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  1. Awesome. I can't wait to litter peoples towns with them.
  2. Are there pitfalls in this game like the one on the Cube?
  3. I just hope they have matching GBPlayers for the Revolution. Also that ugly green is the one I vote for.
  4. Can you adopt me? You make awesome games. 7th Guest was great. I had no idea you had such a great job. You are the man now dogg!
  5. That is one of the best game series to come out of this generation. It is so solid and fun. I should play the Rose level....damn toys r us for having a sale on many games.
  6. In less than 14 days I will be visiting your towns drawing genitals all over your homesteads. Or bringing fun prizes. Yay, I bring you gifts for my birthday, it is the German way.
  7. Sabastian looks like he is cooking heroine. The drug, not the female hero. I can't spell. Glad you had fun. I wish I could legally play with fireworks.
  8. Where is myth #1!? What a freaking tease. Also my FireFox is acting up, but still.
  9. That is funny and you have pretty eyes. That is all.
  10. Octish '05, System of a Down. Great show.
  11. I have a pretty up to date list of all the games I own in my sig. I bought my GCN before I got my PS2 and I preffer the Cube. I have been a Nintendo fan for a long time and I just don't see any games that are better than Nintendo first party games.I like my PS2, but if I had to save one selfunit from a fire it would hands down be my Nintendo shelf. Anyway I mostly play standard RPGs and whacky Japanesse games on my PS2, and everything(besides sports titles) on my GCN. I love the Cubes controller, it fits nicely in my hands and the button layout is great. If the Xbox drops in price I might get one for a better secondary DVD player. To be honest, there really isn't anything on it that I want to play.
  12. Digweed signed my copy of Groove awhile back. he is pretty much the only trance DJ I like.
  13. I enjoyed it. I got to see an advanced screening on tuesday. I bet Peter Jackson gets his 100mil he fronted for the extra hour of film. I will probably buy this on DVD when it comes out. It was well done and I am glad he directed it.
  14. Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. 3 Super Mario World Super Metroid Super Mario Kart Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Dragons Warrior That is some good gaming time right there.
  15. Sorry for the crappy quality. Free camera phone.
  16. Here is my dog and I engaging in a soft spoken caring conversation. STOP POSTING!
  17. I saw Walk the Line and AEon Flux this past weekend. Both were really good movies. I liked Walk the Line a lot. I don't want to give anything away, but he dies at the end! Anyway, Walk the Line was a great movie. AEon Flux was good, but very weird if you aren't familiar with the original series. At least there is talking in this incarnation. I am possibly going to go see King Kong next tuesday at a private screening for VW employees. I will know friday if I am going. I am excited and hope that I will be able to go.
  18. This is why Nintendo should always make systems and not get out of the console industry. EA would totally kill anything Nintendo related. Entertaining to say the least.
  19. Mario & Luigi partners in Crime What a fun game!
  20. I didn't get an MCSE, but I have seen a study book for it and didn't really look super challenging. It really is up to your personality. I hate school and homework, but I ace tests. I am a better teach myself stufff kind of person than a classroom setting.basically if you excelled in school and learned through that way, take a course, if not go get a book.
  21. I was wondering why Call of Duty 2 runs like crap on my PC. My specs are: P4 2.4 GHz 512 of PC2700 ATi Radeon X700PRO with 256MB GDDR3 I can't understand why. Fable runs perfect with everything jacked up(comparing nVidia recommended titles). Just wondering. Thanks.
  22. I wasn't going to go out and it is hardly a tradition. I hate crowdsa and lines, outside of an amusement park. This was a hey look a video card for cheap, OH! Arrested Development! So yeah, I hate Black Friday. I woke up at 2 am and could go back to sleep, so I looked at the sale ads. Last year I worked at EBGames, one of the highest revenue EB in the state. It was crazy. Never again! Working retail and having a crappy boss, perfect way to have a breakdown. Anyway, I survived and can't wait till after a month from now.
  23. They didn't have those for $100. It was the best I could get for the money I had. So, it is also better than my Radeon 9600.
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