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  1. I was watching the Space Shot in Galaxyland when I was in line, and it was this (9) year old's first ride. He started to cry as the ride moves up because of this spacious voice thats playing this haunting music and then a kid in line shouted "OMG Your restraints are opening" and the kid started to freak! They launched it and the whole station was laughing. Thank gosh it was a S&S Double Shot or he might have heard us lol. He came off crying. Another one was when a kid was on the Gravitron he asked me if it spun very fast. I never answered and just laughed at him. When I was in Galaxyland again, someone's cell phone flew out of the Solar Flare's Stand-Up cars (Park Model Only I think) Solar Flare is a Hoppla ride.
  2. All taken from Google images. Rights to those who took them. I kindof like my city skyline.... WEST EDMONTON MALL OWNS ALL AMERICAN MAlLS!
  3. That was amazingly NOT DONE WITH ELBOWS. trhjnemewr poasderwkml erveiw isd grweawert wwsloklolololoolooloolkoytg
  4. (Stewie in cheerleader locker):Well, it appears my wee-wee has been struck with a case of rigger mortis!
  5. My rocket (Giga with powered launch) is rapidly shutting down. I cant get peeps to ride it because it breaks down to much and the reliablity is zero. I will select make rides reliable and then it drops back down to zero after like 2 seconds. Help!
  6. DId you even read my post or click the links? Or were you not speaking to me rather people in general?
  7. Why dont you use the 8-Cars per trainer... oh wait nevermind I forgot.. internet.. yeah my bad. Anyway.. Speed Unlimited?
  8. http://www.nokillnow.com/PETAPart1HorribleSecrets.htm Peta? Ethical? HAHAHA I'm going to go "volunteer" at PeTA and then let out all their dirty little secrets. ROT IN HELL PeTA! Bring your dog or cat to the SPCA not PeTA unless you want your animal harshly murdered. PeTA treats animals like TRASH! Literally! PeTA Threw 30 some cats and dogs in a strip mall garbage can! I REFUSE TO CONFORM TO A GROUP OF HIPOCRITES. I'm sorry if I offended anybody but look at the following links. I've researched the topic, and PeTA is trying to kill us! Really, to me at the moment it seems that PeTA needs to hear PEOPLE HAVE FEELINGS AND WRITES TOO! Bombing a university research center and getting payed for it? What kind of mal-nourished brains to these people have? http://www.petakillsanimals.com/ http://www.consumerfreedom.com/news_detail.cfm?headline=2833 http://www.canadafreepress.com/2005/tgr051005.htm http://www.peta-sucks.com/petakillsanimals.htm http://moonbatcentral.com/wordpress/?p=486 http://www.simply-simian.com/petakills.htm http://brianoconnor.typepad.com/animal_crackers/2004/04/peta_pig_cow_ch.html http://www.rajuabju.com/literature/peta.htm http://www.peoplekillinganimals.com/antipeta.htm http://brianoconnor.typepad.com/animal_crackers/2005/12/cnn_report_on_p.html http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=8077236832140835125&q=PeTA+Kills http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2B7DFeBoNM&search=PeTA%20Kills http://www.petakillsanimals.com/ads_detail.cfm?ad=14 http://www.petakillsanimals.com/ads_detail.cfm?ad=17 http://www.washingtontimes.com/commentary/20050722-085338-5284r.htm I rest my case.
  9. Ok, there are shortages of natural resources because of over-use. People over eat. The world's obesity problem is becoming larger and larger because of over-comsumption of food. If everybody becomes a vegan, our grand children's, grand children will be with a shortage of vegetables. They are renewable resources but people refuse to recycle. Un case you didn't notice, an omnivore eats meat AND plant food. A herbivour eats plants, and a carnivore eats meat. I'm sorry, but I've seen what my local "animal rights" gangs have done... and it's led me to beleive they do it for attention and attention alone.
  10. People, just click the thumbnail. It doesn't shrink the image or lower the quality. It looks exactly the same in paint. Anyway comment the park not how I got the pictures.
  11. OMG this isnt a question. This is like a statement. RCT3 is almost the worlds worst coded game in existance. Its laggy, choppy whatever you want to call it and Atari/Fronteir refuse to fix it.
  12. Layout and themeing. Splashdown. Yes, The support thing error was fixed. ANyway, more layout of... STARGATE
  13. Its because of the dissapearing supports.. that and LIM coasters are hard to build. LOTS more updates lol.
  14. I recently started an RCT2 park I decided to call Coasterland Have fun. before... After. Cobra Roll G-Scream. If you want to know how to get the loops more realistic like that, you use the twister coaster, make a medium slope, a steep slope and a vertical slope, then a quarter loop and a half loop. It looks more realistic to me. Toss 'n' Drop Towers (Two are S&S Double shots, the others are turbo drops) Annd.... yeah. Hope you enjoyed it.
  15. No guys, you got it all wrong. When Cedar Fair takes over its going to be a 700 foot high, 58689594 foot long inverted rocket woodie.
  16. Fur coats, poaching and stuff like that bothers me... but... When people talk about killing animals in a humane way, do they realise that we are also animals and we are killing for our own survival? So I see, its ok for a bear to slowly torture a rabit to death but its different if a human does it. Oooooooh I see. that makes LOTs of sence.
  17. Erk.. I think its.. well I KNOW that its a tilt tower ride probably by the name timber tower but the location is something I can't recall.
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