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  1. I just met Bill Murray today, and I met Jennifer Hudson a few days ago. I also met probably all the players in the Liberty Mutual golf tournament. I work at the Westin Savannah Harbor, and we have the tournament going on this week at our hotel. Lots of famous people. Bill Murray is one of the nicest people I have met. He is hilarious. I work as a Concierge, and I helped him and his group make a reservation. He was joking around the whole time, and I was laughing the whole time. I also saw at my hotel.... Newt Gingrich, Kevin Hart, Andrew Zimmern (Bizarre Foods) and Stedman (Oprah's bf). I would say Bill Murray has to be my favorite. I didn't even know he was staying at our hotel, and it was a shock to see him come up to me. Oh, he isn't technically a celebrity, but today I met the president of Gulfstream.
  2. Im sorry but that logic makes no sense. How can you base a decision to not take a cruise due to a error the captain made on a ship only related to Carnival because the company owns it. With that logic you obviously wont ever take a Princess, Holland America, or Cunard cruises. Accidents happen, but you can't blame a company as a whole for one mistake a captain made.
  3. Being a Thrashers fan (get it right) I think it completely sucks losing a franchise now for the second time. I wasn't old Enough to be around for the Flames but the whole reason I started watching hockey was the Thrashers. I watched nearly every game on tv or went to one every time I went to Atlanta. It wasn't the city that failed, it was the owners who aren't competent enough to put together a winning team and actually spend money on them. If you see pictures from Atlanta's playoff season, we had the place filled to capacity. Atlanta may not have had the huge market like some teams, but even teams like the Penguins and Chicago once had problems also and were on the verge of relocation. If the Atl spirit could give us a great product, the fans would come.
  4. Well maybe it wasn't as many as I thought, but it seems like a lot of people won't go on Carnival, and it is only because of what other people say. Everyone could have a bad time, but it dosen't mean every ship is bad. My friend took a Royal Carribbean cruise and said it was horrible and loved Carnival. But being 25, I like the younger crowd, so that could be why I liked Carnival so much. And for some cruises at $230 pp for 5 nights, it is well worth it.
  5. I really hate how so many people keep saying bad stuff about Carnival, yet it seems like most of them have never beeen on a Carnival cruise. I have been on one before that went to Cozumel/Grand Cayman, and it was great. The one problem we had the whole trip was our ship arrived late due to fog, and it caused us to get on the ship late. They did give us vouchers though to get an on board credit for the trip. Other than that, it was great. Food was great, entertainment was great, staff was great. I would gladly do it again.
  6. Anyone have any ideas where to get discount KD tickets besides the online website offer? I want to try and go in a few months, but want to get an estimate on all the costs. Also, the same goes for BGW. I want to see how much extra it is to go for an extra night and spend the day at the park.
  7. Twice I try doing it and it says I lose internet connection...
  8. Ever been to Wisconson Dells? I heard thats a good place to visit with tons to see and do.
  9. Well out of all the teams you mentioned, Atlanta has won against Detroit, Montreal, and Boston. They only lost to Pittsbugh, and haven't played Vancouver or Philladelphia. This is Atlanta's best team yet, and you really may be surprised. They aren't one to take lightly. They are in second place...
  10. Thrashers just took over first place in the Southeast again. Its funny how the SE went from being the laughingstock of all the divisions, yet now we have 3 teams in the top 8 and a fourth one in 9th place.
  11. The Thrashers are doing some really great marketing right now. It has made news headlines and is on the yahoo main page. Our mascot is "arrested" and wont be free until the Thrashers sell 5000 more tickets. Free Thrash! http://thrashers.nhl.com/
  12. The Extreme Home Makeover is filming in Savannah right now. I actually just got back from seeing it today.
  13. I have the best costume ever. Its greenman! If you don't know it, watch It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Greenman!
  14. Kings and Queens- 30 Seconds to Mars. Great song. I heard it on tons of commercials, and the movie trailer for the movie Legend of the Guardians.
  15. I saw Bon Jovi in concert not to long ago. A great concert and was a lot of fun. I would easily see him again.
  16. I will be going to see Bon Jovi tomorrow in Tampa. I am very excited to be seeing the concert.
  17. The pens also learned what not to do when getting in a fight. hahahaha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cI8FqujyS3M
  18. Its real... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pensacola_Christian_College
  19. Great quote about shadowing: Shadowing. Though not a specific punishment, it often accompanies the above disciplines. Shadowing is when a student is made to accompany a floor-leader or other PCC staff member 24 hours a day. He will sleep in the floor-leaders room, attend his classes (or sit in the dean's office) and eat all meals with him. The student is allowed no interaction with any other student, with limited access to those outside the school (e.g. parents). The student is shadowed from the time he has been accused or suspected of a "serious" infraction until he is exonerated or punished. There is an implied "presumption of guilt." Any student is vulnerable to having his life severely interrupted, possibly suffering exceptional emotional and spiritual distress as he is isolated, pressured, and scared, being made to feel guilty even when there is no reason.
  20. Having worked at the Boardwalk, that is personally one of my favorite hotels on the Disney property. I have stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge and the Polynesian. Boardwalk is close to Epcot/Hollywood Studios, while the Polynesian is close to MK. I have also stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel in Universal. That is a great hotel and is probably one of the top ones I have stayed in. If price is an issue, this is probably my top choice for hotels. We got a 2BR suite, and had 4 double beds and a pull out couch all for $100 a night. It has free shuttles to the parks (didnt use, since I parked at the Boardwalk to meet up with my friend who got us into the parks for free) And they also have a free breakfast and a managers reception with free beer and wine. It is also right next to Old Town, which is a great place to go at night. Do the Slingshot ride if you can. http://www.qualityinn.com/hotel-kissimmee-florida-FL261?sid=7bKFi.7Hgvhg8Zkg.2&sarea=5725&sname=Kissimmee&sstate=FL&scountry=US&sradius=40.22&slat=28.291669845581055&slon=-81.40779876708984&schain=Q&exp=&scity=Kissimmee&sort=&type=&map=n&nroom=1&nadult1=1&nchild1=0&nadult2=1&nchild2=0&nadult3=1&nchild3=0&nadult4=1&nchild4=0&nadult5=1&nchild5=0
  21. Well thats why you look for someone your age. Its usually college students who do it and live by themselves. I saw one place in Manhattan that was up in a huge skyscraper that looked extremely nice. It beat out staying in some crummy hotel in a bad part of town.
  22. They have tons of reviews from people, and you can verify that they live at the place before staying with them.
  23. I was told about this website from someone in my class. How it works is you have people from all over the world posting information and allowing you to sleep on their couch/bed/air matress/etc. You look for people in the area you want to visit, and if they have room, you can stay at their place for free. The guy I know did it and said it worked great, and the person hosting it was very nice. This would be a great way for people wanting to make trips and visit amusement parks. I haven't done it, but I signed up. I may try it one day. And by doing this, you do not actually have to let people stay in your home. You can chose to do whatever you want. http://www.couchsurfing.org/home.html
  24. So is Sea World hahahahaha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diIk31kfe6U
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