. My brother Kellen will also be along for the days at Six Flags Great Adventure and Hersheypark. Let me know if you would like to meet up at all! July 8th: Kings Dominion July 9th: Six Flags America July 10th: Six Flags Great Adventure July 11th: Hersheypark July 12th: Busch Gardens Williamsburg July 13th: Carowinds I am also in the midst of making plans for what will most likely be my last big trip of the summer before it is time to go back to work at the school, where I am going up to see some friends in the Ohio/Michigan area. While there, I am heading to Cedar Point and Kings Island (along with Zach, a.k.a. pkiJZman), and possibly Camden Park for a short visit. Thanks again to all of you who have checked it out so far, hope to have the last update good to go soon! Gary
  13. Indeed Wes, they have done a crazy good job of keeping the ride going for what it is worth. I havn't been on it since they changed the ride the first time around, but I will be checking it out in the next couple of weeks, so we will find out!
  14. The way they do these events is that there are a few portions that they always have: Heat Races (lots of left turns), Figure-8 Races, The rollover competition, and the finale which you see at all demolition derbys. Each show (which is about once a month) also has a featured event, which in this case was Demolition Derby Football (if you look at the car they actually paint the stitches on top like one and paint it brown). Other specialty events that they may have include a pole race (where they have to circle a pole each lap), the tow race (where you have a car towing another car, or sometimes a trailer of some kind). Football has always been my favorite though. The difference with this time as opposed to other times I have seen it is that they did it with the smaller cars rather than the big cars. Many times when the big cars are involved, there are these guys from Canada who come down, and so they have Canada vs. USA (Canada would usually kick some tail too). It is always a lot of fun though!
  15. ^Thank you Erik! Alyways appreciate a compliment! ^^Thanks ghost, you happen to be in luck, because I have more for you below! UPDATE 4 This video took a lot of patience to do, because I had a lot of trouble with Movie Maker, and ended up defraging my computer, deleting a lot of junk files, but alas I managed to get it done! This is from my night on Saturday at the Kitsap Destruction Derby Association event in Silverdale, WA at Thunderbird Stadium. It has been a tradition in the West Pudget Sound area for a good few years, and they happend to have a show while I was in the area, so I couldn't pass it up! This video has a few highlights of the event, so I hope you all enjoy! -Gary p.s. I have already made my visit to the Oregon Parks, but have not yet gotten to even starting work on that video, and may not get to it tomorrow as I am spending the day with my older sister's boyfriend, and we will be going to the Mariners game against the Cubs. The next few days will be a bit busy, so I apologize ahead of time for the delay, but I will certainly do what I can to keep them comming! Thanks for checking out my thread so far! Here is update 4 of the Pacific Northwest Tour! [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=Pacific_Northwest_Tour_Update_4_ahcq[/coastertube]
  16. "Six Flags Magic Mount Him"..........BEST PORN NAME EVER!!!! Love the TR and Video!
  17. ^Thanks Larry!Hope you enjoy the next update as well Update 3!! Yesterday was the first park visited of the Pacific Northwest Tour......Wild Waves! The weather was a little bit gloomy at first and the temps were not really high enough for comfort to do the waterpark side, but I still feel that this update covers quite a bit of what is at Wild Waves. Before you check out the video, a few comments about the park. 1) FIX THE GOLD RUSHER!!!!! That stinkin' thing has been down since 2007 it seems, as I have not seen any indication that it is going to be fixed. What could have been the first new credit of the trip ended up being a miss......but alas, it happens. 2) Timberhawk is underrated in my opinion! Timberhawk was running AWESOME yesterday. It provided a great ride with some good airtime in the front row and the back row, and ran fairly smoothly. They seem to do a great job of maintaining this coaster, and it shows! Now it is time for Update 3, Hope you all enjoy!! -Gary [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=Pacific_Northwest_Tour_Update_3_7e50[/coastertube]
  18. ^That it shall be! Update Number 2!!!!!! Yesterday, June 16th I had a chance to head over to Seattle for the afternoon/evening as part of the plan to pick up my niece Isabella from Seattle since my sister Katie had moved over with her to Bothell (a northern suburb) back in December. The reason for picking Iz up is because my dad and I will be taking her and Kris (my nephew) to Wild Waves later today (Friday). Now a bit about today's video. I features the ferry trip over to Seattle, me finding different things to see and do in Seattle, reuniting with a love of mine, seeing what the present state of Fun Forest is, and taking a ride on the Seattle Monorail, along with meeting up with Katie, Iz and Bob (who you will all get to know a bit better later on). Hope you all enjoy update number 2 of the Pacific Northwest Tour! -Gary [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=Pacific_Northwest_Tour_Update_2_gy6w[/coastertube]
