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  1. I can't use that app at work, for apps are blocked, but I also don't need it to "haunt" myself
  2. Beemerboy, last year was no good! I want to get back to the nail-biting, heart-breaking games of usual in this rivalry! I want to see what Williams and Evans are going to do to your fast as crap defense!
  3. Go Hokies!! BSU fans think their defense is big enough to stop Ryan Williams? Go watch the video of him dragging a NCST LB 5-10 yards for a touchdown. Explitave Miami, I hate you and Explitave UVA I hate you too. At least Miami has a good enough team this year to make a great rivalry game like we used to have!
  4. Fear Faire's description is beyond silly, but then again it doesn't really matter lol Can't freaking wait to make people scream/cry/run/fall/and wet themselves! 2 weeks!
  5. That would be so much fun, and a great value! But Ill be doing the scarin at a sister park so I can't work this in... Good Job Knott's and TPR you are both awesome for offering great deals to loyal peeps!
  6. New Hamshire Massachusetts Vermont Connecticut New York Pennsylvania New Jersey Delaware Maryland D.C. Virginia West Virginia North/South Carolina Georgia Florida Ohio Tennessee Kentucky (Only landed at the airport in Cincinatti) Alabama Indiana Illinois Michigan Colorado (The only Outcast haha) Puerto Rico So that makes 24 including Kentucky but not including P.R.
  7. The non-sexual parts of that rule so much. I love the songs so much from that movie. The "Don't Stop Believin" = "Knocked Up at 16" is the best one haha Oh and the fact that it is totally realistic that Sue would have a ...well ahem we won't go there but it is even believable in the context of the real show haha
  8. I currently posses a BS in Mining Engineering from Virginia Tech. I work as a night production manager at the quarry just down the road from Cedar Point! I used my degree to skip the worker phase because I want to manage people in a mining setting. Engineering is too much desk time and not enough dirty time (giggety?)
  9. I take nothing away from it for being cheese gore, because it was made so long ago, I gave it due props! I guess it was just that I kept getting told that it was so disturbing and scary, and then it was neither of those. It was just kind of bland and idiotic in the way it went abut itself for me. I def. understand why it was controversial when it came out though. Anyway, next up in the mail box today is Silent Movie...A great classic if there ever is one
  10. I'm here to report that Cannibal Holocaust was a huge disappointment... Not a terrible movie, but it was not disturbing, it was not really that gorey, I guess its disturbing that real animals were killed but thats not the movie more the director. The movie had no flow and it was more along the lines of :: Professor talks:: film clip follows, etc. There was no tension or anything remotely close to scary in this "horror" movie. I give it props for the gore they accomplished with what they had at that time period though and there were some god scenes but the climax you waited 80 minutes for took about 2 minutes of nonsense that you could barely see. Oh well, onto the next one I guess!
  11. I am a huge Horror fan too and was sad that I hadn't even heard of this before reading the disturbing movies thread! I love gorey movies as long as they aren't trying to be scary by being gory, "Look his arm is chopped off and bleeding be scared!". Or if there is a very unique scene which I already know exists with the impalement scene!
  12. Movies I am excited for, Paranormal Activity 2 - I loved the first one, so much hate, but in reality a great use of noise instead of gore! The Last Exorcism - Love the posters and the trailer looks great. Saw 3D - Im a cult fan, ive seen them all no way I can skip this one! Devil - I love M. Night and this movie looks like phone booth meets satan so im excited! Monsters - The trailer intrigued me, so I will probably enjoy it. And of course Harry Potter! Up next from Netflix is Cannibal Holocaust, just finished Invictus which was fantastic and Moon which was also fantastic!
  13. A medieval man finds an elite tribe and asks to become a member. He is told he must pass 4 trials. First he must cross a bed of hot coals, then sit at a table and drink a pot of spirits in one go, after that he must enter the nearby cave and remove a tooth from a lion, finally he must go into town and sleep with the ugliest woman there. So he takes off across the bed of coals and makes it just fine. He sits down and swigs down the spirits like a champion! Afterwards he stumbles into the cave. After a few hours of hearing growling, scratching and outright horrid noises and fearing the worst, the man stumbles out of the cave and proudly proclaims, "Alright now wheres the wench with the toothache!" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Philosophy joke! If a tree falls in the forest and kills a woman....WHAT THE F*** WAS THE FOREST DOING IN THE KITCHEN!?!?
  14. See, no one wants to build a theme park so close to all those Wahoos (Go Hokies!! ) But seriously Long Island/NYC needs a closer big theme park, and probably Vegas/Pheonix area would be my top choices.
  15. From a few pages back, but a more better answer is this. Do rides and the indoor haunts on Friday, crowds are VERY THIN on fridays (except Columbus day weekend). Do outdoor haunts on Saturdays, crowds are HUGE and when there are more people around we outdoor Screamsters are at our prime! Also a good day to see shows (GARTER!) if you are into that and don't feel like waiting in lines. Sunday is in between and hit or miss crowd wise! (Again except on Columbus day).
  16. I think that if you took the total number of crashes per day, and divided by the total number of buses running a route per day, you would find that your percentage of crashes per bus route per day would be way less then 1%. Now I don't need a business degree to know that less then 1% is not worth billions of dollars. But underground rocket monkeys would be kind of awesome!
  17. Obviously the only movie that is disturbing is Disturbia! I am pretty mmune to gore and most torture porn new and old, but I think my all time favorite "Disturbing Scene" is in the Strangers. When she is in the kitchen and the guy just shows up in the Backround, no music, no sound, nothing. Probably one of my all time favorite scenes in a horror/thriller movie ever!
  18. ^To each his own, but the show is all about being who you want to be and not worrying about what that makes other people think. Taking part in something you're passionate about regardless of social status and so on. I guess I don't really understand what kind of fans you have been dealing with? The stereotypes I understand but the show has all extremes of those, Jock/Flamboyant/Dumb Blond Cheerleader/Emo Asian/etc.
  19. For all the Gleeks on TPR, Me and my GF are both really big into this show and we stumbled across "This Ain't Glee" which is a Porn parody. If you enjoy the show it is worth it for a good laugh Anyway, I am stoked about Carol Burnett, hope it happens!
  20. Asylum seems to be makin its way around the parks haha. Wonder when CP is planning on making an official release.
  21. Just finished up Star Ocean "2" on the PSP, Level 128 for the four party members, breeze caked the end! Started into Silent Hill (PSClassic DL for PS3/PSP) but it'll be put aside once I get FFVII soon.
  22. Those make-ups look fantastic. Are chainsaws the new shaker cans? It seems so.
  23. Eventually I will take weekends off from Halloweekends and see these great events. Heck maybe i'll move to Florida and work for HHN instead of Halloweekends, but that would mean moving my real job lol This event always looks awesome.
  24. This really helps me geek out for the time it took to read this TR. Being a Miner myself (giggety?) I am always interested in seeing other mines! We don't have slides though I am guaranteeing it will be in the suggestion box Monday morning! Is the mine still active? I assume it isn't since they have set up what seems to be standardized tours, but it also sounds like a big mine so the tours could be in an old section! Thanks for this awesome update! Chris "Gets his geek on for mining" Damm
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