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  1. Got back from the park a little bot ago. Had a blast. Great day. Crowds weren't too bad, but having Fast lane was a savior. I finally got to ride Leviathan. It might be my favorite ride. Very fun and some intense forces. I will upload some pictures for sure.
  2. I drove in to Canada yesterday. Tried to judge how long it might take me to get there since I drove past the 400 north...yeah forgot what time I passed it and there was dumb traffic(people stopping for no reason or minor tire debris). Totally screwed up my planning for tomorrow morning. If anyone needs a ride between Port Hope and Toronto, PM me here. I have a black van, no windows and "free candy" painted on the side(might be joking ). Plenty of room! I can't wait for the morning.
  3. Candlebox, Halestorm and Hellyeah all put on a great live show. You are in for a treat! I haven't seen Aranda and you know Chevelle is good already. I saw some opening band, My Darkest Days maybe? Bush and Nickelback, it was a good show. Not a huge fan of Nickelback, but I absolutely did not want to miss seeing Bush. They really stole the show. It was about 15 years ago that I first saw Bush at the same venue. Pretty sure the opening song they played was the closer the first time I saw them. Still amazing. The covered a Pink Floyd song(forget which one) and Come Together by the Beatles. Great set, wish it was longer. Nickelback was good, but again not a huge fan. Had a good stage presence and showmanship. Glad I went. After seeing Roger Waters The Wall, I think most concerts now won't be so wowing to me. That was one hell of a concert.
  4. I have been known to enjoy an episode or two of anime here and there. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v410/Kenny_Blankenship/DSC_0099.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v410/Kenny_Blankenship/DSC_0100.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v410/Kenny_Blankenship/DSC_0101.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v410/Kenny_Blankenship/DSC_0102.jpg My first anime that got me hooked was Ghost in the Shell many years ago. It is probably my favorite series. I have seen a bunch, as you can clearly see in the above pictures. I really enjoyed Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood and Baccano!(sp?). Haven't had much time lately for my addiction. I did see the first season of Heaven's Lost Property and rather liked that. Was bummed when they decided to not release the second season on Blu Ray. Oh well.
  5. I had a shocktop lemon something or other at the concert I went to tonight. It was ok. Not my favorite, but not the worst beer I have had. But I didn't like the price I paid for it. Making your own beer for $2 a liter, really makes you think about how ridiculous the prices are.
  6. At Rock on the Range. My shirt that you can't see is Rob Zombie flipping the bird. The back says F--- OFF! in huge letters, but not censored. I went to the show saying I wanted a new shirt with a swear word. Shirt get!
  7. I am glad my camera is waterproof and my phone doesn't work in Canada(so it will be at my friend's house). Sounds like fun. Is it the 29th yet?
  8. Hasn't this really been like the worst kept secret ever? Seriously, I think we all know what it is... The Sandusky newspaper even published it! Here, let me remind you all... http://www.sanduskyregister.com/sandusky/belaboring-point/cedar-point/blog-cedar-points-wing-coaster-answers-enthusiasts-prayer More lies by the liberal media! /sarcasm
  9. For the love of god and all that is holy, did anyone save that video? Please PM me if you did. I am going to bed and am going to have a hard time sleeping and I have a Drafting and Drawing test in the morning for my A&P Tech classes.
  10. FYI, it isn't peace sign. It is V for Victory. Like in Pokemon(yeah I know Japanese not Chinese), Ash always flashes a V when he captures one of those many little pocket monsters.
  11. I just recently purchased a Xbox 360 and am in love with it. I was wondering if there was any game on it so far or in the process of being made coming out for the 360. Maybe not even 360. I have a PSP, DS, GBA(X4!!), GCN and PS2. I have a little extra cash to burn and would like to support a game made by a cool guy. Of course if you can't talk about up coming projects, that is understandable.
  12. I like how Nintendo Friendly this board is. That being said I can't wait for the Revolution. I hope that is the final name too. I am actually looking forward to playing FPS games again. The last FPS game I played and enjoyed was Call of Duty 2, before that I really couldn't tell you. Maybe Quake II? Also the gun games like Time Criss or house of the Dead and such could be really with a gun attachment or even just the controller. I think a ping-pong game or tennis games would be a blast. Next -Gen doesn't start until I get a Rev. The best thing about the 360 so far for me is that I can buy the controller and use it on my PC so I can finally finish Fable.
  13. FINISH IT! I promise you will enjoy the time and work and boringness of sailing to play it to the end. Seriously. Or get and Action Replay and get all the treasure maps or hell give yourself all the shards. It really is one of the better Zelda games if you look beyond the sailing.
  14. I think/hope he did. I mean the reaction Ryan had on his face, the hand going limp. It just points to yes. then again people tend to have nine lives on that show. Well except for the old guy who died. Also I like Summer's character more with ever episode.
  15. I liked the streaker sheep ad. That was the bee's knees!
  16. Got a few new people... pvcoasterguy 4596-2433-3803 Kyle Tokyo ------------------ Homer 4982-7896-6146 Homer ROFLton 4810-9984-7741 Riblet Fuchin (Golden Sun for GBA, not a censor bypass) Please visit my homble little town of chi power!
  17. I only wish I had some Red Bull, oh well I am finishing it off tonight after dinner. My friend's phone woke me up...oh well he just got home from Iraq, I guess it can slide.
  18. If it is wrong to eat an entire bag, I don't want to be right.
  19. I wish they would have had a longer running of Clerks the animated series. But hey, Clerks II should be a fun trip.
  20. I can't wait till saturday. I think I am going to explode.
  21. The person who decided not to view the replay of Young with his knee 3 feet deep in the ground then pitching the ball for a touchdown should be shot. USC won, Texas didn't.[/rant]
  22. I was more or less talking about other peoples towns from another forum. I am going to run through flowers and chop down trees. I would never hurt anyones town here. You guys rock.
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