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  1. See! I could have had my own action figure.
  2. I addededed you to my list. So far I am 12-6 online. I got spanked by an NOA moderater from their forums!
  3. You're welcome. But I doubt when you were 29, you tried to be a highschooler. Also, those are some sexy red eyes! Is it an LA thing? I have met tons of famous people, but it is always cool. I remember when brian Green and Tori Spelling were gonna do it for the first time and Brian Green had his condom on during school. hahahaha I have an older sister. I blame it on that, yeah that is it. I would never watch a chick show like that on my own. I can't wait till thursday, The OC looks like it will be good this week. Oh crap!
  4. I thought I saw it on there. I always wanted to do that to the people who scared me when I was younger.
  5. When google takes over the world, I bet it will be nice.
  6. www.nintendowifi.com has all your answers. Check there to see if your router is compatible. It is very simple. I am a networking re-re and I got online in minutes. Also, the game only accepts WEP keys, not the passphrase. That was my only problem. XD
  7. Mario Kart DS. Everyone needs this game. NEEDS!
  8. Well you have to use a wireless router, a hotspot or a Nintendo USB dongle dealie. Your DS has everything in it that it needs to utilize one of the above mentioned methods of online gaming.
  9. If I had an extra $150 I would make that happen.
  10. 184743 027500 That is my friend code and my nickname is Riblet. I am online a lot.
  11. My future wife my dogs my video game collection Opening day at cedar Point Rollercoasters Pictures of Collercoasters Pictures of people on rollercoasters No lines at any park Pictures of cute girls Kevin Smith
  12. The WWE has lost a great heel player. He was a favorite character I loved to hate. He was great at what he did and will be missed. I am not a fan of WWE, but he was one of the remaining characters on Smack Down that I did enjoy watching while flipping through the channels. Latino Heat 4eva!
  13. Burnout Revenge on my PS2, before that it was Shadow of the Colossus. I feel dirty playing my PS2 instead of my GCN. Well I will be addicted to Mario Kart DS soon enough.
  14. I wonder if the girl in this movie will grow up and be all hot like Kirsten Dunst.
  15. Well, I am in love with kenny Rogers and his music. He is so talented. No wait, that isn't it at all. My dad's best friend's name was kenny, well kenneth . So I am named after him. My SN is my name. 24ish years in the making!
  16. I bet the last seven kids just walked out. Hotdog thrown down a hallway, that is all. Ok so I lied. These people are having the kids I am never going to have for me. Thanks.
  17. I think prilosec is over the counter now. You can thank me for that. I was a test subject for it. Go see a doctor about your condition. I had it since I was very young and have had countless preceedures and two operations to take care of it. Seriously, it can cause very bad damage. I use to choke on suddefed. That is how bad mine was.
  18. Nintendogs(DS) and World Sieres of Poker(PSP). I like video games. I have a ton of them!
  19. I like chicks. I find guys attractive, but would never swing. I like girl parts way too much.
  20. Lollapalooza '97 Korn, Tool Snoop Dog and Devo. Honorable mentions are ozzfest 2003 and 2005. Also family values '98 with a ton of bands there, including Korn. See a pattern here? Yeah I like music. Also Planet of the Drums tour with Dieselboy, Dara and AK1200.
  21. I am such a swinger, I go both ways. Well driving cars that is.
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