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Who do you remind people of?


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Is there any celebrity, movie character, or anybody that a lot of people say you look/sound like?


Everyone (including me) say I am exactly like Ted (Keanu Reeves) from "Bill and Ted's Most Excellent Adventure," and quizilla says:


You are the most righteous Ted "Theodore" Logan! EXCELLENT! Your hair is awesome and you hook up with the princess with the too-overdone accent!

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I've never been told I remind people of anybody of anybody, but I was watching Letterman last week. There was a musical guest on, and I was stunned. The singer could be my long lost brother! I don't remember if it was Fall Out Boy or Death Cab For Cutie. I think it was DCFC. I looked up the band but the photos I found weren't as similar.

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Well, a couple of people have said I remind them of John Lovitz...


Aside from that, there's one other interesting thing that happens to me a lot...maybe it's because I'm short and stocky, and have short dark hair, but a lot of people tend to think I'm Itallian when they look at me...and I'm not...there's not an ounce of Itallian blood in my family...I'm English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Dutch, German, and Swedish...nothing Mediterranian.


I even had a college professor who thought I was Itallian. When I told her that there was no evidence of anyone mediteranian in my family, she said "Well, you never know...there were a lot of Spanish sailors who got shipwrecked in England."...

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People have told me I look(ed) like:

That kid from Terrminator 2

Superman from Smallville (back when I had shorter hair)

John Cusack

Jack Black

Johnie Cash/ Jaquen Pheonix

That dude who played the Grampa in the Beverly Hillbles (in his youger days)



I looked like Harry Potter when I was youger.

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Couple years ago I was going into London in a limo for my mate's 18th birthday. At this time, I had bright pink hair, was wearing a black shirt, bright pink tie, black skate shorts and huge 3" platform sole boots.


Anyway, as we all piled out the limo in front of the theatre, some people were trying to see inside and I heard some girl shout out "OMG, it's Kelly Osbourne, It's Kelly Osbourne"


I'd never been so insulted!

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People say that I look like the alien that abducted them and did horrible tests on them. The bad part about it is that (don't tell anyone) I am the actual alien!

That's me.

That's me out with some of my friends. From the left: Me, Ishtar, Roscoe, and Rigormortis IV.

That's the unfortunate fate of my dad, Ichigubla.

And finally, a pic of some of us trying to get home to Raxon 4.

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People say that I look and that I am like Topher Grace when he was in That 70's Show as Eric Formann. My personnality is almost the same as Eric Formann with some slight differences, but not much.



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