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  1. OH. My. GOSH! ! ! ! I'm sooooo doing this! ! ! ! ! If it's not a free fall, then what exactly is it?
  2. mickey's face is up on the Sun Wheel!!! Hopefully the opening date will be bumped back down earlier than May 7th now!!!
  3. ^^ I agree that that's probably what they're doing regarding the PP remodel first. I'm looking foreward to Buena Vista Street the most. If they can nail down another part of Walt's life in a Main Street-esque way, then this thing will be a major success. I know we're nowhere near close to the finish line on Phase 1, but has anyone heard anything about the potential phase 2?
  4. Micechat has posted an updated picture of the Fun Wheel. The Ears are shaped around the main circle. I've been hearing that the Fun Wheel should open up around May 7th or 8th. The Boardwalk games just soft opened, and will have an official "opening" tomorrow. http://darkbeer.smugmug.com/gallery/7837899_jTkCK#507818445_5t7GU
  5. My what a bunch of pessimists we have on here.... in my mind, I think it's going to be better than what we had. We're going from cookie cutter/cardboard cutouts, to at least some 3-D 1/2 decent rides...and we won't actually know if this whole refurb will bring in guests or not until the refurb is actually done! What a revelation...
  6. Wow.....that's CRAZY!!! And those trains look like the Haunted Mansion on Steriods.....
  7. the gondolas are slowly coming back onto the Fun Wheel. It seems like these two are orange and purple..... The fun wheel is expected to reopen April 24th, as well as the Games of the Boardwalk. Expect some updated pictures soon..... >>Jake
  8. Nicole Ritchie at Disneyland this past Valentine's Day. I never realized how skinny she really is..
  9. I heard talk that the sunburst logo might have some really awesome lighting effects and tie in the versa tubes, most commonly seen at concerts, anyone have any confirmation on this? If it's true, then I totally underestimated the new logo....overall PP is looking great, and I really can't wait to see all of it when it's done.
  10. Sad, but true. I wanna see Disney splurge and buy one of these for a ride design in the new Shanghai park.
  11. As much as you're right, I think it'd be better if it stayed. I mean, would you like to ride CS and not have water there? The addition of the Silly Symphony Swings will sail over the water, the Golden Zephyr already does that, and we wouldn't have the new World of Color water show. Plus, if they were to add anything, I'd like it if they had a boat tour of the bay. That's about it with what you can do to the bay. Or, if we were to see the demise of Mulholland Madness/Goofy's Sky School, and a newer "E" Ticket attraction, I think it'd be cool if they brought in the new Eagle Coaster S&S has been working on, and have it tunnel under the walkway, and have it skim the water. No, not themed to Crush, but have a classic character, and have it well themed. Speaking of well themed attractions, The maliboomer is really going to look like a piece of $#!T when the full refurb is done. The parachute drop probably won't happen because of the underground infrastructure the Maliboomer has now, so if we have to do a retheme with that, why not to Pete's Dragon. Make a lighthouse facade around the towers, add white rotating lights to the top, paint the towers a faded maroon red, and there you go! A new attraction, with a Victorian theme tied in. Ok, I'm done ranting.
  12. Dang, TDL is really amazing!!! Their TOT totally kicks @$$ in appearance. I think that one is the best looking out of all the TOT's. Plus they have weird flavored popcorn.
  13. This thing opens in may, and they've got that much up already? Dang. It's going to be a great coaster. haha i'm just suprised it's a Woodie coaster, themed after a movie with Liquid Steel involved....oh well, that's Six Flags for ya!
  14. ^^ As far as I know, nothing. But it is a bit out of date with most of everything in Tomorrowland. With the White Space Mountain, and the new retro look of the subs, and monorail, the bronze AO doesn't seem to fit. I heard this on Micechat, so I honestly don't know if it's true or not.
  15. I've heard a rumor that the Astro Orbitor at Disneyland might not make it to see the end of the summer. IF this case is true, I would love to see it make a return to the top of the Peoplemover station. And since Disneyland has two of these attractions, I would love to see this become more extreme. What if they design a way to make the jets rotate upside down?
  16. Ok with the AP preview of IASW today, the video leaked to youtube. I personally think Disney did a great job of "hiding" the characters throughout the attraction, and think that this was a bit overhyped.
  17. Hahahaha maybe Disney's finally getting something exciting........
  18. Man, I can't wait to see construction photos!!!! It was really hard to follow the track layout on the video. From what I can tell, this isn't going to be a huge tower like Top Thrill Dragster, and kingda ka. It seems like it's going to have a giant, smooth turnaround.
  19. Found this on youtube. I really hope someone buys the design for this ride. I want to ride this!!!!! >>Jake http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGv3i9hjFgo
  20. nothing's planned. It's a good ride. I wish they had more of a storyline behind the ride...
  21. LMAO Man, that's some funny stuff! I'm really considering texting ryan..... I might be a rebel and leave him alone....unlike some people hehe
  22. I'd just say rent a car. It'd be much more convienent for you and your dad instead of taking all of the public systems. That way you can get around when you want to, and not have to worry about getting to the bus on time, then worry about catching the train, etc. Plus, when in Cali, rent a Mustang Convertible. It's SOOOO worth it. Hope this helps! >>Jake
  23. this should be a great addition. I agree, parks have caught on to the Disney idea of add music and new effects and wham bam you have a new ride. This should be a great *new* ride, can't wait to see some concept art!
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