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  1. I would guess that the parks close proximity to Washington DC also played a part in the amount of coverage it was given. I mean, you have just about every news group focused on the place, and it was probably a really slow news day. -Gary T
  2. From what Larry wrote, it sounds like the Cyclone is fine since they tested it. Glad to see that it looks like Coney Island is going to come out of this alright. It looks to be in much better shape than some of the Jersey Shore Parks. -Gary T.
  3. Has there been any information given about how they would handle the park admission for the experience (since it is spanning the two parks)? I have been looking and didn't see anything that seemed to be outside of speculation unless I missed it when scrolling through. -Gary T.
  4. The entertainment complex might be what would set this place apart from the NorCal park counter parts, but it seems that many of these experiences already exist elsewhere in the area. There would have to be something that would make it TRULY different than anything else for it to succeed, and I havn't really seen it. -Gary
  5. I might be up for that trip B&M could be faulted for shying away from the intense rides that they made before, as we enthusiasts really enjoy them. On the other hand, if you look at the sucess rate they have had with their rides in regards of the response of the majority of people who ride them (the GP) and the fact that parks still turn to them for more rides and will pay them for it, I can't blame them for sticking with a winning formula. The same way that a baseball team may not have as many players who hit homeruns, but they still win games by making multiple base hits (Sorry that I couldn't come up with another analogy to give for the non-sports fans on here). For me, I really like the whole idea of this ride, as the setting really makes this coaster unique, especially the interaction with the front gate. Plus this looks like the kind of ride I would go on and repeat a few times and still thinks it is a fun ride. Might not be one that makes me yell "HOLY S***" everytime I ride it, but it will still be a fun ride. On a side note, who cares if people want to complain? It is their right to share what they like and dislike about a ride as much as it is your right to say that you think this is going to be like the second comming of Jesus. Does their opinion change your life at all? Not really. Just my two cents -Gary T.
  6. When I first rode it in 2004, I actually did like it quite a bit, but one year later in 05.......nah, that feeling left. I can honestly say I am more disappointed by Disaster Transport's removal then SOB. -Gary T.
  7. This TR reminds me of one of the things that I do miss about living in Eastern NC. Great Report Jake! Thanks for sharing your insight about the parks.
  8. I used to kind of not really care about the difference between the two, but over the past couple of years, I have found that I am liking Coke more than Pepsi too. Maybe it is a good thing that I am moving away from the region where Pepsi was created here next week -Gary T.
  9. Hey everyone! A few of us from the TPR NE Tour are planning on meeting up at Busch Gardens Williamsburg on Saturday, October 29th for Howl-O-Scream! This is not an official meet-up of any kind, just a few guys (myself, Doug Hoefle and Dan Hupkowicz for sure) wanting to check it out, and we are looking to find out if anyone else would care to join us. I am going to assume that we will get quick queue for the sake of not worrying about lines for the rides and mazes, so that may be something to consider buying if you do want to join us. Let me know on here if you would like to join, and as it gets closer, I'll post the actual plans for meeting at the park. Hope to see you there! -Gary
  10. Would a bigger coaster have been cool? Sure, but this seems like it could be a perfect replacement for Big Bad Wolf, and it also should be very unique for the Mid-Atlantic region, so I could see how this could be a big hit for the park. I personally am really looking forward to it. Oktoberfest is going to have a completely new feel to it next year compared to a couple years ago. -Gary
