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  1. <-- Mine is also at Holiday World, very excited to be on the Doggone Trail. And with that girl. ^
  2. ^^ Not saying that they couldn't use that road--however, without that road, resort operations would come to a standstill. It's what connects wardrobe, HR, both parks' operations offices, and USF's employee cafeteria (among other things) to the parks themselves and each other. Without a new route being devised and implemented first, the resort would be, if not completely paralyzed, then at least paraplegic. And it's really not wide enough to accommodate both things. So, if they're going to do it, they need to rearrange some stuff no matter how you look at it. Having said that, with the potential payoff they might be seeing, there's no reason why they couldn't move heaven and earth to accomplish it.
  3. ^ It's perfectly simple: Stavros, the Greek fisherman, finds a magical seahorse (Hermes) which leads him to Atlantis. He encounters shadiness and duplicity there, but tourists are already on the way to check the place out and nobody listens to him. He tasks Hermes with guiding the tourists through Atlantis and keeping them safe--for the Atlanteans are indeed not as friendly as they first appear. Hermes goads them into revealing their true nature by start a water fight with Allura (the Siren), who then transforms into Scrylla (the Gorgon/Medusa thing). She hurls water blasts at you, which shake Atlantis and expel you! But she's not done yet. She draws you back into Atlantis and is about to consume you among the wrecked ships, when Hermes flies in and dispels her, allowing you to escape along the path she was blocking. Duh.
  4. That was the gift Smisty brought! I contributed the pizza cutter. /Robb supplied the vaginas.
  5. Guys, guys, Smisty didn't leave me. It was just too expensive for both of us, so I left her in the car. I drew the short straw. /Still not hearing your apologies.
  6. I believe it was around $20 per person. And I'm pretty sure we paid full price, or close to it. I blame Bryan.
  7. That's too much. Also, I should probably mention that cameras are not permitted, but it's okay to take pictures with your cell phone. That can't be right. Maybe it's just that there's no flash photography. I've blocked a lot of this out, but I'm pretty sure it's the first one.
  8. Since everybody likes Smisty so much better than me all of a sudden, I'm replacing her with Bryan until you all apologize. Erik & Bryan's Titanic Adventures! Because we're both fat, you see. And also, because we went here: Titanic The Experience In the early days of our courtship, Bryan and I were looking for something romantic and indoors to do, possibly involving a large number of people dying. So where else could we go?? This is the best part of the exhibit, because at this point you still have your illusions. I am Mr. Eugene Daily, 3rd Class Passenger. I enjoy dancing a jig, and being locked in the steerage sections of sinking cruise ships. Bryan paid extra (I made that up) to be a fancy-pants Second Class Passenger, a one Mr. Joseph Laroche. But they fooled him, because they made him a black guy. Ha ha, Bryan, you're dead! "You gentlemen know that you're grown adults, right?" He then quizzed us on how much we'd been paying attention by making us guess which way the boat in the painting was sailing...?! Somehow, we passed. So we got to see this junk. I'm sorry, I shouldn't call it junk. What's an old-timey word for junk? Like, crapola? We kept telling them that we needed separate bedrooms, but they didn't believe us! I don't think there were that many exit signs on the real Titanic. (Or maybe that was the problem...?!) Ah, there's nothing I enjoy more than looking at stairs that I'm not allowed to climb! This ghostly voice was recovered from the wreckage of the Titanic. It now haunts Titanic The Experience here in Orlando. Oh my god, it's Edith! And she's going to crash us! I'm just kidding. This place sucks. Hey, I lived! Sweet! Let's check in on the black dude.... Oh, I'm sorry, Bryan. Better luck next time. I don't think I've ever seen a model of a destroyed thing before. Neat...? Bryan, no! We'll get kicked out! Um...on second thought, touch away. The gift shop is a little sparse. I'm not just being my usual witty self, by the way. That's pretty much the look of the whole "gift shop." Okay, but seriously, can *you* tell which way this ship is sailing? It's devilishly clever! If you think you know the answer, write it down on a clean sheet of 4x6.2 inch paper, fold it in half lengthwise, and then throw it in the trash. Damn, Misty is smart.
  9. ^^ While it's true that I don't think very highly of Epcot as an amusement park, it *is* one of my favorite malls. /Just ahead of Uncle Bernie's.
  10. We bought annual passes, have already used them several times, and are still eager to go back--so I would say yes. We tend to like well-balanced parks, rather than being pure thrill-seekers, though. Speaking only for myself, I would rank Florida's theme parks thusly: 1. SeaWorld 2. Islands of Adventure 3. Legoland 4. Busch Gardens 5. Animal Kingdom 6. Universal Studios 7. Hollywood Studios 8. Epcot 9. Magic Kingdom So use my other rankings to put my feelings about Legoland into some sort of context.
