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The Tatsu Campout Picture Posting Thread

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You gotta get up awfully early on the right side of the galaxy to scoop Gordon Shumway.


IMHO, $15 parking is nothing to celebrate (unless you avoid paying).


Seek Bugs, and ye shall find the truth (of where thou hath parked).


I just wanted to remember what I didn't have to shell out.




Please keep your arms and legs on the train at all times.


No, this didn't cost me $22.


It appears that someone missed a cue.


In a clandestine meeting, America's top strategists discuss Iran's nuclear program.

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Here's some of my pics:


The Camp Awesome flag flies high above SFMM's entrance plaza.


Camp Awesome gets a humbs up from the me.


Inflatable chairs, Nerf guns, coolers full of Vault, and hot bitchez...could it be more awesome?


Like Raptors circling their prey.


Late at night is when the VAMPIRES come out.


Authentic Nepalese hardhats, spray paint cans, and Joey's hair. (this picture is for you, Barry!)


EXCLUSIVE SIGNATURE SHOT of the SIGN!!! No one has ever captured this angle before! OMGZ!


It was still dark when we first rode.


I don't know who this dude is, but he made this picture 100% more METAL.


This is a picture of Tatsu and the Skytower. This is not a picture of Gary Sinise.


After I had multiple failed attempts to try to capture the train in my pictures, Alexis took this one on her first try. She then kicked me in the balls and slept with Paul Ruben.

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After I had multiple failed attempts to try to capture the train in my pictures, Alexis took this one on her first try. She then kicked me in the balls and slept with Paul Ruben.


That's the first time I've busted out laughing at something in quite a while. Nice pics.....both of you.

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We're working on our update now and that should answer a lot of your questions.


We had about 190 TPR people show up, and I'd say there were about another 100 people there from other clubs or on their own.


It was AWESOME! SFMM didn't really do anything, but luckily we had stuff for people to do and watch to keep everyone having fun!

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Here some of my best pics the first one is way better in the original than the one in my album


Tatsu Train Silhouette at night



Tatsu It's Holy!!!



Really Cool train blur



Pretzal Loop Blurw/train really cool



Next other various Tatsu phot favs of my takes








Link to my album for other various photos and pics some Tatsu some RCT3 Project:



I ask that you please ask my permsission and credit when using my pictures thankyou

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I ironicaly didn't snap too many photos during the event, but here are a few...


The RCPro gang exhibiting some well-mannered frivolity.


Even though Revy was open on time, they still didn't have time to clean up their mess.


TJ's enjoying our first ride on Revy in months! Either we were just glad to have it back, or it actually was, but Revolution felt somewhat smoother!


This photo sucked, but the real life thing was amazing--as you crest Revy's second hill, the pretzle just smashes into your face! The view was AMAZING! Only background music could have further stimulated the senses.


While in line for Revolution, we came across a guy who claimed to own the company that has been retracking Psyclone. Claims they recieved a bonus if they had it finished by today. He also went on to claim that Psyclone was glass-smooth! So we had to ride for ourselves and find out!


Here you can see some of the 1,000 feet of track that recieved some TLC. Now while it wasn't "glass smooth", the ride was definitely smoother and more enjoyable! In fact, the only parts that were bumpy were the parts that weren't retracked! So great job to that company! I wasn't in pain when we came back to the station! Nobody was complaining! They took a spine-shatteringly bumpy ride and reduced it to the "out of control" woodie feel, that was actualy enjoyable! And if SFMM is reading this, now all you need to work on are those crappy B&M cars! Those restraints are just painful to your penis! Even the girls come back with a hurt penis, and let me tell you...it takes a lot to give someone who doesn't have a penis, a hurt penis!


Long story short, you guys should check out Psyclone for yoursleves. Like I said, it isn't entirely cured!....but it is much better, and much more enjoyable!




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anyone have tatsu estopped

I don't Have pics because i was in the second row on the train that got stopped it was really cool great view and then I got interviewed by the reporter guy from KTLA5 really fun

Hey were you the one who stole my seat on revy
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Guy and I were in the back row on the e-stopped train. After talking to the media (not saying anything bad of course) someone from six flags said to be sure and NOT talk to the media about the stopped train. Whoops. On a related note, just got home today (friday morning) after a LONG couple days and a two-legged trip home (LAX to Tampa then back to cincinnati finally!) I had a great time, and TPR totally is the best host I've ever experienced at any event. I'm psyched to get all the credits from the park, too. DejaVu running, X, Revolution!!! Wow, I had such a good time, now it's time to go to bed....


-James "will post some pics when he wakes up in a couple days" Dillaman


p.s. Why am I in the background of every pic??? lol

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Back by unpopular demand ...


This will come in handy if you ever need to locate Magic Mountai or urricane Harbor.


Leave it to an ACEr to ruin my composition!


I have no reason to doubt that this transaction was completely above board.


This caption is second to none in its patriotism.


For some strange reason, I'm thankful that this one is out of focus.


Family Guy looked slightly better in person.


gratuitious moon shot


gratuitous coaster shot

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^^^Yes, I saw you popping up in those pics, James. Remember--Freud said there are no accidents! Your sub-conscious is a camera hog!


Looks like a great event; as for me, I had to "lead and serve" the state courts at work.

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