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  1. BRAND NEW SONG! I'm working on 2 songs as of now, Plasticity is my second single, Lively is my first single. Rather than uploading them at the finicky, rarely compatible Putfile, I'm going to now upload both of them at the same link using an [awesome] service called drop.io http://drop.io/plasticity Both songs are there, they have high quality audio too. Please check them out! I'm very proud of myself with both of them. Plasticity.mp3 Plasticity Lively Near Completion.mp3 Lively
  2. I just took a poll between my friends and most of them said they really like the deep creepy echo in the background, but I did tone it down a bit. But you guys seriously need to here this version of the song, I just made it INSANE, I added a NEW dance break whisper-verse after the chorus and I chopped up the chorus and gave it some crazy repeating hits and broken lyrics. Putfile is being stupid, sorry! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwCeqN2Z-qM Me lip syncing the song Scroll down for latest updates!
  3. Update- I think the Chorus should have more definition as a separate part of the song- it's all kind of one long beat right now, so I did a totally new synth sound and it sounds AMAZING- it's really complex, I think it sounds crazy catchy. I hope you like it- because I think it's staying. I think it sounds awesome to me. Scroll down for latest updates!
  4. Scroll down for latest updates! I uploaded the wrong version, sorry! I named the 2 files the same thing aside from the end and my Mac truncated it, the one I uploaded's vocals are too loud and they don't have the chorus effect or reverb on them. Try now.
  5. It may look like that, but it's really not. The entrance and kiddier areas of Galaxyland are all heavily space themed, and there's really not that much concrete. When you're actually in the park it's not ugly or remotely 'ghetto.' There's a lot of twisted steel from the 3 coasters in the more thrilling half of Galaxyland but it's still well themed and nothing looks bad. Pictures don't do it justice.
  6. http://media.putfile.com/Lively-with-Chorus New chorus and vocals! Sounds way better
  7. I've taken the tune to a new level! http://media.putfile.com/Bum-tsh-bum-tsh-LIVLEH Lively update, the vocals are redone and I tried to make it sound more like me. http://media.putfile.com/Holy-Crap-42 Beat for an upcoming song called 'The End.'
  8. I've updated it http://media.putfile.com/LivelyFixed I definitely want advice on how to improve this section though. Thanks! Livelycont.mp3 New verse
  9. I thought it would be, but... I actually use it. A lot. -Sean 'I love it!"
  10. Yea but I'm sure that's close to minimum wage or less here in the states after the Canadian gov't takes taxes. Canada has taxes up the butt. I live in Alberta, 5% tax and no PST, and because I'm a student I make all of it back in taxes. Our minimum wage is $8.40 here. I genuinely make $11.30 an hour and commission. -Sean
  11. It doesn't come with it, it's a free download from the app store. -Sean
  12. I'm 15 and I work at The Source/Radio Shack, I make $11.30ish an hour, and commission on a lot of the things in the store. If you're a tech guy, you could try a store like that! -Sean
  13. Diamondback: What Behemoth Should've Been! Looks amazing! -Sean
  14. Schools generally have perfectly large amounts of money, but they spend it frivolously and use it as an excuse if they're not providing proper education. Ask half of your teachers why the education system stinks right now, they'll tell you "money!" First day of high school on the 2nd! -Sean
  15. AUGH!! Poutine! So good! Must. Have. Now... Awesome TR! -Sean
  16. I have some pretty intimate conversations with my friends in Canada, I think we're a little bit less "Uh.. yeah, hi.. you're in my bubble. Go away." but we're still pretty disconnected compared to some other countries. I think I should be European, I'm a pretty personal guy and I like being in crowded places, and I live in a 400 square foot apartment with 2 other people. Heh. -Sean That was one of the funniest things I've ever read. You win!
  17. Corkscrew has had it's time to shine, now I wish luck to Alton for the bigger and better things to come! -Sean
  18. Plain white T-Shirt, grey Old Navy zip up, Rip Zone key lanyard and Warehouse One denim low-rise boot cuts.
  19. Beautiful [i always hit the "I" before the "T" for some reason. =\ ] Paid [i always type "payed."] Heh, we all have our quirks though. -Sean [Edit] This also so I can be hip like the rest of you! Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.
  20. They were evacuating the train, and uneven weight distribution caused the train to move forward and make the course but people still had their restraints up. They pulled them down at the last minute! It's be terrifying!! -Sean
  21. Hit the nail on the head man! Canada is pretty disconnected too. It's sad. =[ -Sean
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