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  1. Yes it is! My god, go to the official Atari forums or the Official Fonteir forums! Its coded bad and they'll admit it! People just maybe take some small bit of consideration into what I say and get a reliable source before you correct me.
  2. For real? I've seen like 10 in canada... (unless you arent including traveling then I only know of like 2)
  3. Dude, omg. GO to my computer then go to C drive then go to program files then find atari and click it then click rct3 then find style in the list and then find themed. if its not in that folder you've done something wrong.
  4. People, people, people! Fronteir did a bad job of coding! No matter what is said they didn't do it well. The lag is terrible and even if it takes a lot more in RCT3 than NoLimits, that amount of lag is just unexcusable. And I exaturated comparing it to NL, but if they used that kind of editor, the game could be so much better.
  5. Did you extract it too: C:\Program Files\Atari\RollerCoaster Tycoon 3\Style\Themed (RCT Gold) C:\Program Files\Atari\RollerCoaster Tycoon®3\Style\Themed (Plain RCT)
  6. Yo' Momma's so fat, she's on both sides of the family! Yo' Momma's so fat, she fell on the beach and PeTA tried to push her back in the ocean! Yo' Momma's so fat, she jumped in mid air and got stuck.
  7. It wont. The game is coded bad. You'd need the worlds best PC to run it with spectacular theming and large sizes, at the games peak performance. You cant do anything about it. Fronteir needs to fix that if they ever release an RCT4 because RCT3 is a blast but the game is lacking what would make it a true coaster enthusiast game. It lags terrible but RCT3 also has many other problems such as the banking on coasters, and the overall realism. It was made OK but its nothing like it could be. If they made a game with the building style and performance of NoLimits and the flat rides/theming of RCT3; it would create the ultimate park simulation game, but fronteir is too lazy to do anything about it.
  8. Hey, I just got the game so could you put this ride up for download?
  9. Are you using the UCES? It sure looks like it... Anyway, it looks pretty good!
  10. That last drop was the first "OMG" moment I've ever had on any NL coaster I've ridden.
  11. Well, it IS an arrow.... Great job for your first ride though I must mention some things I found that would have downed my rating. 1. A lot of the banking was late. 2. some of the inversions would have been painful because of the transitions. Thats all I can thing of. Awesome job though.
  12. The Galaxyland Express is awesome! You go through space themed tunnels and all over the whole park. I love it.
  13. Disney's Ultimate Ride. I used to have it. I should get it again.
  14. Ugh, I really dislike it. I tried the demo and I just thought it was way too confusing for its own good. NoLimits is better overall in my mind.
  15. This ride is my favorite I have made yet, and the layout isnt boring! I tried to keep it as realistic as possible, and I had troubles with only one spot. (You'll see it while riding, dont worry its nothing big.) hope you like it Excalibur.nltrack Have fun
  16. Tatsu at SFMM because of the intensity it supposedly enforces and it looks amazing either way.
  17. Yeah, but not quite as realistic graphics wise. Look at the wooden coaster, it doesn't even have railings.
  18. Did you dig a hole and use the water? You have to fill a trench for it to work
  19. http://www.coastergrotto.com/photo.jsp?pic=330r02.jpg I FINALLY FOUND A PICTURE OF SPACE SHOT AT GALAXYLAND w00t! I love this ride. It's amazing.
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