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  1. I once killed a man. He tried to cut in line so I took him out. Drugged him and threw him infront of a train. I also once hitchhiked from Florida to Los Angeles to go to SFMM. Did some suff I'm not proud of to pay for it. Met some crazy truck drivers.
  2. Its 70 MPH Update on Carnival Triumph in Mobile, AL Your busted Carnival fanboy. Don't you have something better to do then go through all my posts looking for things I said about Carnival? I don't think Carnival is the best cruise line, but you can still enjoy it if you know what to expect. If you have a group of college guys looking for a spring break cruise; why not chose Carnival? If I had a family; of course I would chose a different cruise line but when money is tight and you can get a 5 night cruise for $220 its a great bargain. It may not be Royal Caribbean, but I was able to get a deal on NCL for under $500 for 7 nights to the Caribbean. I have it booked to go to Cozumel, Isla Roatan, Belize, and Coasta Maya. I would chose that in an instant over nearly the exact dates over a RCL that goes to only Cozumel and Key West on one of their smaller ships on a 5 night cruise.
  3. What do you mean by "turn the water level down"? Most rides wont run when its cold. They open it in the summer.
  4. This has been making its rounds on facebook, thought I should share it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5dMkwYCURw&feature=youtu.be
  5. I guarantee if the same thing happened to Carnival you wouldn't be saying that...
  6. Just my opinion, but I went to Nassau and you can find much better places to visit. Outside of the Atlantis area, not worth it at all. Go to a place like Cozumel or Grand Cayman Islands.
  7. No, but any way to PM me what it was? I am really curious, and obviously wont say anything if it will get someone in trouble.
  8. Cirque dreams is actually a knockoff of cirque du soleil. I strongly recommend watching an original one. It is so much better. Especially Las Vegas.
  9. Lets see How I met Your Mother Anthony Bourdain Layover/No Reservations Bizarre foods Family Guy South Park Modern Family Big Bang Theory The Walking Dead And my currently favorite: An American Horror Story
  10. 1) I have always wanted to but am currently have a trip planned for Italy in August 2) Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef 3) Visit Hong Kong- I would love to try all the unique foods 4) Japan- Want to go and would still enjoy it even w/o amusement parks 5) Bali, Indonesia- Looks beautiful and so peaceful 6) Stay in Dubai at the burj al arab 7) See Monchu Pichu in Peru 8) Stay at a hotel on the water on stilts 9) Do an Alaska Cruise 10) Visit the places from LOTR and The Hobbit in New Zealand.
  11. I figured this would be a great place to put it, but for those of you who own credit cards that you get miles, you may want to check this site out. It's tricks how to get the most out of it, and ways to earn more toward free trips. I have a suntrust debit card and I was able to get enough for 2 tix to Italy in half a year, plus another 30k miles to use in the future. http://thepointsguy.com/ (click on beginners guide to start) Also http://www.flyertalk.com has great tips.
  12. Anybody know anything more about this park? I ended up deciding to go to Florence/Rome next August, and I think this park would be awesome for a trip to visit.
  13. Well I call myself a coaster enthusiast but I guess driving an hour for a wacky worm to me isn't worth it. I guess it's quality over quantity. So what does coaster credits really mean to you? I guess to me it's just a number only you care about. I'm kind of curious some ridiculous coaster whoring stories some of you have.
  14. I've always wondered. For me, going to amusement parks is all about riding the best rides. Yes, Theres obviously some better than others, but i wouldnt waste my time for a kiddie ride. With the limited time i get I dont waste any of it. I've seen so many pics of people going to parks that are terrible just to get a credit. So my question is why is it so important to you to have gone on every single ride, when some are clearly not worth it?
  15. Is there enough to do in Tokyo (and maybe day trips) or would it be worth going to Kyoto and Osaka for part of the time. I'm likely staying 8 nights or so.
  16. Thanks for the suggestions. Japan seems like an awesome place. I work with Starwood now (possibly gulfstream; just had a interview) so at the moment I get discounts at Starwood hotels. If i work at gulfstream ill likely make enough money to afford nicer hotels. Would Tokyo/Osaka/Kyoto be a great choice of locations getting after getting a train pass? (With some day trips to parks) Plus another bonus is Atlanta is my main airport and its a lot easier to get flights to Japan than other cities.
  17. Ok here is my situation, I have two free tickets on Delta to fly to anywhere in the US/South America/Caribbean/Europe/Asia (only certain cities in Asia I have enough for). I love going on coasters, but I would also like a place I can overall have an awesome time for someone in their mid 20's. I have been to Europe before so I would prefer somewhere new. I want to be gone for about a week and a half. I am open to various places, and right now Hong Kong is one of my top choices. Japan would be amazing, but I hear it is extremely expensive. So what place has the best selection of coasters, yet still I can have a great trip. I would love to hear some suggestions of trip ideas. I also would have an easier time visiting the parks in the off season, but if I can pull summer off I would like to go then. I am a foodie, so whatever place I go to has to have great selection of food.
  18. Very good deal! Hopefully more ships decide to do this. http://www.examiner.com/article/carnival-cruise-lines-tests-all-you-can-drink-alcohol-package
  19. Make sure to see Iluminate. It ends the day after. I just saw the one at SFOT and I can honestly say it is by far one of the best shows I have seen at a theme park. Completely unique and you will enjoy every minute of it.
  20. If you do a google search, that is the very first picture that shows up....
  21. I found this, and I think if it becomes a reality, it could be awesome. It is a Zombie theme park where you spend the night in a city, and are being chased by zombies. If they catch you, you turn into a zombie and get to chase other people. I would definitely do this. http://www.indiegogo.com/zworlddetroit
  22. I will be visiting SFOT on Sunday July 15. I know it will be busy, but can anyone give me some idea of how long the rides will be? I am thinking of getting the Fast Pass gold, and that should allow me to get on all the rides. I've never been to Dallas area, so I would love some info about what to do with my time. I will be arriving Thursday, and driving to Wichita Falls to see my friend in the Air Force. The plan is Friday drive down to Dallas, stay at the W in Dallas, the first night, and the Sheraton in Arlington the second night. I work with Starwood, so I get a huge discount on those hotels, so I prefer to stay in the area to do stuff both nights. (I got the W for $89 a night and the Sheraton for $69) Sunday I want to visit SFOT, drive my friend to leave for Wichita Falls around 6ish and then I am driving back down to Dallas that night. Please give me some info about other stuff to do in Dallas for the free day, dining spots I should not miss, or any other helpful info. Sorry if this is veering of the main topic, but I can start a new thread, or a PM would be fine if its a problem. Thanks, Eric
  23. I know lots of people here stay at hotels, fly, and various other things to do when traveling for trips. You rack up a lot of points by doing all of this, and I figured to create a topic to help everyone get more points to help pay for the trips, and be able to afford new ones. I have been doing some research and and found some great ways to start. www.Awardswalet.com is a great way to keep track of all of your miles. http://travelhacking.org/edh101985-wants-you This website is $15 a month, and you pay $1 for the first 2 weeks. This website has great tips, and also has a guarantee if you don't earn 25k miles in 3 months, they pay you miles! Plus by clicking on that referrel link, you can help me out and get me miles if you sign up. www.thepointsguy.com- Website that always gives great tips about stuff going on I know everyone likes saving money and taking trips, so if you have any good tips for making trips affordable, post!
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