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Re: Fuji-Q Highland Question

PostPosted: Wed Mar 20, 2019 9:14 am
by crikett
SharkTums wrote:
crikett wrote:Eejanaika - As has been said, this seems much smoother than X2, but I know seating position on X2 can certainly influence how rough of a ride you get. While it is a fun ride, this is probably one to be avoided if you are concerned about how rough a ride is, as it seems certain to have the potential for such.

The only other coaster I rode there was the Mad Mouseā€¦ which was quite rough and probably to be avoided given your concerns.

NOTE! I am NOT attacking you personally...

This is the problem with the OP asking a medical question about a subjective force. The idea that you would tell someone with a concussion to ride the Arrow 4D over the wild mouse is terrifying to me!!!

This is why I noted that the comments were subjective to me... I certainly found the mouse to be "rougher" than the 4d coaster in this case, though I would not actually recommend riding either as far as a medical recommendation. It is a less than wise person that would take my recommendation on anything, let alone something where I am certainly not an expert. All that said, your calling out the point for emphasis is a good thing that probably cannot be repeated enough, as I certainly did not want anything in my post to come off as terrifying to anyone!

Re: Fuji-Q Highland Question

PostPosted: Sun Mar 24, 2019 4:20 am
by PeoplemoverMatt
For me, riding X2 just feels like I'm being slammed over and over again to the point where I just don't want to ride it anymore. Eejanaika felt slightly better, but only slightly. The boarding process was insane. At no other ride have I been forced to remove my shoes, then wait another 15 minutes in line to actually get on.

Re: Fuji-Q Highland Question

PostPosted: Sun Mar 24, 2019 8:54 am
by AdventuresinAirtime
I rode Eejanaika before X2. They are very different, I found Eejanaika fantastic, intense but not painful whatsoever. Rode it 4 times in a row.

X2 was pretty bad though, very rough in comparison I thought.

Re: Fuji-Q Highland Question

PostPosted: Sun Mar 24, 2019 4:05 pm
by Nrthwnd
^ Honestly, anything at that park can become "rough" for one reason, or season, or another. Even the old Zola 7 (?) I rode in 2007 (indoor shooting-coaster-dark ride-whatever) and it jumped and bumped all over the tracks. The Mad Mouse was pretty "jolty", and still is, from what's recently reported. You just have to take your chances with Fuji-Queue and hope for the best. With the Fast Passes available, it is possible to enjoy it better, than without them.