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  1. Thanks for the tips! I can't wait to go. I found out the hotel I am staying at has a free managers reception every day so I can get free drinks instead of buying it when I go out. I just wish I could have gone to a different island, but it would be to expensive for 5 people. We luckily got free tickets with frequent flyer miles, so we saved $5000 or so on tickets.
  2. We are probably going to go to the beach a few days, so that would be helpful. But what is Cheeseburger in Paridise? Any other good places to eat?
  3. Well the only reason I wanted to go to it was to try the Dole Whip. True I will be working at Disney next semester and can get them any time, but I heard they are good. Any good places to eat? I heard of Dukes, which is susposed to be good. I am staying at the new Waikiki Beach Walk area if anyone heard of it.
  4. I will be going to Hawaii in a month for 1 week, and I was wondering who has been, and what stuff do you reccomend to do. I will be staying at the Waikiki Beach Walk Embassy Suites. Right now, here is a list of things to do. I was wanting to do the water park, but we have a season pass to Six Flags White Water. But here is what I am thinking now of doing, and I am looking for things to do to fill in the gaps (if any). And any reccomendations on places to eat would be nice also. Wed June 27 Arrive 10:00 PM Thurs June 28 Explore Waikiki and go to Beach maybe parasailing) Pearl Harbor Fri June 29 Diamond Head Drive around East side of island Sat June 30 International Flea Market Go to Hilton Hawaiian Village Sun July 1 Polynesian Cultural Center Mon July 2 Snorkeling Hanauma Bay China Town Tues July 3 North Shore (Hale’iwa) Dole Plantation Waimea Falls Park Wed July 4th Ala Moanna Shopping Center Anything else until go to airport
  5. Just go to Amtrak and explain the situation. You could just buy the tickets, and put all his info on it. Just ask for them to send it to his address.
  6. The person should be able to sue for everything that happened. But it depends on the circumstances. " Under a Malicious prosecution action you can sue for your actual injuries, which would include attorneys fees to defend the case in criminal court, the cost of your bond, lost wages, your embarrassment and humiliation, and any harm to your reputation, and you can also ask the court or jury to award punitive damages, to punish the person who wrongly forced you to defend you to defend yourself against false charges. "
  7. Well I looked here http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=24435 first, and only saw theme park pizza. So what is your favorite pizza chain? I'd have to say Hungry Howies. They have seasoned crust. I think I get Garlic and Butter Cheese every time. It is so good. For a normal place...hmm. It probably has to be one of the places I ate at when I went to in Europe last summer. I can't think of any names, but ones in Italy and Paris stood out.
  8. Just wondering but why isn't MF or TTD, or Magnum on the list? 1. TTD 2. MF 3. Magnum XL 500 4. Raptor 5. Wicked Twister
  9. Thanks, it always has been annoying me getting tons of e-mails when I don't want them.
  10. Is it possible to make it so you don't have to click the "Notify me when a reply is posted" so you don't get messages? Its easy to forget, and it gets annoying seeing a bunch of notifications for a lot of threads.
  11. Did you also get the phone call? I am not sure if they did it since your outside the US.
  12. I figured it was probably computer generated. but after watching it more closely, I think I understand it, but it still is cool how he did it. I tried typing in a name that wasn't in the data base (because I had a common one), and he just never said it. That was the part I found interesting, since there are so many names.
  13. Im sure everyone knows Chris Angel. don't want to spoil it, but go to this website. http://www.freakyourmind.com/ First try it out with all of your information (be acurate) and then send it to a friend. I have no idea how its done, but its really cool.
  14. Yea, I think they are. I don't think Georgia has any of those type of rides (yet alone the US), so it will be alot of fun to try them out.
  15. Better yet, he should do the International Program. That way his language comes in handy. Although I don't think you can do it for only a month or 2.
  16. Anyone know how big some indoor theme parks and water parks compare to this? The amusement park is 200,000 square feet, and the water park is 170,000 square feet. I also like the part about how is is susposed to be "themed to a level unseen outside of a Disney theme park." The website said it will have "The entire Grand Empire complex will adopt a Seven Wonders of the World theme, while the indoor water park will adopt a pyramid theme." The amusement park has a Hanging Gardens of Babylon theme (one of the 7 wonders of the world). This is really getting interesting. I want to see some concept art of the theming.
  17. Go to tickets, and go to group tickets, and click theme park/wild safari tickets. I think that might be what your looking for. https://tickets.sixflags.com/sixflags/store.jsp?merchant=SF-NJ&autonav=C17#ceShop
  18. Looks like Atlanta will be getting a indoor theme and water park. From the sounds of things, it looks like has a good chance of being built. And there is also quite a good selection of coasters. From screamscape: And here is a good website with pictures http://themeparks.about.com/od/findusthemeparks/p/GrandEmpireTP.htm Official website: http://funworldresort.com (5/7/07) Digging a little deeper into the Grand Empire project, it seems like everything is on track and on the level right now for this project, which I’m told should be themed to a level unseen outside of a Disney theme park. While true construction has yet to be finalized and begin, the site is being cleared right now it seems. Screamscape has also confirmed that the indoor amusement park is being designed by Gary Goddard Entertainment and the creation of the indoor waterpark has been handed to Great Waves Inc. (5/3/07) According to local sources the Grand Empire project has been kicking around for a few years, along with a couple of failed construction time tables that would have started construction on it years ago. You can see one such older promotional website where it was part of something called the Funworld Resort and was to have started construction in the summer of 2006. (5/2/07) According to About: Theme Parks, a mega project called Grand Empire is in the works for the greater Atlanta area. In addition to hotel rooms, dining, shopping and convention space the resort also is planning an indoor amusement park and an indoor waterpark. Looks like they been talking with Vekoma as the images shown for the park’s three planned coasters include a new Vekoma Splash Party (wet inverted coaster) that would travel through both indoor parks, a Vekoma Booster Bike coaster and something that looks like a reborn version of the failed Vekoma Hammerhead Stall concept called Big Air.
  19. I can take a good bet she is going to make a lot of money off of it. I am sure she is going to get tons of interviews, and tell her story everywhere about how it is in prison.
  20. I am going to have a car, so is it probably a better idea to drive to work? I heard stories about the bus, and I was wondering how often it goes to the hotels.
  21. But I will be working at a hotel. I honestly cant see to many people wanting to check in at 12:00 at night. Even if for some reason I do have late shifts, I bet there will be maybe one or 2 people an hour even needing anything.
  22. So where will you be working? I was thinking of working at a park at first, but I figured that you probably get a lot more hours, since the parks sometimes close really late for the extra magic hours. I wouldn't want to be stuck working and get home at like 2:00 some nights.
  23. I arrive Aug 13. I didn't want to do the summer part, because I wanted to see my family since I have already been gone for a long time, and doing the program I wont see them for even longer.
  24. You can delete the old thread. I am planning on doing the College Program this Spring, and I was wondering if anyone has done it, or is going to do it. I will be doing Bell Services, if anyone else has done that, or has any knowledge of it. Also, does anyone have any tips, etc, for everything. I am looking forward to it, and cant wait.
  25. I am planning on doing the College Program this Spring, and I was wondering if anyone has done it, or is going to do it. I will be doing Bell Services, if anyone else has done that, or has any knowledge of it. Also, does anyone have any tips, etc, for everything. I am looking forward to it, and cant wait.
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