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  1. Lost in translation is why I chose it. Plus The fact I got two free nights at any Hyatt in the world after getting a Hyatt Visa credit card certainly helps. Saves us $600 a night. Got a Hilton Visa and got to use the signup bonus points to stay at the Tokyo Hilton for a night. Im using skymiles for the flights so the trip is nearly free. We want to spend one full day sightseeing shinjuku/shabuya/kamakura and go to Robot Restaurant at night. Next day is the fish market, Asakusa, La Qua, and any amusement parks in the area. The third day will be a day trip somewhere. I would do disney but Im not sure if my friend wants to. Im not going to japan for credit whoring. I want to experience unique and new things I wont see anywhere else. I would rather go to a park that is more cultural than one with a kids coaster.
  2. Sorry if this has been answered, but can you buy a individual tix for the coaster? I went to the website, and it doesn't say. Also, we are staying at the Park Hyatt in Shinjuku. What is the best order to hit all the local theme parks in downtown Tokyo in one day?
  3. edh

    Guide to Tokyo

    I intended to stay longer, but with work, and a second trip; a cruise I have planned on NCL for a week in November kept me from it. I will for sure be spending at least two days exploring the city. As much as I love coasters, I love so see and do different things. (Still making time to visit Tokyo Dome). As for Disney, I can see going to Disney Sea, but I can't see myself going to Disneyland. I used to work at Disney, so I have been on all the rides countless times. I may have a connection to get free tickets, so if I can do that then its a no brainer to try going to both parks. We do have a 24 hour layover in L.A heading back to ATL, but unfortunately SFMM is closed and i've already been to Knotts. Our itinerary so far for everything except the last day, an amusement park hopefully. If you have any ideas of the stuff in these areas to see that are unique and worth visiting, I would love suggestions. Day1: (Western Tokyo) 9am: Train to Shibuya Walk around city 12:00pm- Harajuku, Meiji Shrine Lunch around 1:30pm: Lunch Blacows http://www.kuroge-wagyu.com/bc/lunch.html 2:30-6:00- Walk back to explore Shinjuku, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office 4:00-5:00 Get drunk Izakaya Robot Restaurant- 7pm-8pm Dinner Day 2 Wake up 6:00am 7:30AM: sushi breakfast. 9am-10:15:Tsukiji Fish Market- 10:15-10:45- Leave to Asakura 10:45-2:00 Sensoij Temple, explore Asakusa. 2:15-5:15 Akihabara 5:30-6:15- Tokyo Dome (roller coaster) 6:15- Head back to hotel, change 7:30- Leave to restaurant 8:15 Dinner at Kaiseki Kobe 511- http://www.a511.jp/en/menu/#aLunchmenu for 9 course Kobe meal Day 3: Possibly Odaiba for a half day then do the afternoon deal for Disney Sea.
  4. edh

    Guide to Tokyo

    How much time is usually neeeded in Joypolis? Our trip is limited on time (3 full days) so I want to make the most out of it.
  5. Sfog posted another update with another picture of goliath. I am really womdering why they arent givimg any clues (or if goliath is a clue).
  6. Yea what a great idea. Lets tear an airport down just to build a 400ft coaster. will NEVER happen. That airport is for small planes that people use so they can prioritize the larger aircrafts for Hartsfield.
  7. Never gonna happen except for possibly SFMM. That would be stupid for them to build a hotel. Most of these parks are only open from 6-8 months out of the whole year. Disney/Universal are open year round. Even Dollywood is open for the majority of the year because they have the christmas festivals. Pigeon Forge is also a tourist destination where people do other things besides the park. So is Universal/Disney. The others aren't. The only exception is Cedar Point, and if I am not mistaken most of the hotels are closed during the off season.
  8. Unfortunately... It's never been a water park. Hopefully they do something different, but I am not getting the feeling like they are. One more week.
  9. edh

    Guide to Tokyo

    Do you have some reccomendations of places to eat around Tokyo? I bookd the trip and we are staying at the Washington hotel as reccomended. We are going to be exploring the Tokyo area for 3 full days. If you have any cheap places for drinks (any all you can drink?) or other must see things.
  10. Great to hear! I am finalizing my trip to Japan this November. Can't wait to ride it!
  11. Until the park confirms it, it is all speculation. I also think it is a water park expansion, but I am hoping otherwise.
  12. Can anyone this weekend look for survey markers around the area? They would likely be up by now if it was for a new coaster.
  13. Ox tail- Very weird texture. Not a huge fan. Bison- Really good but not to weird, Haven't tried to many weird dishes I remember, but I am going to Tokyo hopefully soon.
  14. I'm surprised this was never posted... http://www.cnn.com/2013/07/24/travel/luxury-cruise-inspection/index.html Silver Sea cruise lines failed health inspection pretty bad. For the amount you pay for that cruise, you would expect higher standards.
  15. If anyone who lives in a state with a Suntrust, I have a way to get tons of frequent flyer miles very easily. I don't want to explain it on here, but send me a PM if you are interested.
  16. edh

    Guide to Tokyo

    I've got a question. I notice you guys have been to Japan quite a number of times. There is a good possibility I may be traveling to Tokyo and Hong Kong for a trip in the future, and I was wondering the best way to plan for it. If it happens (it should, i've got 300K skymiles saved up so airfare isn't an issue) I would likely try and visit Tokyo for about 4 nights and then visit HK for 3-4 nights. Obviously Disney is a must, but do you have any recommendation's for some other things to do besides amusement parks? Any good places for food, drinks, shows, places for video games (my friend is a gamer who will come)?. Just anything else really you recommend to do.
  17. When I was in HS I always liked going on roller coasters and visiting new parks, but never spend long huge conversations about it. I love riding coasters, and going to parks but if I ever wanted to have conversations about it I would go on a message board. I've never felt the need talk about it with friends unless I am trying to convince them to go with me to a park for a road trip. Today I have a full time job and have made other priorities over amusement parks. Although now I found a way to collect frequent flyer miles, so my new hobby has been that so I can travel to new places and go to parks on other countries. Already have 300K Skymiles.
  18. How bad will wait times be on a Sunday the third week of July? I'm going for the first time.
  19. So what are your favorite non amusement park destinations? I was recently in Puerto Rico and I had an amazing time. This winter I am going to the Caribbean on a NCL cruise for 7 nights (leave out of Tampa so may still go to BGT) but obviously that is just a bonus. What are some of the top places you have been to do stuff other than amusement parks? Even if the city has amusement parks, I usually would do one place and the rest of the time do cultural/foodie things.
  20. I've done all 4 parks in one day. It was tiring. We made it to all 3 parks and saw fantasmic at night. This was in March and we got on all the top rides we really wanted to see with waits that we're not that bad. We started at Animal Kingdom, went to MK, Epcot, and Hollywood studios, I used to work at Disney so I've done the rides tons of times but for the people have been once (or none) really enjoyed it. MK will be your hardest to do.
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