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  1. Had? Everything is still there.. Infact it's my home park. The S&S double shot tower was placed to replace Drop Of Doom, almost exactly like Demon Drop at CP.. but shorter. It's now called space shot. The flats are amazing. You are 100% correct. And we have to worlds largest indoor waterpark also
  2. I just saw a gameplay video. It's on the side. It looks just that amazing. Now, what I'm REALLY excited about, is Tony Hawks Downhill Jam for the DS and Wii.
  3. If I looked at that right, is that like a 1'st gen tilt a whirl?
  4. I've never heard of something like this happening at a Canadian park... infact... the Canadian parks that I've been too were very peaceful with great employees. Then again, I've never been too PCW (been told it sucks) or La Ronde. I adore fairs here, and I don't see the "carnie" atmosphere that I've been told by many, that US fairs have, so I don't see "carnival atmosphere" as a very fitting statement. Infact... most of our carnies are funny . Ok, I highly doubt the Mindbender accident was even remotely peaceful but thats like a once in a lifetime happening, and quite a bit different than a drive-by shooting. Has a Canadian park ever had a shooting or voilent activity worthy of recognition happen? I feel very bad for what happened though. I find it strange that people use the fact that human life is perishable to their advantage. Death is inevitable. It will happen no matter what is done to prevent it. Why shorten the experience?
  5. The pizza you can get in Calaway Park is pretty good, not the best though. In Galaxyland you can just go to the mall that it's connected to and get some of the best pizza anywhere. Galaxyland wins, because there's not just one type you can have. I'm assuming that MOA is like this too. I like the ability to have a lot of different food choices and brand choices, they even have an Orange Julius in the food court!
  6. Oh, and you told me specificallly this in my thread "You can make decent tracks even without the AHG." Sorry, but it just kind of annoyed me that you said that and ended up asking somebody to do it for you too. Anyway, I just had to get that off my chest.. And shouldn't you have to completely create the ride on your own because its a contest?
  7. Ouch... I thought it was O.K for a beginner.. I didn't realize it was that bad...
  8. Ok, this is my second NoLimits coaster. I do have the AHG, But I am having major problems with it. If someone could heartline it with AHG that would be a big help. Thats all I ask. It still isnt that good, but it is better than the first. Venamous.nltrack Updated version.. I tried to heartline it without AHG
  9. The one at Galaxyland is NUTS. It does a wave motion in the middle of the ride. But it is a normal topspin at the beginning and end. Anyway.... Chance Zipper. Nothing else.. just Chance. The other manufacturers Zipper's are no where near as crazy as chance's. S&S Double Shot drop rides. Dartron Zendar/Zero Gravity Dartron Downdraft... Much less painful than Hurricane. Wisdom, Gravitron.
  10. Because it's a turn on for straight guys. I'm not a pervert so I don't look at stuff like that but my cousin sure does. Anyway, I think these camps are wrong.. yeah... I'm straight and I still agree these are wrong. You can't change somebody into something they aren't through conformity. That's cruel. Thats like putting somebody in camp because of how they look. How do they do this? Make you stare at pictures of naked women your whole life? And people say they are "ex" gay are hiding something. That is unchangeable unless you changed your orientation for attention.
  11. If your too... non wanting to click myspace link there is a pic of the ugly me Even uglier.
  12. 8) thats a lim coaster haha.. yeah I'll post some more pictures later... im going to the fair....
  13. if you want to see the freak of nature that is the worlds ugliest person, click my myspace. www.myspace.com/somedudesspace
  14. Papa Roach - Last Resort. And I have to agree, Aqua... Yuk. Not the greatest term to describe something disliked on this forum.. it might offend somebody.
  15. no Am I straight? _______________________________ <- Hint
  16. http://www.rcdb.com/id193.htm Mindbender... It used to have 6 g's but they removed a car after the accident. It pulls 5.2 now... still pretty good.
  17. Oh yuk, I hate VMK, habbo hotel is SO much better than VMK. You cant say poop on vmk. It has a set of words and if it doesnt understand the word (even punctuation) it wont let you say it. Habbo just makes it say "bobba" and there are many ways to get around it. That and VMK is way easy to get lost in I've forgotten my name on VMK anyway, and it takes like a year to register.
  18. It's Cedar Point, wouldn't you rather agree that the answer to that is rather obvious? Is my profile better now?
  19. Probably would, but I've never been on one. Do you hate my guts?
  20. TPR really needs a Canada trip. There aren't many here, but we do have some amazing parks! Like the PNE, Galaxyland, PCW, La Ronde, Calaway Park and a few other little ones.
  21. Oh my gosh, it's like a mini (much mini) Mindbender!!!!! www.westedmontonmall.com/galaxyland
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