  11. Alright! So after going through the start of a new school year, living through another hurricane and other various things of life that have made me quite busy lately, it is now time for update 2 of Gary's Great American Roadtrip! Day two had Alysa, Tobey and I leaving the town of Agrillite, KY and stopping in Lena, IL. On this day, the highlights include some more scenery to enjoy, a quick credit stop at That Fun Place in Greenfield, IN, and one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth.....the Big Ugly Burger from Bub's Burgers in Carmel, IN. Since That Fun Place was really just a quick credit stop, I don't a whole lot to say about it, other than it was a nice place for what it was, and I would have enjoyed it if I were a kid who lived in the area. Now Bub's Burgers on the other hand, I do have a story to share about the stop there. A few months ago, I started to really get into the show Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel. For anyone who has not seen it before, the host, Adam Richman, goes to many different resturants in different parts of the country, where most episodes focus on one geographical area (like a city and the surrounding suburbs). The basis of the places he goes to is that many of them have some kind of eating challenge, so he would take on the eating challenge of the resturant (such as eat a 48 oz. steak in a half-hour or somthing like that). As I watched the show, I found myself thinking that a lot of places that they feature would be places I would like. So I decided that any trip I take, if I can get to one of the places on the show, I would like to check it out. Bub's Burgers was the place that featured the eating challenge for the Indianapolis area, and one of the first ones I saw that made me think "Oh man, I would love to try their food!" Since Alysa and I would be driving towards that area, I knew I had to check it out! Their featured item is the Big Ugly Burger, a 1 and 1/2 pound burger. The thing is MASSIVE!!!! Their challege is that if you can finish off one while dining in, you get a 4x6 picture on their wall. If you finish two in one sitting, you get a 8x10 on their wall. Finish three, and you get a poster sized picture on their wall. Eat four (in otherwords, 6 lbs of hamburgers!), you get a lifesized picture displayed at the resturant. I don't know that I would ever really try any of the eating challenges because a majority of them require you to eat 4+ pounds of food, that is too much. But for this occasion, I knew I wanted to get a Big Ugly Burger, just to say I had one. Since I got it to go for the sake of saving time for our driving, I was under no pressure to finish it in one sitting, but I can tell you right now, it would have been really difficult for me to just do one! What I will also say is that it was incredibly delicious! I actually had it with just bacon and cheese, but the seasoning they put on the burger itself was what gave it some great flavor. The next time I am back in the Indianapolis area, I would certainly go back for another great meal! Now it is on to the pictures of day two of the Great American Roadtrip! -Gary Back on the road in Kentucky, and on our way to Illinois Tobey, as you can see, is not as amused by the sights of the road While the morning started off cloudy.... ...the sun did come out, making for a wonderful drive. The midwest had some of the best looking sights for the road, although the next day would prove to be even better. Some older farm buildings More farm buildings. I think it is really awesome when you see these kinds of things Tobey......well he is still not amused. So like the previous day, I took the morning shift of driving You wanna know how you can tell if you are in a redneck town? This could be a good indicator... I am not sure why, but when we saw this thing, my first thought was that it looked like Big Bird in a body bag, although it flopped around a lot, so perhaps he was only unconscience before A pecurliar name for a road One of the few skylines would would see close by on our drive, this being Cincinnati on the Kentucky side of the river An interesting looking hotel State number 5: Ohio. We would be in the state for only about 30 minutes because..... ...we then got into Indiana! And thus, we arrive to the locale for another credit. That Fun Place in Greenfield, IN The outside area of That Fun Place where their rides are. The exterior "Hey look, it's That Fun Guy!!!!!" The arcade, not a bad size They even had one of the foamrubber ball play areas with cannons and such But this is the reason for stopping.....Sea Serpent A look at what is ahead "Look, there is That Fun Guy again, and he is at That Fun Place!" Sea Serpent is a tale of two halves....this is the first.... ....and this is the second. As we get back on the road, heading to Carmel, IN, we see a burger place that is notorious, but there is another one that I have in mind for today. Loose slots make many people happy! Carmel is a bit of an artsy town, that has a lot of character, including these random statues in the area Here you can see some of the arcitecture that was common in town.... ...and they have a statue of one of the more famous WWII era photos Another view of the cop statue But this right here is why we have stopped at this place..... ....BUB'S BURGERS!!!!! Here, you can see a wall of 4x6's with those who finished one Big Ugly Burger On this wall, they have the 8x10's of those who ate 2, and the couple of posters for those who ate 3 While no one has finished off 4 to get a life-sized picture, they did make an honorary one for Adam Richman, the host of Man vs. Food If it wasn't for our needing to get to our campground another