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  1. Dani California - Red Hot Chili Peppers The best Alternative rock group out there
  2. Dude that is screwed up that they took out Millionaire! I mean they have to have room on the outside of the park to put mania in! That is just plain wrong! First DCA's Millionaire and now this!?
  3. Congrats Robb! It is so cool that you have a girl now. We are adopting a baby from China and the wait is taking forever so Kristin might be the same age as my soon to be lil' sister! Since I am under age I sent you a E - Cigar ! ( ) _____________________________________________ ( l l Original Cuban l ) ( - l______l______________________________________l
  4. Dude this is totally bogus ! I mean Disney gets sooooo much crap from injuries and they get sued so much it's CRAZY ! People put themselves into harm's way so they could get a few hundred buck and go home happy. But they dude who passed away on Big Thunder was Disney's fault from a mechanical error. But this is STUPID !
  5. Truth be told , I have never been to WDW . But i hope to go someday. I really liked it from a newcomers point of veiw as well. I thought seeing Mary poppins horse was cool ! That movie was one of my all time favorites when I was 6 or 7 but I am glad you are having a good time. >> Jake Still waiting for Cinderella to date me
  6. Well this is interesting. With Toy Story being at MGM and DCA , Disney will have to change some stuff . ( Just like Buzz Lightyear ) I am still wondering about the new water show, and Carland. If that is the real name of the new land , then i am dissapointed. I know Disney could have a better name then that. But we shall have to wait!
  7. Well I am 14 and I have been to Disneyland HUNDREDS of time. Tower is a good ride. Like Jahan said if he's in good health, let him ride it. Both might scare him but that's the way it goes i guess. Tower is a great ride. But not as scary as Indy. I hope this helps you out .
  8. I really like Disneyland at Christmas time. California Adventure is pretty cool too. But Disneyland beats it all.
  9. Uh if you zoom in on the picture, then you will notice it is vodka, man those Euros can't get any wackier than drinking windex straight ! But sreiously it was a ok TR. Some of the caption were a little to raunchey.
  10. Pregnant .................. or .......................not ? i can't tell but Maybe the facial expressions will help finding out . It's proven that women get mad when they're pregnant . And besides When The running of the bulls to tatsu was happening , SHE SKIPPED OUT ! hhmmmmm . wonder what that was about ............................... Either she's pregnant or she just got screwed sitting with dave ............. But that's another story !
  11. THAT WAS SICK ! I know you have a stressful job , but dude ! that was scary ! I mean europeans do some weird thing s especially french people , but i have never seen anything like this !
  12. Cool pics , I thought it was funny looking at the caracters because , wonderwoman looked nothing like the REAL one and batman was waaaay to ugly ! or was that the mask ? lol anyways i'm glad you had a good time . >> jake
  13. Cool pictures . i really liked them . >>disneylanddork50
  14. Dude alot of the time when i got to disneyland matterhorn is ope. it is closed from now until december 18th i believe . but it will be open before christmas . but i understand your point . they should just put new track in and leave it for three years . anyways g2g ttyl CINDERELLA IS HOT !
  15. Dude ! ! ! ! ! That video was AWSOME ! you have to do more of this . I loved it . - chants - do more do more do more ............. anyways , that was really good . great graphics and good way of making Elissa look like she has lost her marbles. Robb was good . Robb sounded too much like the Crocodile Hunter though .
  16. Dude that looks soooo evil . I don't know why parks do that . It is a waste of cash to me . But if the park gets money from the event , I guess I shouldn't care .
  17. Dude ! this ride is going to be awsome ! from the drops it sound lind of like Mystery Mine at Dollywood . I can't wait for this one to open up !
  18. Dude ! you are sooooo lucky ! i wish that kind of luck would happen to me sometime ! from the looks of things you got some actual airtime on HK's Space Mountain ! but wow the footage was good and the photo captions were funny as always ! keep showing more of this stuff !
  19. MAN ! That was funny ! You should put that on a DVD and sell it with Robb ! that was really cool I pound you for it .
  20. hey i might be able to make it to the midwest trip .that will be alot of fun !i will se if i can swing it . meet the girly vader !
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