  19. Loving the updates Larry! That McDonalds with the ski-resort appearance is pretty awesome! Now is the coaster at York's Wild Kingdom the credit not previously on RCDB? I wasn't quite sure if I was reading it right. -Gary
  20. ^Will do Larry UPDATE TIME!!!!! This is going to be a unique update to the "Gary's 2010 Adventures" thread as I have started to use a video camera for some filming, and I am going to try my hand at doing some video updates for my Pacific Northwest Tour as well as the normal pictures that I have normally provided. The video is a little choppy at first, but I hope I did okay with my use of Windows Movie Maker. In this update, you will see what happens when I go from Greenville to Raleigh-Durham airport, and what happend that caused delays in my travels. I also have included pictures from my time while at my alternate connection stop of Newark, NJ. Originally I was supposed to connect in Cleveland, but something happend to keep it from happening. What happend you ask? Check out the video to find out! [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=Pacific_Northwest_Tour_Update_1_mwti[/coastertube] And now, pictures from Newark-Liberty Airport While I may be stuck in NJ for four hours, I managed to entertain myself as you may have seen in the video update, but there were other things I did. The Newark Airport gives a pretty good view of NYC's skyline! Temporary sign for being in New Jersey (until I actually visit a little later in the summer) Decided to take some time for a meal at the Garden State Diner Betty Boop holds the menu for those who may be interested in dining Inside the diner Ummmmm, chocolate shake! A philly steak sandwhich on chibatta bread. Not too bad, but a bit too greasy Lord I hope this one's fuel doesn't leak! Main reason why they call Washington the Evergreen State And a temporary fill in for being in Washington. That's all for this update of the Northwest Tour, hope you all enjoyed!
  21. Hey Everyone, I have safely arrived in Seattle, and am now at my dad's house in Bremerton. Yesterday's flight was a bit chaotic with planes leaking fuel and an extended travel time of about 6 hours! I am working on putting an update together of the travel to get here, and will have it up a little bit later. Also, I had looked back over some information, and found that some of the parks were not open when I originally thought, and some other transportation options became available, so I have updated my schedule down below... - June 15th: Arrive in Seattle - June 16th: OPEN - June 17th: OPEN - June 18th: Silverwood, Riverfront Park - June 19th: Kitsap Destruction Derby at Thunderbird Stadium, Bremerton, WA - June 20th or June 21st: Wild Waves Theme Park - June 22nd: Remlinger Farms, Mariners Game vs. the Chicago Cubs at Safeco Field - June 23rd: OPEN - June 24th: OPEN - June 25th: Enchanted Forest and Oaks Amusement Park - June 26th: Playland (First International Park and Credits!!!!) - June 27th: Time with Family - June 28th: Back to North Carolina Looking forward to what I feel will be a great trip, and am looking forward to bringing updates to you all as it goes along! -Gary
  22. Although I never met him, he seemed to be a very open and genuine person, especially in a time when many owners of different companies are not, or have little interest in their customers personally. My thoughts are with his family, and best wishes to everyone at Holiday World, and I am sure many have lost a great friend. -Gary
  23. The Kitsap Destruction Derby Association has never disappointed me in the times that I have attended their events. What I enjoy about it is that it is more than just the run-of-the-mill crash'em demolition derby. They start off with races, which include regular left-turn racing and figure-8, the roll over contest, a specialty event and then the finale of the traditional demolotion derby. Definately looking forward to this trip! -Gary
  24. June 12th 2010 - Hey everyone, the Pacific Northwest Tour is comming up soon, and I just wanted to update everyone on the schedule one last time before I fly out Tuesday. I am looking forward to what I think will be an awesome time, and if anyone in the area wants to hang out, let me know! I would love to meet some Northwestern members of TPR while in the west! Updated plans are down below! - June 15th: Arrive in Seattle, time with the family - June 16th: OPEN - June 17th: Wild Waves Theme Park - June 18th: Enchanted Forest and Oaks Amusement Park - June 19th: Kitsap Destruction Derby at Thunderbird Stadium, Bremerton, WA - June 20th: OPEN - June 21st: OPEN - June 22nd: Mariners Game vs. the Chicago Cubs at Safeco Field - June 23rd: OPEN - June 24th: Remlinger Farms - June 25th: Silverwood, Riverfront Park - June 26th: Playland (First International Park and Credits!!!!) - June 27th: Time with Family - June 28th: Back to North Carolina
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