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  1. Get both. Basically, its so much better because with only one you cant do much. I prefer them equally.
  2. RCT3 trainers haven't been created yet. They don't exist.
  3. Didn't say I was. (Just don't want anyone to think I thought that.) You're right, the building does need some work. But I kinda like my parks on the realistic side. Even with disney, most of the effort of theming is put at the very front, more where the crowds can see it. You're right, I stagger my parks (I finished this park weeks ago) so I can't fix this one, but I will fix any future ones. Thanks for the advice, hey, if I didn't get any, my parks wouldn't get any better! Hey awesome! You're not one of those people who gets pissed off when they get critisism! Sweet! Thanks for taking my advice. If you want to see what I mean with the supports you can check my thread.. I have a rocket there with supports like that. I am yet to add footers though.
  4. Update! New coaster: Blasteroid! An Intamin Accelerater coaster! Including two inversions, a 160 foot top hat, a 72 mph launch and much, much more! POV VIDEO http://rapidshare.de/files/27396139/Blasteroid.wmv.html A nice angle of the ride. Hope you enjoyed the update! Have a nice day at Garden Groves! Its so... tall! The terrain has developed really well! Its HUGE! Whats this peeking over the rocks?
  5. Here is my opinion. You are good at making parks, But I won't say you are the best. Nor will I say I am better, but I would like to give some constructive critisism if you don't mind. 1: The indoor drop ride is very creative, but the building needs some variety. It is quite blocky in its design, and windows are scarce. I know that it is intended to be a dark ride, but windows will add emergency light. And anyway, In RCT3 it never gets darker or lighter inside buildings, with windows or not. Plus a scarcity of windows in a dark night is cool, but a window with one of DRP's Ampiance or Lightz on the sill, shining through could send an electric thrill through anybody's spine. Red lights shining through a window while falling? Fun . 2: The supports on the rocket should be facing inward, not behind it if you were going for a Stealth look. 3: The Gran Prix station could use some work. Its quite generic in its design. If you themed it in a techno style and used Klinns Electroshock along with a few other sets, you could make a really cool station. 4: As is the castle, a lot of other buildings are somewhat blocky in their design. SOme rounder details or more eye candy on the walls ect, could make so much more. Please keep in mind that I do NOT dislike the park. I like it with great amounts, but I thought a few of the things I mention could be updated a bit. PS: This is all out of my opinion and what I haved described does not reflect the opinions of any others or the park builder, as I am only stating what I see fit.
  6. Galaxyland's Mindbenders third loop. People black out on it. I was lucky enough not too. The helix at th end is really intense too.
  7. The first ride we will have is a rocket coaster, with inspiration from Rita. Have a blast! Literally! The coaster's layout before theming and paint. An overview of the plaza. Ultimate Force!
  8. ^^ as you can see, it is possible to create semi-accurate supports for a stratacoaster with Steelworx. I made this in one of my older parks. By the way, there are straight sections holding the track up along the tower too but they have really bad draw distances seeings as I'm using a graphics chipset on a laptop. Otherwize... I have a version of Six Flags Canada too! I posted it at the Atari Forums before. If you want I'll send you a linky anyway, it looks cool.. but Medusa is quite.. unrealistic. I know about new rides setting new standards, but thats quite a jump. 325 feet to 400 is a jump but that twister section is pretty mighty. Just my two cents. Otherwise the park looks pretty good! I suggest downloading ShyGuys mainstreet sets for mainstreet though. And stuk's hanger 71/51 for coaster stations. Good job though!
  9. Uh oh.. thats not cool bro. Thats never happened to me.. I don't really know what to say!
  10. I chose bad.. but.. I think you went WAY to far with that description. It doesnt suck, nor should it be torn down, with some minor layout improvements and scenery this ride could be amazing.
  11. It looks pretty good.. but that building is way too repetative. Its a bunch of windows... More variety would make it less blocky. If you download some more custom scenery, ShyGuy's Alpine/Mainstreet sets would work great with this park, and future parks. The hotel is alright, but with some slight adjustments it could be so much better. Another thing, is Adding some foliage and rocks (ect) to the outdoor speed slides, or theming them, would add to a higher excitement rating and it would look really nice. If you think I'm being a jerk.. I won't give anymore advice, but if you would like to see what I mean about theming the slides, send me a personal message. I'll give you the link to one of my parks.
  12. Are you Boris The Fish at the Atari Community? Anyway, This looks awesome from the pictures. Sweet job.
  13. I'm only stating what I've seen from pictures. vvDragon Mountain -Marineland Canada http://users.wpi.edu/~alison/Roadtrip_to_Niagra_Falls,_Ontario,_Canada/Niagara%20Falls%20Sep%202%202003%20014.jpg Dueling Dragons -Universal IOA Tower Of Terror -Walt Disney World -USA Oblivion -Alton Towers UK Quirks in the Works -Galaxyland Canada (actually seen)
  14. Goliath at SFoG is a full size hypercoaster. It's just over 200 feet tall. The only B&M speed coasters that can be considered junior hypers are Goliath at La Ronde (174 feet tall) and Apollo's Chariot at BGE (170 feet tall). However, if your like me and think that a full-size hyper is a full-circuit coaster with a lift hill between 200 and 299 feet tall or with a drop of 200 to 299 feet, Apollo's Chariot is a full size hypercoaster. Goliath at SFOG only has a drop of 175 feet. Its 200 feet tall alltogether but the drop itself is only 175 feet. La Ronde's Goliath's structure is 174 feet, but the drop is less than five feet shorter that SFOG's. People always underestimate it because it's in Canada. CANADA ISN'T (Censored) Money deprived igloo county! Anyway, 50 degree drop? This might be like the Camel Coaster at Nasu Highlands!
  15. Typhoon looks huge... As if the car itself is way ill-proportionate to the support structure and swing arm... It looks like a Huss Giant Frisbee with a shrunken car!
  16. Mainstreet is very blocky. Try to add some variation in color, and use some of ShyGuy's other sets. Circus Center has some nice windows along with mainstreet 3. Get mainstreet two also and use sidewalks to cover the paths. In mainstreet 3 he has added an angled sidewalk peice so you can almost round the pathways even though it is peep unaccesable. Otherwise, pretty good job!! PS: Try to calm down on the roof spires... They look overused.
  17. Click Images To Enlarge! so I decided I'd start a new park. I call it Garden Groves. The entrance The waterfall behind the entrance Mmm... Waterfallllllll... Swings... yay... The entrance at day. So.... yeah. [/b]
  18. Goliath, Monstre and Vampire first. Best coasters there... and yes I know that its sad but it's Canada were talking about... I wanna move
  19. Can I talk about Galaxyland in the chat yet j/k Sounds as if it was more fun than you expected lol. My teacher went on jury duty and game back in unapealing mood...
  20. DS, PSP, SP, PC, PS2, Sega Saturn ((rare)), DS lite in 19 days, SNES. Thats all.
  21. Lol, I've had an experience like that with my moms boyfreind. When he read the newspaper he claimed they were building the worlds tallest and fastest coaster when he was talking about Goliath at La Ronde.
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