couple hundred miles away, I would have loved to have had lunch in this patio. So here we see the beginning of this delicious mistake...ordering and paying for the Big Ugly Buger to go. Upon completion, they have brought to me this cages that contains a beast within...... BAM!!!! LOOK AT HOW HUGE THIS THING IS!!!!! For comparison's sake, this thing is almost as big as my head....and I have a big head too!!!! Taking the first bite.....and oh man was it delicious!!!! After working on it for a bit, this was still left over from my initial attempt to defeat the Big Ugly Burger. Alysa, who is a vegetarian, was highly disturbed at what she had witnessed! As we drove on, we would come to see a part of Indiana that was home to hundreds of wind turbines While it may not seem like many at the time, you litterally keep driving past rows of them for what seems like a half hour or so There are some here..... and here...... and here..... even here. They just kind of go on forever! It was something to see. I always crack up when ever I see these signs. State number 6: Illinois! Hey Robb, how many people have told you this....but ment it in a different way And we arrive to our next KOA in Lena, IL They had one of these giant air bounce things that would have been a blast....except that is closed right about when we arrived. Tobey begins to take in the campgrounds Still checking it out Okay, now he is just trying to pose for one of those outdoor magazines! And that wraps up day two of the Great American Roadtrip! Hope you all enjoyed! Feel free to leave any comments about the report!
  12. ^I actually did not, but I wish I had since they are as rare as they are. No even more so since it sounds like it was a good one to ride!
  13. I like it. Besides, it's not like they called it StingSeeker or StingHawk, or even StingDeck
  14. I think that the apparent tie-in they are making to the Wright Brothers would work well for this ride if they gave it a unique name that was connected to them, and gave it a little theming too.
  15. Hey Everyone! While the highlight of this summer for me, along with many others was the NE Trip that concluded a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity back in June to join my younger sister, Alysa, on a drive across the country as she moved back to the Seattle area. Along the way, we saw any amusing signs, billboards, bumper stickers, roadside attractions, and other such awesome things, plus I managed to visit a few amusement parks that were on my to do list, which included Camden Park in Huntington, WV; That Fun Place in Greenfield, IN; Arnolds Park in Arnolds Park, IA; Boondocks in Deadwood, SD; and finally Silverwood in Athol, ID. While in Seattle, I had a chance to return to Wild Waves with my dad, neice and nephew much like I did last summer. Dad and I also had a chance to take in a Tacoma Rainiers game at their newly renovated stadium. The route that we took to get from Greenville to Seattle had us going west through North Carolina, then up through Virginia and West Virginia, over through Kentucky, a quick pass through South Ohio, through Indiana, Illinois and Iowa. Caught a piece of Minnesota, through South Dakota, a snippet of Wyoming, through Montana, Idaho and finally Washington. Now for the first day of the drive. We went from Greenville, NC to Agrillite, KY. Most of the day's drive saw the scenic views of West Virginia, and there was the afternoon spent at Camden Park. Camden Park is West Virginia's only amusement park, and was celebrating it's 108th season. The park was pretty dead on this visit, as a thunderstorm had just passed a bit before arriving there. A more traditional park with rides such as a spider, whip, log flume, carousel, a set of flyers, and many kiddie rides. There are two coasters at the park. One being the Little Dipper, a junior wooden coaster that was a neat ride, as well as the Big Dipper, a mid-sized wooden coaster with NAD trains and a first large drop that gives "Screw you, you're standing up!" kind of air in the second to last row (the last row was closed off). They also had a dark ride that is very similar to the Devil's Den at Conneaut Like Park, where there is a lift hill, and a drop, so you could count it as a credit if you feel you must! One of the things I liked about the park was the air on that one drop of Big Dipper. It had me laughing the rest of the ride as I was really surprised by it. I would take about 4 laps total on it. I also thought that the dark ride was fun. You won't find many of them left these days. The park also gives a great value, as you could get into the park for the last couple hours of the day for about 9 bucks on select days, which is what I did for this visit. Something that took away from the park was the way that you could tell it has aged quite a bit. Many of the rides are older versions, and even the Big Dipper looked as though it could fall apart any minute. While the park is pretty small, and probably