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  1. A friend of mine posted this on facebook. I thought I would share it here since it is a pretty sweet picture. Enjoy. Rainbow
  2. Finally watched the episode, the music was fantastic, and sues punch and stick throwing haha unfortunately ever since kurt left I've grown to hate his character so the kiss had nothing in it for me because I didn't care whether he finally got what he wanted. Blackbird was very good though. Anyone else notice how Quinns acting has far outdone the others? Guess doing movies has really helped her mature.
  3. I agree with this because I also like Artie and Britanny. "A stork is building a nest outside my window."
  4. What I learned last night that surprised me: Will can sing in falsetto and when he does sounds exactly like Gwyneth lol Also, cucumbers can give you aids.
  5. Played catch up and did Feb. 11 as well got an 8/20 on that one... As for March 11/20! Woot
  6. Yes sorry, like I said it was quite rambely. I meant no offense and your analysis was quite good, and LOOONNGG I used you using them to try and prove my point lol. Next time I'll just step away from the keyboard because I think I lost my point somewhere in my ramblings. I also seemed to have missed your point David so apologies! so AHEM ::cough cough:: KITTENS!!!! Moving on now. Chris "Will not let himself post rambling nonsense and will just post one sentence instead" Damm
  7. I forgot to vote this year, oops! But Ive never ridden Voyage so I wouldn't have helped it. On another note, I really dislike when people say that 1 person decided the poll, this is sorta aimed at David but not in a bad sense. To me, despite it being true that Robb and Elissa seemingly affected this ranking, they did not single handedly bring it down. How many people out there could have voted and helped Voyage (legitimately) but forgot to vote? To me, unless one single person votes, then the outcome isn't decided by one person. If the final score is 6-3, it isn't because they ranked something better it is also because other people ranked things better. I don't know if that really makes any sense at all, hard to tell with Robb brain scrambling going on, but basically I just really hate it when people say one person affected a poll when more then one person voted or didn't vote. If we go by the logic of Robb and Elissa deciding it by adding two losses, then why not instead go by the logic of, John Doe and Jane Doe didn't vote and they would've given it two wins so it is OBVIOUSLY their fault for not voting. Chris "I'm done rambling semi-nonsensical nonsense now I promise" Damm
  8. Here were my thoughts on the Beast when I first rode it. First drop, semi-speedy, long straights kinda boring, oh geez second lift I'm bored how overrated...OMG HELIX OF DEATH!!!!!! Ride over. 7/`0 7 for the helix none for the rest lol Poll looks good though still sad that I've never ridden any of the top intiman woodies.
  9. ^THE TRIMS ARE GONE!??! I mustve missed that in all that crap posted the past few pages... Just kidding, anyway I find it amazing that people with experience tend to be right more than internet experts, AMAZING!
  10. Park is 5 hrs from here but I am 99% sure we will be on night shift at that point. Still a chance they make us run day shift but it isn't likely. TPR events elude me more then the g-spot... All in good time though these events are getting closer to me every year!
  11. Gonna agree with the consensus here. I think if you have an already great ride, like MF, Diamondback, S:RoS, etc., theming won't make it better. I think it plays a huge factor into smaller rides or coasters, like Stunt Coaster, Mummy, Skull Mountain, log flumes, etc. I also believe that a well themed ride will draw more people to it if they don't know what it is.
  12. Did not vote because I haven't ridden any of them but that poll now has an eerily similar feel to the T Express thing. Oh well lots of love for Arthur for putting all of those polls together!
  13. Whenever I ride a coaster that overachieves my expectations I get a surprise soaki.......wait misread that, umm yeh definetely was surprised by the amount of soaking I received, from water, when I rode the front row of Blazing Fury in Dollywood.
  14. LOL! It's true! If you google "Too fat to ride roller coaster" it's one of the first options that comes up! If your "Where in the world" threads were as easy as that, I'd be swimming in bags-o-crap
  15. For one, I found the other site by googling "too fat to ride coasters" only a few sites came up. Second, I think that they are actually helping this site because you know you're higher end of awesome when someone feels required to hate you and make a page "proving" so, take the dark knights sucks website as example. Third and COMPLETELY on topic, is "crank" phone call a west coast lingo? Always heard it and called it a "prank" phone call. Wasn't sure if that was a pop/soda type thing.
  16. I figured the butt hurt part was a big clue as to the fact that I totally am on Robbs side
  17. Well I guess my TPR days are over, I mean they have more evidence over there then the world has batman clones! I never knew you banned people for sheer rudeness, or went off on people because they were telling you that what you saw with your own eyes was wrong! BLASPHEMY I'M OUT! Oh no, I just realized that i've made this overly sarcastic and silly post for only one of two reasons using butt hurt logic: 1)I'm afraid of the dictator and so morph my opinion to avoid bantron/fairy 2)I'm a blind fanboy! Or you know I actually have the capability to own my own opinions and mistakes...crazier concept then a 140mph thousand loop coaster!
  18. The point of this post is this. There is a contest going on from a local Photographer and the Bride-to-be that gets the most votes wins a $3500 photo package. I write this because my fiance is in this contest! All that needs to be done is to go to the website linked below, register (Unfortunate I know, so sorry for this part ) And then click vote. I am being a whore and I know it, but this would be so awesome for us if we can pull it out. If you help out thank you so much! If you decide not to, I respect that and thank you at least for reading this! Here is the link: http://acptrophybride.com/2011/02/erin-moeller/
  19. I love the color in your skies, so awesome! Great report!
  20. Did anyone else think of Reboot when they read this? Good old days of cartoons right there...
  21. I use the droid x app for that as well, I was just curious though that's awesome!
  22. How do you go about the panoramic photos? Those are awesome, I can do it on my phone but was wondering how you did it since they don't look like phone pictures! Awesome TR, that place is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
  23. This thread never gets old. On a serious note, the "water" marked photo of the castle is actually kinda awesome as a photo lol Anyway back on topic...
  24. ^^^It's funnier that there is a memgenerator watermark on there haha The tagline should read Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, & Watermarks. just my 2 cents
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