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  1. Thanks for the advice, but there are only four sections with high lateral g's and they aren't sustained, and only one with vertical. I did straiten out the lift... hmmm... I'm going to do that again. I'm removing the middle vertex. Hmm.. this isn't a track pack, I don't know how that happened. Try again.
  2. This is by far the BEST rollercoaster I have made in NoLimits. Its twisty and the layout isn't boring, a first for me I also speant much more time on this than my other rides, and I think I have the banking right! PLEASE comment on it. I think I did pretty well. I can take critisism well so don't be afraid to be harsh. UPDATE 3.5: KICKER WHEELS ARE GONE Tremmor Trip.nltrack Update 3.5
  3. Stop that. Anyway, we got scammed out of our 72 Chevy truck because my mom was worried that a certain someone was going to come back and take it from her, so she made a plan with hr best freind about signing the truck over to him so that person couldn't take it. This sounded like a good idea until my mom found this "freind" doind drugs in our washroom, and told him to get out. What followed was him getting angry and stealing the truck while I was at school and my mom was at work, but we can't do anything to get it back, because we signed it over to him. Serious scam. I feel bad for you though. that must suck. When we go on vacation we usually bring our important stuff to one of my uncles houses to keep it safe.
  4. HAHAHA Watch the moms hair when they speed it up backwards. that made me LMFAO
  5. I hate scary movies. I was five and I watched Nightmare On Elm Street 3 in my room alone and scary movies terrified me every since... The Ring gave me nightmares for WEEKS.
  6. host it at www.rapidshare.de or www.megaupload.com or even www.dropload.com
  7. What a stupid movie. I thought all of them were stupid. Did you guys notice how outdated the special effects they used were? And how phony it looked when the train hit the "Magically Seperated" track? Also, did the E-Stop button break too or something? Another thing is could a camera really done all that damage to the wheels? I just thought it was stupid. And I also noticed he left the train with the camera yet still had the camera on-ride. The majority of it was just cheesy and unrealistic. Was this bye chance a SERIOUSELY low budget movie?
  8. I would have but I dont have fraps SOme of the text things are long so that they conform with the downbeats on the music.
  9. http://rapidshare.de/files/28974197/vertigoneridepromovideo.wmv.html PROMOTIONAL VIDEO RELEASED!
  10. I've perfected this coaster the best I could but *crosses fingers* here goes. Can somebody PLEASE tell me how to fix the last turn around before the breaks? I've tried everything I can think of and nothing will work. Please help. -Sean. Virtigone.nltrack
  11. I can take critisism fine man don't worry. I figured that this isn't up to my standards and I started a hyper coaster that is M.U.C.H smoother than this with WAY better transitions and only one red- G spot that I'm trying to fix atm.
  12. Alright, so here is my latest ride and I needed help to know if this layout was good enough to salvage, or wether I should start completely over again. It's rough in some spots, but I don't know if I should even continue or not. Thunder Run.nltrack
  13. That was somewhat jerky and there were a lot of support hits. Your other ones were better.
  14. Simplified to highlight how you totally killed your own argument Hey I didn't really contradict my argument, I'm basically saying I'd know it was safe in the back of my mind, but anxiety kicks in and I get scared of it breaking
  15. Okay people. Look at X-Scream on the Stratosphere tower. Its kindof like the same concept. What if the breaks failed on X-Scream and the riders went plummeting to their deaths 800 feet off the ground? It COULD happen, but think about how much MORE danger you're in when driving in you're car to the supermarket. Car crashes happen every day- and we still drive in them without fear. That being said, I would still never ride a tilt coaster, or a thrill-lift. Reasons? A: Seems more like a Gimmick than anything... B: Even saying that it's safer than driving a car. I have a habit of changing my mind when anxiety kicks in haha. Anyway, thanks for reading my "mini-rant" if you did. -Sean.
  16. thats awesome too! This ride looks so cool. I like oblivions more than MF's
  17. Its ridge racer. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidgeeeeeee raaceeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr
  18. I did not create this, all credit is sent towards the respective owner.
  19. C:\Program Files\Infogrames\RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 They go here bro! Your welcome
  20. Love.. That.. Ride! I like Chaos too but the Zipper is so much better! I want to ride its cousin Turbo. That looks wicked! The Zipper has amazing sensations. I adore it. Heres a hint: If you're yet to ride one, if you do, HOLD ON if you dont chances are your head will meet the wire mesh in front of you. Another, My maximum flip count is: 16!!! I was really sore after from rocking the car too much. The scariest moments on the sipper for me is when your car stops spinning when you're staring at the ground (belly first basically) and you go down the side... AHH
  21. This ride has also been around for a while. It's orignally called Inferno. http://www.mondialrides.com/ie/aindex.html
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