won't add new rides that often, I find that it is worth a stop if I happen to be passing by the Huntington area of West Virginia, especially to get more laps on the Big Dipper. So with that, I gave you update 1 of Gary's Great American Trip! Feel free to leave any feedback if you would like, I certainly welcome any comments. So as Alysa and I were on our way out of Greenville, we would see our first amusing bumper sticker on this car..... ...as Charlie Sheen would say "Duh, Dar-winning!" "Screw you buddy! I don't have opposable thumbs......or testicles any more for that matter." This would be Alysa's Beagle, Tobey. The first stretch of open road, as seen on US-264 between Greenville and Wilson Never seen a Denny's like this before. Somewhere near Greensboro This would be the first of many meals on the trip. Never had Bisciutville before, but it was pretty good. A little side story, We had the stuff to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches throughout the trip to save money.....which lasted all of one night. This is how Tobey spent most of the trip. I will give him credit, for being a more "active" dog (to put it nicely), he handled the long bouts of time in the car like a pro! More open road, this time on I-40 between Greensboro and Winston-Salem "Yeay! We made it through the first 3 hours! Only 5 days and 7 hours worth of driving to go! And here we have Alysa, who handled the afternoon/evening driving each day. Winston-Salem approves of suggestive looking buildings As you drive on US-52 towards Virginia, you will see Pilot Mountain Now if your first thought was "You know, that looks a lot like a woman's breast," then congratulations! Your mind is in the gutter! This fish/trailer hitch cover would actually flop around when the guy hits his brakes My attempt at an artistic shot of Pilot Mountain in the rearview mirror Further ahead are more of the Appalachian Mountains State #2: Virginia This town must be on the recieving end of many a dirty joke Virginia has you drive through not one..... .....but TWO tunnels while on I-77 State #3: West Virginia West Virginia may not have a lot going for it in their towns and cities, but they certainly have some of the most scenic roads Especially with their bridges Sometimes the bridges add to the character of the area No interstate highway is complete without random Adult Novelty Stores "I love PORN!!!!! Especially when they do it doggie style!!!!!" Oh Tobey..... The next amusing bumper stick comes from this guy..... .....this explains a lot. Like I said, very scenic Sorry, I don't have any Kit Kat bars to give them Tobey is not as easily amused by road signs Since we happen to be in the area, it's time to check this park out. We're here! The front entrance is pretty basic Evening ticket, only 9 bucks....very nice! A few of the rides you see when you first walk in Underneath this shelter is their whip ride These are a rare breed The park's carousel The park's log flume. Didn't ride it myself, but I did snap some pictures Not a whole lot of theming, but some of the better ones don't have any Final part First drop Nearby was Little Dipper, the parks Junior Woodie The train Side shot Up the lift "Weeeee!" Brake Run When there are more people, it does make a bit of a difference Not the most intense ride, but it is a fun little coaster A look at the side of the car Time for a spin! Their dark ride that is simmilar to Devil's Den at Conneaut Lake Park The cars that you ride on Up the lift hill Is he enouraging them to put their hands up, or is he being the zombie ride operator trying to catch them as they pass? You decide. Going up That takes us to the park's main attraction....the Big Dipper As you can see, it shows it's age, but it does give a good ride. Lift hill for all of the lift hill enthusiasts! The tunnel is rather long. Through the supports Trains that make some coasters into legends! Going up It has a small drop after the lift, which leads to..... ...the hill of "HOLY CRAP!!" air from the back. One of my favorite airtime moments yet. One more hill The park does feature a skyride that gives you some great veiws of the park Down below is their miniture golf course Here is the other side while heading back Little Dipper from up high Other rides at the park, probably the newest ones there More Little Dipper Can't leave out the Big Dipper And that wraps up the visit at Camden Park. If passing by, I would certainly give it another visit State #4: Kentucky And that would take us to the first of our campsite stops for this road trip And off in the distance, we would find it It would turn out we were the only ones using a tent as everyone else had a camper or RV And here was the tent, which was probably better suited for one person or a couple.....not two siblings and a dog. In anycase, it worked out, and we made it through day 1! Thanks for checking it out, certainly welcome any feedback from you all. Update 2 will be along before too long.