  11. There are two ways of assessing Legoland Florida. If compared directly to Central Florida's theme park giants--Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld/Busch Gardens--Legoland is a bit small and rough around the edges. On the other hand, if viewed strictly as a kids park, then it must be said that Legoland Florida is the best kids park ever. As someone who hasn't played with Lego in 30 years, my first thought when I saw how the park was divided up, was that there were too many areas, and that they didn't make a whole lot of sense in relation to one another. It was only once I saw today's Lego themed product lines that the whole thing started to make sense to me. Lego Kingdoms In my opinion, Lego Kingdoms is the best, most well-themed area of Legoland Florida. The first thing we come to upon entering the gates is a fun little flat ride by the name of Merlin's Challenge. I honestly don't know who built the thing or what its technical name is, but it's sort of halfway between a Himalaya and one of those old turtle rides. Ooh, a new credit! Er...kind of. Well, it's new for Smisty, anyway. Basically, Legoland took Cypress Gardens' existing Vekoma roller skater, got themselves some new trains, and and added a dark ride section to the beginning of it. The storyline seems to be that you're, um, going through a castle. With the usual drunken monk debauchery. Then Merlin puts an end to the fighting with a magic computer. Unfortunately, this releases a dragon! But it's okay, because Merlin has bats! The transition from the dark ride section to the lift hill is very slow and uneventful, and there's really no theming during the coaster part--but still, it's a dark ride and a fun little roller coaster, so I'm really not complaining. Plus, Legoland's very relaxed when it comes to things like on-ride photography. Unfortunately, they're also very relaxed when it comes to things like directional signage--which makes exiting The Dragon an adventure unto itself. Giftshop Battle Princess Here, we see a real princess getting two little boys to fight over her. The only eatery in the Kingdoms section of the park is Castle Burger. And while the burgers are actually pretty tasty, I can't say that I'm particularly impressed with Legoland's food overall. I just report what I see. Lego pig. (Look, *you* come up with a better caption!) Royal Joust is one of the few attractions at Legoland Florida that adults are not allowed to ride. Which is a shame, since it looks kind of fun. Still, it's hard to complain since there are only two or three things in the entire park that adults can't do. (And there's none of this "adults must have a child" nonsense. Either you can or you can't. And mostly, you can.) The last attraction in Lego Kingdoms is The Forestmen's Hideout. It's a play area, with bridges and climby things. Wait, how did I get up here?? Oh well, guess I'll just have to slide down. Wheee. Oh, bother. Now I seem to inexplicably find my self on the rope and block contraption. Will my perplexity never cease?? "Raven" is the name of our car. So...okay, I guess that makes sense. I'm not sure why these Lego wolves are in a wooden cage. None of the other Lego creatures, dangerous or not, are imprisoned. Good sir! Good sir! The wolves are escaping! Oh, alas! Hark, a means of escape! Oh, alright, I'm done. The princess doubts my self-photo-taking skills. Or, she's just disgusted by us. Hard to say. We certainly aren't disgusted with Legoland, though. In fact, we quite love it. Especially Lego Kingdoms. As always, thanks for reading. Now comment. (Please?)
  12. Well, it's not less good than the rest of Kennedy Space Center....
  13. On Anastasia Island, in St. Augustine, is a confused and somewhat sad 18-hole mini golf establishment called... Anastasia Miniature Golf Yay, mini golf! And ice cream that used to be hand dipped but isn't now, I guess! This back door is apparently the entrance. Yeah, that's the ice cream. I am disappoint. And this is the exit from the club house out onto the course here at Anastasia Miniature Golf. So...this way, then? Do NOT feed the American fish here. You will be arrested. I really like the lumber holding the tree branches up. I think I might add this photo to this thread's index! So...there's a brand new wooden railing on the left, but I have to walk on the right.... Sure, I'll just do that. Thanks for the tip! I can't remember why I took this photo. To show everyone how sweaty I was?? This is just weird. Let me just say that this is way more terrifying in person. All the Smisties look like little smants. Really? I'm with you, Smisty: Let's get out here.
  14. Certainly not! I just miss Dollywood. I'm glad you're taking up the slack!
  15. ^ It was around lunchtime--maybe 1:00pm or so--on an early September weekday. We were quite shocked at how empty it was, ourselves, to be honest. We really didn't know much about it going in. But we quite enjoyed the experience. In other new news.... I mentioned at the end of the update that we were heading to Ohio for vacation. For anyone who may have missed it, here's our Cedar Point/wedding/Merry-Go-Round Museum/random other stuff TR from Sandusky.
  16. It was not crowded at all. At one point, Maverick had a 45 minute wait, but other than that, no ride had more than a 15 minute wait all day. And the houses basically had no lines at all. This was on Sunday, September 25th. I'm told that the park was much busier the day before, and I would suspect that things probably heat up as Halloween approaches.
  17. For me, "water coaster" is a meaningless phrase. It's pretty much just marketing hype for "log flume." /If it floats, it's not a coaster.
  18. Um...he was thin, about six feet tall, with dark hair and muttonchops. Like that?
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