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Superman Krypton Coaster

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Just got back from the Texas Six Flags parks for the first time. And two questions jumped out at me upon seeing SKC at Fiesta Texas:


1) What's with the black grips they have on the restraints on this ride? I've been on thirteen B&Ms, and I've never seen these on any other ride. Do they serve any purpose other than to deface the work of art that is the B&M floorless train?


2) Where the hell did Superman go? I've seen plenty of pictures on the internet showing the man of steel standing atop the massive vertical loop. The other day, I saw the two flat platforms where he stood before, but no Superman. Where'd he go? I'm going to assume he's not that plasticky guy standing in the gift shop at the moment.

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I have another off topic question.


Why are we off topic after 5 replies? Isn't this the very serious topic of black handlebars on SKC as well the inexplicable dissapearance of the Man of Steel atop his massive loop?


And... I've never ridden a floorless coaster that I've even remotely liked. So someone please get Superman back so that he can rip off said black hand grips.

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I live in S.A. and go to fiesta texas a lot, and I'm not sure about the black things on the train (they've been there since I moved in Spring of 05). But what I heard is that they are changing Superman's look back to the way he looked in the first movie.(Since the new superman movie is also changing to the classic look as appose to the look that they've been using on this coaster and S:TE)

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Why did they cast Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane in the new movie? It seems like bad casting. Plus she has two different colored eyes like David Bowie.


I agree with you Wes. Besides, isn't Kate a little lacking in the Boobage area. I've allways known Lois Lane to be fairly stacked. If it were her up at the top of the vertical loop. She would topple it over cause she's so top heavy. However, it would be worth it. Ya know, cause of the hoots and all.


I think Kevin Spacy will do an awesome job as Lex Luthor though. He seems pretty well balanced. I don't think he would knock the loop over. Mabey they should put him up there. I think he might get tired after a while though. On the other hand... ...if he brought his Academy Award with him he might be able to topple it. Those things are heavy.


Best not to put too much thought into this.


Oh! Who's playing Mrs. Tessmocker? She could easily topple the loop. then give it a real good BJ afterward.


Anyway... ...what were we talking about?

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The black covers are there to prevent wear and tear. If you look at old B&Ms (or those that need an OTSR change), they have worn spots on either side of the inside of the OTSR. The black covers prevent the inside from being worn down as easily-which means the restraints don't have to be replaced as much, which equals more money for the park. I think it's a good idea, but the colors are all wrong.


Alpengeist has covers similar to these (I think), but they cover the entire restraint and are the correct color. If they aren't covers, it would still be a good idea to have full restraint covers that match the underlying restraint.

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