  16. Enjoying it so far! One of these days I am going to start putting mine up, but I still have my roadtrip from earlier in the summer to do as well. Maybe I'll alternate between the two. Thanks for sharing the pictures with the great captions! -Gary
  17. The Wonder Wheel with you guys was fun! Certainly a unique and awesome ride. Great PTR so far! Looking forward to seeing the rest! -Gary
  18. Maybe it will keep most of the speed throughout since there is no midcourse brake? Kind of like Goliath. This will be a GP crowd pleaser I am sure.
  19. I don't recall either Behemoth or Intimidator having many low to the ground curves like this one. I kind of like the way it isn't strait as an arrow, although this would have been a much better addition to a park like Michigan's Adventure, Knott's or Great America where they don't have a true hyper already, even if it would not have been the exact same layout for the last two because of space constraints.
  20. Someone had already mentioned the similarity to Quick Queue at the Sea World Parks, and honestly, I never felt like the regular line suffers from it at Busch Gardens, so I say go for it Cedar Fair, especially if the have it at Cedar Point, since that would be awesome to be able to have "ERT" like riding on Millennium, Dragster, Raptor, Maverick or many other rides at the park.
  21. I could think back to when I went to Cedar Point for a couple hours on my way back from visiting some friends in Michigan, and the only rides I did while I was there was Blue Streak and Iron Dragon. The lines where just too long for me to really want to do anything else in the short stop that I was making (Used my Platinum Pass from Carowinds to get in). I would have loved the possibility to get a flashpass type of pass to do more of the rides while I was there, so long as it wasn't a rediculous price. Maybe they would even throw in a pass holder discount for it? -Gary
  22. Heading back to Wild Waves with my Niece and Nephew in the morning, then on Tuesday I start the chain of flights back home to North Carolina
  23. Glad to have done well with this based on what some of you all have said! I am surprised that I have convinced someone to actually go to a place even! It is worth a trip, even if you are not the credit whoring type. Even if they don't add anything to any of the parks, or even if a new park is not added, I would certainly love a chance to go back to Ocean City.
  24. ^I have to agree, I am definately ready to head back and check it out again. It will probably be a while though since I am going to be heading across the country here tomorrow morning as my younger sister and I begin our drive. Before we do though, it is time for the second update of my trip to Ocean City, this time focusing on the amusement parks of Ocean City. I took a break from the beach area first by going back across the bridge to check out Baja Amusements. Baja Amusements is your large go-kart complex with miniture golf and a few amusement rides, including a Wack Worm. I decided to try out the mini-stock car go-karts while I was there, and actually made a second place finish! If I spent more time here, I definately would have liked to try out more of the go-karts. Park number two would be Trimper's Rides, which I felt like was probably the best park of the four I visited. It had the best selection of rides (which is a rare thing to say about a park whose signature ride is a Boomerang), and it also had a better atmosphere in my view. The third park I went to was Jolly Roger at the Pier, which was only about a five minute walk from Trimper's Rides. This was the place that I probably spent the least amount of time at as it only has but a few rides. The operations for their one coaster (a Pinifari looper) was a bit odd, as they required at least four people to be on board. A fun stop for an hour or so. The last park I would visit was Jolly Roger Amusement Park, which would be a bit of a disappointment to me. While they had a Schwarzkopf Wildcat which is always a fun ride, the park just didn't quite do it for me. Between the scores of employees that were just standing around smoking while on the job, to what appeared to be some left-over weed on the estroom toilet paper holder...it just seems a bit on the poor side of quality. I will say though, that at their Speedworld complex, they had what have easily been my favorite go-karts thus far, which were made to resemble formula 1 cars, and had more speed to them than any other go-kart I have driven. If I had a bunch of extra money, I would buy one along with a small piece of property to make my own coarse to drive on. So with all of that said, here are the rest of the pictures from my trip up to Ocean City. Thanks for