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Unanswered/Dumb Question-Dumb Answer game

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Honest John's Used Sheep. If you hurry, you can get one for $99 down and 0% interest for six months. Be careful, though, as John may pull the wool over your eyes in the deal.


Why did Arrow give their corkscrew a clockwise turn?

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There's a few counter clockwise Arrow corkscrews.

I know, but I was referring to the original design.


And your cat is annoying because SUMWUN TAEKD ITS PIE!!1!


Why do vehicles have to be no more than 18" away from the curb (in CA at least)?

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Because you have those pervy ride ops that say "lemme pull that lap bar down for you" for every person on the train.


Why are some websites so addicting that you have to keep visiting them so frequently? (ie TPR and/or Facebook).

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Because school bureaucracy is far, far more important than, say, doing anything for the kids that spend 8 hours a day, every day, there.


It'd be like if the military remodeled the general's already posh sleeping quarters and told the troops to pack a lunch...sorta.


Anywho, how much does it cost to make a penny?

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Nope. Because even failure is still a form of success.


If you look up to somebody, and then they look up to somebody else, and then that person looks up to you, what does that say?

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It was going to be just "U," but once they added the fire and smoke effects and the onboard soundtrack, "U2" made more sense.


Why does Coca-Cola have those reward point codes under the bottle caps and inside the 12-packs?

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