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  1. Currently playing: PS3: World Cup South Africa (USA Full tourney, Irish Captain Your Country) PS3: Lego Harry Potter (EPIC EPIC FUN) Computer: League of Legends PSP: FF Tactics: War of the Lions (Almost done, currently grinding to prolong the game further!)
  2. Argh and half! Sunday is no go as I have to be to work by 10pm in Ohio haha Chris "Always so close to TPR events yet still so far!" Damm P.S. It is awesome to see the branching of these "bash" events to other parks!
  3. I for one am excited to roll into my second season at the Point's Halloweekends this year. One re-themed house and a new path for Terror Island due to STR! As for what you posted the Sleepy Hollow does sound pretty awesome.
  4. Wow at Switzerland, good for them. Really unfortunate that there have been some very good, close games and yet the dang trumpets is all anyone is talking about. It makes me sad inside...
  5. Actually for reference I found that I had photoshopped two of the photos, meaning to color isolate then forgetting. The picture of twister outside the stadium and the picture of Iron Dragon and Corkscrew from the Wildcat midway. I actually hate how they look compared to the other ones because I believe that the natural B&W looks so much better. But hey to each his own! And I love the dullness comment! Criticism is fun thanks for viewing!
  6. Thanks for the comments! Also thanks to everyone who viewed but didn't comment, I just like to know people look! The Bosco Sticks were exciting until I finally tried them yesterday, not so much anymore they are kinda cheap imitations and, like the rest of the park, small for the price.
  7. Ok so you are thinking, "Oh no another Cedar Point TR, yawn!" Well I would be too, but that is why I am here to present it in black and white! I also took lots of photos of the All Wheels Extreme show because my girlfriend Erin stage manages it and wanted some photos, which means you get to see them too! I have no notion of what the lines or rides were like because I actually didn't ride anything. The pictures are in the same order as I took them which is this schedule. 3 o clock AWE show, B&W photos. 3:30 o clock to 5 o clock park photos 5 clock AWE show, Color photos If you don't enjoy pictures of shows, I understand browse through the park photos and go about your merry TPR way! Hope you enjoy! Signage Bianca come out to get everyone going, Hairography anyone? Misha blends in with the crowd for later. Jarren does some of the biggest tricks in the show. Ceiling gymnast is watching your handstand! Scott asks people to clap, he is my favorite and he is an awesome guy to boot! Get yo' bitch ass off my stage! All your cellphone are belong to Coco The splashzone is a new edition this year Andy has "trouble" finding the purple shirt in the crowd Ninja warrior fail Another new edition to the show is Tanner and his Razor Pictures don't do this trick justice, and it is an amazing one. I see London! I was very happy with my timing on this one! The whole stage Sychronized flipping Another crossover Spread eagle! These three got bored here during rehearsals so they learned some of the Choreography, they also start up an air band in a bit haha. The guy on the right is going left, and vice versa. Makes the picture that much cooler! Ok on to some park photos! First word that comes to mind is ominous... Chaos had a sign stating it would open later, don't know if it did, but it means it is getting close! This is from inside the AWE stadium Incase you ever forget where you are, this is visible from most places. Five coasters, two trains and power tower plus a bonus for through the trees. Cedar Point makes this too easy! BEST EDITION EVER! Standard TTD photo number one! Four trains, through the trees, again like candy from a baby! Standard TTD photo number 2! Why would you ever want to go canoeing right here? Silly Beagle trix are for kids! Still one of the best rides in the park! Spraying water in black and White makes me happy in the pants I love this photo even if it is a bit crooked I can't wait to scare people again this year, best job I ever had! This photo is my third favorite of the trip! Intentional motion blur win! Girl in front does not look happy... STR 1.0 I love the cheering crowd! Good timing again! Frontier Trail! Stupid shiny roof ruins this picture Shoot the Crapids! Not a surprise to this community! Dick Kinzel decided he loved concrete so much that he didn't want this ride to have water! STR 2.0 This is my favorite photo of the trip, it is just awesome. (And no that is not a joke) This place was made for B&W Pew Pew Pew I can't think of a comment so I won't put one. I decided this would look better in color. And thus I created my second favorite photo! Tropical show is good, but doesn't really fit the Garter... B&M&B&W I couldn't fit this whole ride into the 18mm, I thought I would be able to, on second thought what is that kid on the right doing? Iron Dragon has a Griffon statue, WTF? The curves line up, that is awesome! Artsy photo Don't like this photo, but I love Raptor! This goes here because I have never seen a bug like that before, the front long white things are not feet, they are feelers. This show does much better in color! New this year, cryojets! There is an upside down biker in there! Defying Gravity They call him TK He busts a move while he gets jumped over Crossover number one A cherry picker as it's called, this trick is awesome He jumps like a pogo stick! No he is not crashing! The comedy number this year is set to the Phineas and Ferb theme song, epic win! Mike is getting some air Did I mention that he does some of the biggest tricks? The timing of this photo couldn't have been better! Mid spin tire grab His scooter is bright green! Superman! Misha doing his thing Look ma' no hands Cryo blast 2, and the best one I got Going to the right Tanner is framed perfectly in the bike wheel haha Ashley is one of the dancers Tom Under the leg while spinning helmet trick!
