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  1. Damn I can't wait for this. I'm looking at taking a friend of mine to Osaka and Kyoto next year around Halloween; so I'm thrilled I'll get to ride this.
  2. It's a chinese restaurant in Roppongi. It was really good food. Roppongi is a red light district area so that may be why it's themed to it.
  3. It's a place called robot restaurant. It's a show with robots and it makes no sense but is awesome. Some more pics of it.
  4. 2 more days unfortunately. Both have work so had to make the most of it. We got a lot in for the amount of time.
  5. If we have time we are gonna make it back; but I am not the only one in charge of the trip. My brother is with me who wants to see other stuff also. I'll have pics of hakone and Mt. Fuji later today. Plus we will get one night at Grand Hyatt in Roppongi. Hopefully I'll get pics of Halloween but I'm not sure if everyone will celebrate it this early. I did not come in first for best smile
  6. Here's some pictures. We were at the Park Hyatt (from lost in translation) the first night. Our final night we are in Roppongi at the Grand Hyatt. Is such an amazing hotel. So glad I was able to get a free night stay because it costs $550 normally to stay at those places. Green Tea flavored kit kat bars. Really good. They made the hair to look like a** cheeks! Everyone is so proper. Nobody cuts in line. Kobe A5 steak. Best steak I've ever had. Harajuku No wonder why Mickey is always happy. Gotta try a squid ink burger at McDonalds! Lunch special at Kobe restaurant. Very good value for quality of steak. Tokyo Skytree Sushi on a conveyor belt Nicest bathroom ever been in View of Alaska Our hotel Park Hyatt View of our hotel Takoyaki is one of my favorite snacks raman Coffee and tea for being platinum members Pool from Loat in Translation
  7. Hello, Well I'm in Tokyo now. I just went to Disney Sea yesterday. It was raining. We got the after 6pm pass. All the rides were 40 min and less. We hit every major ride in the park except toy story, which I don't mind to much. The park is amazing. So much fun. Really had a great time enjoying all the rides. Sorry pics are out of order. Don't feel like editing it it now. I also used iphone so the pics aren't the best at night. Gonna go to Yokohama today. I can post more pics from my trip if anyone wants. We decided to so a lot of other stuff besides the amusement parks.
  8. I am going this October to Disney Sea! I can't wait. I went to Japan last year, but didn't have time for Disney. This time I'm going for 5 nights. One night at Park Hyatt, 3 at a inexpensive hotel, and final night at the Grand Hyatt. What does the park do for Halloween? And how long should I expect the lines to mid week?
  9. I think someone needs to do this... www.power961.com/contests/10000-hurricane-harbor-power-payoff/300197
  10. Anyone keep a lookout about this? Maybe they are doing the same as SFMM.
  11. I am glad this thread is brought back! I have some more: San Juan: Beautiful beaches, lots of things to do, great food, and an amazing place to visit. Hawaii: I love the beaches, and lots of things to do around the island. Next trips I hope to take that don't involve amusement parks: 1) Lima Peru- I want to take a friend. I'd love to see Maccu Piccu but I don't think my frequent flyer miles have availability at the time. 2) Bali or Thailand- Haven't decided which one, but want to go for amazing atmosphere, scuba diving, and food. 3) Dublin, Ireland- I hope to visit it during St. Patricks day next year. I live in Savannah, so I want to see how it compares. After all these trips I should have about 180K Frequent Flyer miles left to do something. Haven't decided what. I want to visit every continent, so maybe hit up Australia and Morocco.
  12. My guess it is some heavily themed indoor roller coaster (or thrill ride) that has tons of new elements, or is a new concept.
  13. Nobody would release info 2 years ahead for a drop tower. Don't they usually release info early because it takes so long to build?
  14. Lately I have not paid for any airfare with any trips. I use websites like http://thepointsguy.com and http://www.flyertalk.com for advice on how to get tons of miles and not spend much money. Mainly through credit card sign ups. I currently have 180k delta miles, 5 tickets anywhere southwest/airtran flies and 30k starwood points. If anyone is interested more feel free to PM me.
  15. I'm surprised Puerto Rico doesn't have one. Would be a perfect year round destination for one.
  16. Just got back a week ago from a NCL cruise. Had a great time. Was 7 nights out of Tampa. Went to Belize, Honduras, Coasta Maya, and Cozumel. Everything was excellent. Plus not a lot of kids. Would gladly go on with them again. Didn't try the specialty dining. Still enjoyed the food though. Only thing that would have been better were the shows were geared a little more towards older people. I would next time go on the Epic with the Blue Man Group.
  17. I think that is considered illegal since they are using it (likely without permission...) I think your wrong though. The drop is on the opposite side of the lift hill in the two videos.
  18. Holy how! That is 30 minutes from my family's house in Marietta! Can't wait.
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