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    • Last Sunday I passed by Liseberg and took some photos of the park. When I got home and started to download the photos from my camera, I realised that the last time I visited Liseberg was at the Summer opening and that I didn't upload any photos from that visit. Due to fuel prices and life I haven't hade the time and yen to do frequent visit to parks this year... Now with 600+ photos downloaded from the camera, here is a massive photo bomb update:   First photos from the Summer opening and the premiere of two new flat rides in the Luna Park section on top of the mountain "Tempus" & "Turbo". Liseberg had put in a prayer for warm and sunny whether to the Æsir-goods (Odin, Frigg, Höðr, Thor, and Baldr). Also new to this year is that you can ride Atmosfear with VR-googles 😎 I wonder if they will thread the tracks of Luna beneath the tracks of Lisebergbanan 🤪 New theme of the bumpercars: A Swedish classic candy - Ahlgrens Bilar. (Tho most sold car in Sweden ) Something is changing here... CLOSED New buildings are assembled beside Liseberg...   And some new photos: The construction of the water land is moving along just fine.... The building for "World of Volvo" is massive. They vill move the Volvo museum with the all the cars to this building. Did Santa left some presents?? I think that the park looks at it best in the Halloween theme..   360° version I hope to write here soon.... /// Marcus
    • Cedar Point 10-1-2022 A few weeks ago I hatched a plan for a trip to Ohio.  I really needed to justify the expense of the Platinum FL+ pass. Timing was great as my town had a lot of flooding and power outages due to Ian. I visited 5 breweries in Cleveland with a local friend the night before and was still in good shape by the time I reached CP.  Raptor and Magnum never ran that I saw. It was a really windy day. FL+ was pricey!   I decided to grab a couple of rides on Steel Vengeance first. I would probably do the pay locker next time. The lockers in the queue were a PITA. Love the first drop!   Then it was on to my favorite coaster...Fantastic as always! Wait was about 15 minutes for FL+. The regular queue was already at 90 minutes.   After a couple of rounds with Maverick, it was time to feel the MF'n Force! Second best ride in the park, IMO.    And why not take a ride on Valravn?   Lake Erie was angry that day, my friends. Like an old man trying to send back soup at a deli...   After a few more re-rides, I took a break for a late lunch. I have a dining plan, but the lines were so long that I went to Famous Dave's. After lunch I walked a round a bit and caught a ride on Gatekeeper. I worked my way back to Maverick and the FL+ wait was 45 minutes. So I bailed and decide to start heading towards Kings Island. I took back roads for a lot of the trip.    I decided to route through Dayton to stop at Toxic Brew Company. Delicious as always!  
    • Glad you could at least salvage some of your cruise!
    • Actually it does. The Disneyworld carousel was originally PTC #46 "The Liberty Carousel", made the rounds at several parks, Disney bought it in 1967 when it was 50 years old and spent 4 years refurbing it, stripped the horses down to the wood and made each one unique..................sound familiar 🤨
    • Great TR so far, I just want to note a few things you seemed to be wondering about. That European Union sign that you saw crossing the Rhine River that said Allemagne was "Germany" in French. I'm not sure why it was in French instead of "Deutschland" but my guess was it was put up by France on the French side of the border and it looked like it was double-sided with France on the other side. Europe has been in a drought this year (it only rained two nights on my 3 ½ week trip in (July/Aug) so the Rhine River is much lower than normal and Rhine River cruises even had to be cancelled. I think the more picturesque part of the Rhine is north as this is in southwestern Germany. I crossed by train from France to Germany and the Rhine looked similar to this. The giant shoes in the United Kingdom part of Europa Park are football (soccer) cleats and that building by it is a football (soccer) themed bumper cars where there is an inflatable ball in the middle and you try to bump it to one of the goals at each end to get points. I tried it on the 2017 Oktoberfest TPR and it was fun trying to figure it out. Definitely a unique twist on a bumper cars ride. The ride and building is also sponsored by Adidas (a German company) I believe. Mercedes Benz (another German company) is the sponsor of Silver Star and they have a Formula Racing exhibit by the queue so that's why you see their logo plastered there. That area of Europa Park used to be Monoco which is famous for its Grand Prix race, but they recently incorporated it into France so Europa no longer has a Monoco area (at least according to the park maps). Europa still has a tiny Luxembourg (which I stayed one night in right before arriving in Germany) area which houses the FoodLoop restaurant and a stop for the smaller inner monorail. The Whale Watching splash battle ride you skipped has an indoor dark ride section and interactive targets you can hit for cool effects so its not just a generic splash battle ride and you don't get too wet. All the water rides at Europa had long lines when I went in August except for this one so it was nice to cool off but not get soaked. I also did find that random Snorri dark ride promoting Rulantica nearby as I saw people standing in line for it and when I found out it was a ride with a 10-15 minute wait I decided to try. It reminded me of a cross between The Little Mermaid at DCA and Nemo and Friends at Epcot but definitely better than the latter.  I really wanted to go to Rulantica but it was sold out when I went. Europa wasn't part of my original trip plan but it was near the travel loop I was doing (Paris -> Bruges/Brussels -> Luxembourg -> Zurich) so I decided to include one day. My original plan was to do Europa until 6PM closing and Rulantica from 7-10PM with their night ticket but it was sold out by the time I was going to pull the trigger. All the hotels were completely booked in Rust too so I had to stay in Freiburg which is a 30 min train ride away but it ended up being a bigger city with more than I expected. It worked out for me as Europa ended up extending its hours to 8PM on the day I went so I got to get on a few more rides on the busy day I went (14 rides total). I wouldn't recommend only one day at Europa Park for a first time visitor but one day is better than zero days for a return visit. I'll eventually have to return to Europa for a longer visit for the new Czech Republic area and coaster and Rulantica.  This trip looked like a lot of fun and I recognize a lot of people from the NL/Poland/Sweden trip I was on in 2019. The timing just didn't work out for me as I had a wedding to attend in Brittany, France in late July so I had to plan my trip around that. Still I was able to hit up Disneyland Paris/WDS, Parc Asterix, Plopsaland De Panne, Walibi Belgium, and Europa Park on my own among other things.   
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