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  1. OMFG! I hate retail and black friday. It took me 1 hour to get this poop from Best Buy. BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I would have taken pics of hte line, but my camera phone bites and doesn't have a light on it. I still have to go back out and get 24 for my mom and dad....stupid after thought gifts! ATi Radeon X700 PRO My new baby. Arrested Development seasons 1&2, Family Guy DVD and Dookie for $5!
  2. I think I will wait for games that I want to play before I decide on my non-nintendo console for the next generation.
  3. AHAHAHA you are so dorksided. My gorgiles are gonna kill your Jesus fish! Funny gargoyles are on churches to ward off evil spirits... She makes me glad that I am not the dumbest person on earth. Also, GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE IN JESUS NAME!
  4. YOU LOOK LIKE HEROIN BOB! Who is that!!!??? :shock: He is from a movie called SLC Punk. I hope at least one other person here has seen it. It is a good flick. Worth a rental.
  5. ....oh yeah! Sorry, it has been [insert lame excuse here].
  6. Um, Legend of Heroes for the PSP, RCT3 and the add-ons(I have a "trial version" and would like a legal copy, I mean full version!). that is about it. Oh and my little bro to come back from Iraq asap and to never have to go back.
  7. You work for EA? YOU WORK FOR THE DEVIL! Challenge nothing, am I rite?
  8. I find this funny, cause I am a PSP owner and have like 4 games for it. Games are not it's strong suit. Being expensive sure is though! If I knew I would have to wait 9 months for an RPG, I would have saved my money. Also the giga-pak is a slap in the face. I so totally hate Spider Man 2, it inhales vigously and wow I am one of the million suckers who paid $250 for a fingerprint magnet with no games. In other news Katamari coming to the PSP was a no brainer cause Sony has some major FU money to make other companies do weird things. See Soul Calibur III being PS2 exclusive when SCII sold way more copies on the Gamecube than the Xbox and PS2. Also Resident Evil 4. But I digress. If this game goes online and I can roll up kids from all over the world, I will be happy!
  9. I can't share my wallpaper because it has my girl's nudity in it. Also my old ringtone was Thunder Kiss '65 but I need to recompress it.
  10. Me! hopefully my girl will get a DS and that game. She enjoyed the Cube version. I hope I am not winning in a race on ACDS and you guys all disconnect on me. Back to MKDS, I unlocked all the secret characters and 7 karts for each character. Now I need to gold the retro cup to get the last raceing unlockable.
  11. My other addiction, is well video games. I have decent collection. Just showing that I am not talking out of my lowerhalf orifice. I can recommend some DS and GBA games. Pac-Pix is very cool. It was one of the first DS games that didn't feel like a glorified tech demo not made by Nintendo. You draw Pac-Man on the touch screen and move him around, it is rather cool. If you are into oldschool top down space shooters, nanostray is fun and very challenging. Nintendogs is a staple to the DS library. Training dogs is hard work, but this game makes it fun and rewarding. Mario Kart DS is a must, especially if you have a wireless router or eat at McDonalds a lot. Online Mario Kart in the TPR clan is lots of fun. Mr. Driller is a great game. It got me through the winter when good games were few and far between last year. As others mentioned, Kirby and Warioware are fun games. I got a pink stylus from Nintendo for buying Kirby for the DS. It is now my primary stylus, pink is so manly! Warioware is tons of fun. As for GBA, I cannot recommend Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga enough. It is probably the best game on the GBA made by Nintendo. The story is funny, the characters are great and the gameplay is topnotch. It is in the same vein as MarioRPG from the SNES and the Paper Mario series. Mario Vs. Donkey Kong is a great puzzle platformer. There are over 100 levels to grab your brain and turn it into mush. Advance Wars games are great strategy games. It is a challenge for all ages and lots of fun to play with friends. If I remember correctly, it has pass it around multiplayer. So you can play four people with one GBA and game cart. The Pokemon games are fun, even though the cartoons are annoying. Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap is another must buy game for GBA. It would be my favorite Zelda game if I didn't have all the fond memories with Link to the Past on my SNES when I was younger. I could go on forever. Well there is my recommendation in under eleventybillion words!
  12. My betterhalf gets a good discount, like 20%ish off of contract service from Cingular cause she works for VW of NA.
  13. You guys win the internet. Thank you for a great laugh. Although I would love to see some match making on here. It would make it feel even more like a community. Amazingly enough, my ugly mug is taken. But if hell freezes over and we split up, this will be the first place I will look for love.
  14. I was just complaining about a race I just had. I was racing some little kid(I am guessing it was a little kid cause he had 0 wins and his name was in lower case letters). It is just annoying. I would have a way better record if not for that. I wish the penalty for disconnecting was more than just a loss. It screws the leader not them since they are losing anyway. *shakes fist at Nintendo* EDIT: I swear I find the worst players on the planet. I mean it can't be all of a sudden I get in a commanding lead and oops connection went out. Seriously, I don't even want to play online anymore.
  15. I am going to say this, if anyone here disconnects from an ass beating, you will be off my friends list. I am not saying anyone would, just fore(for?) warning. This is the most agravating thing. I was whipping someone and they disconnected. GRRRRRRRRR! Take your beatings! Oh well. That pisses me off. I would have a lot more wins by now.
  16. I suggest doing this. If I had a $ for everytime I have done this, I would be rich....or have even more video games. I will be done adding everyone after this post.
  17. We can call each other and not cost anything, well as long as you have the in the network calling....I am a newbie to Cingular.
  18. I have added everyone else who posted their codes. I hope to give you all an easy win.
  19. I have seen a $600 bill before. Screw you Verizon, screw you.
  20. I got hosed tonight online. haha I suck so bad.
  21. I tried to take a pic of my emblem, but I can't get a clear pic. I added fire! That is the best I can do
  22. If we are counting things our head ran into, my head against any Vekoma OTSR.
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