checking it out, and feel free to leave any comments! -Gary First up, Baja Amusements As mentioned before, this is a large go-kart center Along with the many go-kart tracks, they also have a few rides as well This track would be the one that caught my attention, as I had never done a "mini stockcar" track before A closer look, and I would become a bit more interested I might have to give it a try. So along with a ticket for getting the credit on the Wacky Worm, I bought one for a spin on the mini stock car go-carts This would be my ride, and I would start towards the back. Strapped in and ready to go! A second place finish would make me happy, but next time I'm shooting for the win! Here we have the main reason for many a coaster fan comming to this park....the Wacky Worm! A side view of the coaster Lift hill fans rejoice!! Credit earned! Our next stop would be Trimper Rides This park is secured by your local pirate force! The park is dominated by Tidal Wave, the park's boomerang coaster Looking at it from the same street, but other direction. Flat ride row This haunted house ride is right off of the boardwalk, and is owned by Trimpers, but I am not sure if you could use a ride bracelet for it or not. Well themed ticket booth A view of the beach from the haunted house ride "GIVE ME BACON!!!!!!" The cool ride cars of the haunted house ride From the boardwalk, when you look back towards the main part of Trimpers, you get a good view of Tidal Wave "Weeeeee!!!!" Inside of the main building of Trimpers, you have a shooting gallery Along with the carousel that is a signature of Ocean City And an old ticket booth that is not in use, but looks really cool. But now it is time for the main reason for comming....the credits! First up, Tidal Wave Behold, the looping glory of a boomerang coaster. Perhaps now would be a bad time to think that maybe I shouldn't do this? Turns out that it only gave one jaw punch, so it wasn't 'terrible' but don't expect me to hug you!!!!!! ....oh who am I kidding? I never pass up a chance to have a facebook picture with a coaster support Time for another Wacky Worm! Ready to ride!! So this is what you would see if you were a wacky worm doing another wacky worm doggy style. The third park was Jolly Roger at the park, which as you can tell, is not far from Trimpers at all. Just in case you forgot already where we are going next A Sideview of the park The main reason for coming to the park...Looping Star Down the fishing pier a little bit, and you can see this angle of the park Almost forgot where I was, until I saw this! Going on into the park Tried one of these for the first time, and it was pretty fun. Oddly enough, the 3D effects on this carnival style dark ride were more effective than that of Curse of DarKastle the last time I rode it The ride car Whenever I see this picture, I think of that old school wrestler known as the Repo Man from the early 90's Alright, time to face the pain! A sign of guaranteed roller coaster quality? When about to ride a coaster that could very well put a chiropractor on speed-dial....put on a happy face! Alright, so it didn't turn out that bad, I did try a ride in the front, back and middle just for laughs And here we are at the last park of the Ocean City quartet. One that I just felt could use a bit of improvement You arrive thinking this is a family friendly place until you find..... Their promotion of alcohol with Captain Morgan.... They are always showing off their chests..... And it looks as though someone didn't finish their weed......okay, so maybe I am embellishing on the oher two a little bit But in all honesty, between this and the employees just standing on the midway smoking, I just felt like the place could use some improvement Compared to its cousin down the road from here, they have a lot more rides, and even a waterpark and go-kart center. Here is one of the main reasons for my heading up to this park. Wait a minute...I think I know who had the weed in the restroom...look how stoned this guy is! While they say you should never operate heavy machinery while under the influence, I figured that it might be okay if the machinery is under the influence. Turns out I was right, and would live to see another credit! Which just happend to be a few hundred yards away. I always love a good Wildcat coaster....it shows Schwarzkopf's genius! Time to climb aboard! And with that, we come to the end of this second update of my visit to Ocean City. I hope you all enjoyed! Please feel free to leave any comments below.
  25. From what I could tell, the show building is going to be where the old village of Big Bad Wolf used to be. The Drachen Fire area isn't being touched yet.
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