  8. I'll go ahead and vote yes. Even if I show up a bit late and miss some stuff, half a TPR event is still 100% better then no TPR event. And yes, I live IN Sandusky, I realize this is in Chicago.
  9. I am not going to vote. I am more then interested and would have no problem going, but I get off work at 6am and its 4ish hours from Sandusky so I wouldn't be there til 11ish. If its thought to be still worth it I will vote officially. Thoughts on potential schedules? Thanks!!
  10. The real reason is that nobody knows how to walk sideways to get up the station and onto the ride. They need to turn the station back flat our the ride is doomed...
  11. I need to retract part of my previous statement, that Halloweekends sign IS an indication of the new haunt. Apologies!
  12. Engineering is the exact science of estimation! (Source: Me having an Engineering degree!) Anyway, I'll take "your" WORKING, trimmed I305 and give you "my" STR with boats that hit bottom! No chance of me riding this year, hopefully get a KD/BGE trip in next year!
  13. I have a few comments, first amazing TR. I was there opening weekend as well (I live 10 mins down the road) and the park was packed! Second, that Halloweekends sign is not meant to be an indication of a new haunt, however the Fog Tech I am currently dating has informed me that there is the possibility of a new house theme instead of Undertaker U. There is also a redesign of Terror Island happening because STR took over half the island! Lastly, those flags are most likely markers for the speakers or boxes for Starlight Exp. but I would love if they weren't! Again awesome TR really enjoyed the photos!
  14. I was internetless for two weeks and got it hooked up in the new place and saw upwards of part 7's and thought this was some week long event! Had a great time catching up on these updates my favorites were: Elephant tug-o-war Backstage with Top..er Flight Deck Chairlift in the zoo, why don't more zoo's do that? Like now!
  15. Bad? Very far from bad. The giga coasters, especially MF and TTD are SMOOTH. They just have greater speeds. You will now probably see a lot of posts bashing MF and calling it boring with no airtime but just know that if you like Apollo and Diamondback you will more then likely enjoy the 300+ coasters. Another fun point is that the lift hills generally take less time on say MF then Diamondback, if you have a heights anticipation issue!
  16. I really want this one, and the China trip one (12?) but I have to wait until Club TPR starts!
  17. First park: Hollywood Studios (WDW) First Ride: Backlot Tour First Coaster: Rockin' Roller Coaster First New Coaster: The new one at Kennywood (Name escapes me) First New Ride: Shoot the Rapids First New Credit: It will be Kennywoods new one, or something at KI/Michigans Adv. First Food: Pizza Planet Pepporoni Pizza and Salad (11.95!)
  18. So I was sold on getting this already from the beginning, when it seemed it was mostly for the benefit of those going on trips (I plan on Australia if it happens!). Then it just kept getting better and better and better! Now you again increase the excitement with these events! I would not need the discount for CP as I have a platinum pass BUT the card does let me take my girlfriend so that I don't have to go alone!!! The only way I will be disappointed is if you put so many things in there that I explode from excitement...I am really not all that fond of exploding it doesn't sound pleasent...
  19. Amazing that I wasn't aware I hated them thanks for clarifying my feelings! Yes, sorry, it should have been detailed out in the ToS that you agreed to. --Robb "We don't hate them...we just love making fun of them...but then again we make fun of everyone!" Alvey I didn't read the ToS clearly enough, please don't summon the Bantron! Also I pictured a bunch've people sitting in a grey room watching a photo of a BIC pen until a woman throws the Club TPR Pen...
  20. Courtesy of Dictionary.com "No results found for funnest:" EDIT: Forgot to add my on topic comment Wanted to thank Jedi for all of the updates and keeping us up to speed on the latest news!
  21. Amazing that I wasn't aware I hated them thanks for clarifying my feelings!
  22. How do we know the animals aren't happy? I mean you can't assume things ever, if I made assumptions my Cat would be living in the cold right now. She does bite me sometimes when she's annoyed but 98% of the time she purrs in my lap so just because the whale has hurt people we can't assume it doesn't want to be there. Also whales would be AWESOME on the moon!
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